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The Dead Sleep Easy Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download

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Original Title: The Dead Sleep Easy

Genge: Action,Drama,Western


































Everyone just calls him The Champ - because that's what he was, once. Twenty years ago, he crossed the border the wrong way, a young gringo with stars in his eyes. He became a star of the Lucha Libre - Mexican wrestling - but he lost control for a moment. Broke a guy's neck. And the guy just happened to be the nephew of the local mob boss. The Champ has spent most of the last two decades paying for that mistake, working for the mob. He's done it all: enforcement, collections, assassinations, and underground bare knuckle fights where people bet on men like roosters. What he hasn't done, he's seen. He thought nothing could shock him. He thought wrong. The mob is deep in the pollero (human smuggling) business. About a million Mexicans cross the border into the States every year. The polleros charge $1200 a head or more to get them there. You do the math. It's a big enough business that the mob has partnered with a bloodthirsty splinter group of the Minutemen. The mob sends The Champ to chaperone a group of migrants across the border. The Champ makes the handoff to the Minutemen, then walks away. That's when he hears the gunfire. The Minutemen massacre the illegals - and it doesn't even take them 60 seconds. The event sets The Champ on a collision course with powerful forces on both sides of the border as he seeks justice for the murdered Mexicans - and redemption for himself. He's finally found something worth living for. And to get it, all he has to do is die.
Everyone calls him The Champ ? because that?s what he was, once. Fifteen years ago, he made a fatal mistake, and ever since he?s been working for a violent mob boss, Tlaloc, to pay for it. Now, his one true love is married to Tlaloc, he lives from one rail of coke to the next ? and he?s seeing ghosts everywhere he goes. But when a pollero (human smuggling) handover with a violent Minutemen splinter group goes disastrously wrong, The Champ is set on a collision course with powerful forces on both sides of the border as he seeks justice for a group of murdered migrants ? and redemption for himself.
Lee Demarbre and Ian Driscoll are a team of Ottawa film makers and Fantasia Film Festival veterans who have previously created Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter & Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace . In 2006, they started following around Ian Hodgkinson aka Vampiro to make a documentary film about his life going from a Thunder Bay kid - homeless on the streets of Montreal, eating out of garbage bins - to being the "Hulk Hogan of Mexico". While they were shooting the documentary (due out later this year) Vampiro told Lee and Ian an idea that he had for a film Within a month, they had a script, a budget (pennies) and were shooting The Dead Sleep Easy, a "Mexican Wrestling Gangster Movie" in Guadalaraja with many actual Guadalaraja gangsters in key roles because, "our Line Producer had never made a movie before and when he read the script and saw Gangsters described in the script and instead of hiring actors to play gangsters, he hired real gangsters!" -Lee Demarbre.

When Lee and Ian came to Montreal to deliver a sneak preview, I HAD to be there. Vampiro? Acting? In a Mexican Wrestling Gangster Movie? Filmed by Canadians? The mind boggled.

Here is what I was expecting: A train wreck. A glorious train wreck. A bad movie that revelled in its badness. (Which is as good a description for their first two films as any.) I didn't get my train wreck.

And I couldn't be happier.

This film is so dirty, so gritty, it is like a lost 70's film (including the obligatory 70's psychedelic scene.) Every one in the film is a son-of-a-bitch. The nicest character in the film, the one who has been saved, the one who wears white? He got there by shooting his best friend in the face with a shot-gun. This is a film about the damned.

Remember the scene at the beginning of The Wild Bunch where the kids are forcing two scorpions to fight a group of fire ants before setting them all on fire? This film might as well take place in that fire.

Vampiro plays "The Champ", a broken-down, drugged-out former wrestling champion barred for life from wrestling because he killed a man in the ring, now earning his drugs as a mob enforcer. Martin Kove (the evil Karate master from the Karate Kid series) is his psychopathic, Peckinpah-obsessed part-time Videographer, full-time assassin, quasi partner.

While stumbling through life like a drunk lurching from lamp post to lamp post, a cross between Harvey Keitel in Bad Lieutenant and Stacy Keach in Fat City, Vampiro bumps heads with most of the Wrestling Society X roster including notably Joey Ryan, KAOS, Alter Boy Luke and Aaron Aguilera.

A few quick caveats for wrestling fans:

While the film is set in Mexico, don't expect to see high flying Lucha Libre action. The style used is more like a dirty bar room bastardization of Mixed Martial Arts, which fits the tone of the film perfectly.

Oddly, the Champ's fall from grace hinges around a rigged fight that he was supposed to lose and didn't, echoing the story of Daredevil's Dad Battlin' Jack Murdock and countless film noir boxing films. Only where Jack gets killed for costing his mob boss money, the Champ becomes the indentured servant of Dave Courtney's Tlaloc. For me this matched the 70's vibe of the rest of the film in that it hearkened back to the days when kay-fabe was still alive and people could believe that someone would actually bet money on a pro wrestling match. .

Wrestling fans will also note the odd echoes of the lives and tragic deaths of Rikidozan and Bruiser Brody.

The one place where the film falls down a little bit is in the editing. The pacing and the beats just seem a little off like an out-of-shape fighter with a bit too much flab. And I really don't need to be told that you are flashing back to "Then" when you are also giving me the flash backs in black and white. It is also somewhat redundant to tell me that I am looking at the Day of the Dead celebrations. Not only is the information unnecessary and redundant, but it works against the more subtle vibe of the rest of the film.

But that's quibbling. Ultimately, this is a quantum leap forward for both Director Lee Demarbre and Writer Ian Driscoll and easily the best English language wrestling film ever - ranking only behind The Foul King and The Calamari Wrestler for the World Title.

Most shockingly? Vampiro can act! "One reviewer told me it was the best performance by a wrestler in a film since Roddy Piper in They Live. -Lee Demarbre.

Granted, it's not a terribly crowded field, but I would argue that it's the best acting performance by a wrestler in a film ever.

This film will not be easy to find, but it will be well worth the search. Expect it to make the Festival circuit before a DVD release. I saw this movie at one of its first Ottawa showings and was astounded by what a small crew of Canadians could pull off on a shoestring budget with one month in Mexico! The movie was solidly written, and many of the actors, though not being big names or having a lot of experience under their belt, still pulled of an amazing performance. I really appreciated the use of black and white in this movie for flashbacks and thought the moment of sudden saturation was quite a brilliant device. The diversity of shot and styles was impressive and immense ranging from many cool still stylish shots, to gritty camera shake for more intense scenes, which i found really put you into the situation and added some more drama to the movie as a whole. Overall this is one my new favorite Indy flicks, and i would recommend it to anyone into movies about bad-ass dudes, brutal fight scenes and smoking hot babes down in Mexico.

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