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Under the VR mode, "Nancy's Summer" adopts eyes focusing to operate the game, of which the atmosphere is divided into two modules. In the Viewing Mode, game players can choose to take pictures for the shower or dance scenes; and in the Play Mode, you are able to gain game currency that can be consumed in the game through several methods such as catching crabs, wiping the sunscreen and playing slot machines, etc. You can also change clothing, hairstyles, accessories or even the bust for girls, and the brand new studio part allow you to ask girls to make any pose you like for your photographs.

Welcome to Paradise Island, here is the charming scenery, sunshine beach, and charming girl..!

Yes, a girl who belongs to you. You should always take her out to play, otherwise she will not be happy oh
Always take her to the beach and catch crabs, shooting, archery and so on...
In addition, you can also change your sister, change her hairstyle, and she can dance for you, pose for you, take photos, and let you oil her
Okay, well, I'm not talking.
The place where you're going is called... Call... Paradise Island!
What are you waiting for?
Quickly enter only belong to you -- Paradise Island!

Game features:

  • A VR game that never dizzies you
  • Suitable for any kind of VR glasses
  • A mobile phone will do * The latest VR technology
  • The latest panoramic AR technology
  • The most realistic face expression capture system
  • The most matching mouths time-up system
  • The best panoramic experience Official

Title: VR GirlFriend
Genre: Casual, RPG
Silver Moon Internet, 银月网络
Silver Moon Internet, 银月网络
Release Date: 13 Dec, 2016

English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

This one has promise, but with some fatal flaws. The game cannot be launched from within VR at least on the HTC Vive. You have to click desktop view and manually launch it there. I've also have the game basically freeze on me loading the bar area. It doesn't actually support motion controllers like it says it does, so everything is glance based, or eyes as the mouse. You have to apply this same glance control scheme to move the camera. There shouldn't be arbitrary item purchases for everything after we already all bought the game. The models are decent, but you're broke after you buy 2-3 items and it's not clear how to make any money after visiting everywhere on the island. These titles should have time stop or slomo as well.. The price point is spot on, at this price point I would say it is a buy.AThis is a game with lots of potental . I wish it had controller support. The graphics are very good and I am hoping that contuine developing this game and making more titles.. When I first bought Nancy's Summer it worked fine. Just look at what you want to select it, to choose it. Since it became VR Girlfriend it no longer works. Tried look to select, Vive controllers and XInput controller. No response, stuck at start heart forever... Really bad, considering it worked fine before.. Its the best VR dating sim currently on the market but thats not saying a lot.

Pros: Okay models, Updates, Good amount of things to do in the game, Nice attention to detail with having the girl actually be we with you in all modes, A fair amount of customization.

Cons: Controls are awful.. This was developed for mobile VR and it shows, The graphics need some work.. Also a mobile VR symptom, Seated only.. You better hope the game angles itself properly to where your chair is.

Advice for devs: Fix the issue where the game wont center with SteamVR's roomscale positioning, And update the graphics.. Better Anti Aliasing, Better Skin, Better Lighting. I know its a Mobile port but theres nothing stopping you from adding a few shaders for the PC release.. The vive mode is horrible, the controls are badly adapted google cardboard controls. Even the bow-and-arrow minigame doesn't use the vive controller, you just aim with your head and shoot after a fixed countdown.

You have only one very uncomfortable way to set your position in space. Which sucks, because the game world keeps jumping back and forth. Visually everything beside the girl model they has playstation 2 level. It's obvious where the graphic artists focused his attention, yet neither the girl character model nor the animations are really amazing. All very basic.

The gameplay itself is okay-ish. It's pretty much the casual experience that you would expect from a google cardboard cellphone game. Take pictures from the girl, buy presents, play mini games, etc. All very light, no real challenge involved.. People freak out because it looks like the game has micro transactions but it doesn't, the free android version does

You get diamonds by completing tasks and playing the mini games, you can then use them to unlock items or exchange them for money.
If you just play the game and do the daily tasks you'll get things unlocked anyway

Other than that it's surprisingly fun, you basically play a bunch of mini games each day (the day ends when you have completed all your tasks) and you have to get higher scores to pass as days go by, there is archery, black jack, slot machines, crab catching, a few different photography modes, oil :B1: rubbing, basketball, and although the screenshots look pretty lewd thats not really the main feature of the game
I actually have no idea what the main feature is but the point is you can have quite a bit of fun without just trying to look under the table while shes wearing a skirt all day

Hope we get another game with some sort of story or even just more than one character. There is plenty of potential here. Potential.

This game has flaws but the dev appreciates feedback and seems to be focused on makeing this game better. This is their first effort. I would like to see this title and more like it. Like Sims titles so I will support this and watch for it to improve.

- Needs a QUIT button and a way to start a new game.

I don't LOVE this game as it is BUT I think the concept is worth supporting. So I will.

With this in mind I will give it a positive thumbs up for now.. Can't start while in VR. When started out of VR headset works but nothing else does as many others have pointed out. No way to even start game when at start of game.. The game is not what I would call great, but it is fun. It's very easy to get into it, and spend way too much time that you probably should have been doing something else. But that's why we have entertaining toys. I agree with some of the other commenters that the ability to use the controllers would be highly desirable. As to not being able to start the game in vr; I start the game first, then log into Steam. Starts every time. By the way, I run this on a Vive unit.
For the voyuers that would turn this into a hentai game; what's offered is fun and not offensive; although the developer could easily add a string bikini into the swimsuit offering.
I'm looking forward to whatever improvements get added to this in the future (soon hopefully).

I have run this app for a year now. It always ran great. Now since the upgrade, the eyesight reticule disappeared, and without it, you cannot activate the start button. Hey developer; how abou

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