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Panoptic is a tense, 1v1 asymmetrical VR vs desktop game that pits a colossal Overseer, armed with a slow but devastating eye laser, against a tiny dissident Being intent o 5d3b920ae0

Title: Panoptic
Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
Team Panoptes
Team Panoptes
Release Date: 16 May, 2019


  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newer
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4590 or AMD FX 8350 or greater
  • Memory: 4


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Played the demo with my girlfriend and we had to buy the game after trying it. It's really cool being the Overseer and the maps are beautiful in VR.. Friend and I played literally 1 game on the demo and I bought it right away. The game-play is unique, engaging and immediately fun. Mechanics are complex enough to allow for a lot of creativity in how you play. The controls are intuitive and work really well. Art style and visuals are excellent. Demo has 1 short level, full game has 3 full levels currently). Can't wait to see where they take the game.. Had so much fun with the original demo I wanted to support these guys, so I made the plunge. My son and his friend got the first play session and had a blast. Lots of yelling at each other. The game has a few new extras, such as a "blend in" feature for the little guy, and a lens for the overlord to help while you're searching. There are three maps, all different from the original demo level, and each level has multiple orbs to trigger to win. I'm looking forward to getting some friends over this weekend and seeing how other folks enjoy it.. Amazing experience for both you and a friend. The game is just as, if not more fun to play as the pc player in place of the vr player, which is farely rare. Amazing game, can't wait for more levels/update.. Panoptic is super fun. Playing it as the desktop player is one of the most intense experiences I've ever had playing a game against friends, with the atmospheric music getting louder and the yellow light shining all around me when the VR player looks at me. The 3 maps are well made, with a unique geometric design aesthetic. However, as you might expect from an Early Access title, it lacks polish, and it isn't always exactly clear what's going on; for example, when the keyboard player loses, they just get slower until they stop moving, and then it goes back to the title screen; at first, I wasn't actually sure who had won the game. The "Press Action" text that appears when you can press E to blend in should be reworked to tell you what pressing action will actually do. Also if your VR tracking is shaky it can become almost impossible for the Overseer to win, even if they know who the keyboard player is, because it's very difficult to hit the eye laser correctly. But none of those issues stop this from being easily the most fun and unique VR title I've played yet. Get this game.

Article: An immersive adventure for everyone : For the past thirty years, video games have been evolving in a way no one has ever dreamed of. Nobody expected them to be so much more than temporary entertainment. From todays perspective, it makes them comparable to cinematography in the early years of its development, when its creators, the Lumire brothers, may have often been hearing: its not going to last long. Luckily, video games have survived and nowadays we can fully appreciate them, sometimes even as works of computer art. Besides the artistic values, another crucial part of every game is immersion. It used to be a part of games from the very beginning. But does it still play the leading role, even after the development of the main medium? First of all, lets assume that immersion is an enormously subjective part of a video game. There are players that need a perfect plot to be absorbed, others will say that a visible development of their hero is something that keeps the flow going. Someone will find the simplicity of game mechanics immersive. Players preferences on what makes them feel like being part of a virtual world have been changing through the years because the gaming industry gave them a reason. For example in the early eighties, players used to find the very first version of Elite realistic and also immersive, despite the fact that the graphics at the time were far from life-like. Today we can enjoy another part of this series (Elite: Dangerous), created in a meticulously detailed manner as if it was almost a copy of the existing cosmos and still some of the players will say its not even close to immersive at all. So the creation of a perfectly absorbing world seems to be an impossible challenge because immersion is subjective as someones opinion, and everybody has their own definition of what makes them involved in the game. Nevertheless, theres a small hero growing in the gaming neighbourhood, and its very likely to change the general opinion on immersion subjectivity. Its a huge responsibility to take part in that transition. Our Playerless is an adventure that may seem fairly ordinary at a glance, but that what may later unravel as a positive shock during gameplay is something that we wanted to achieve. First of all just like the title may suggest - the game requires one button to play. By limiting gameplay mechanics we wanted players to stay focused on the game itself. Thats why the controls needed to be as simple as possible. Secondly, its about breaking the fourth wall. A few of the Playerless characters are aware of the player's presence. Our goal was to make the players feel like theyre in the middle of an adventure. And theyre not alone during it! Our main goal was to construct a plot that would engage the players to the point they feel like they have been in this world for a much longer time than their actual play-time. The game also shares numerous features with our existing world, making it a little bit more familiar to the player. Last, but not least, there is another game inside Playerless. Sadly, expanding this topic would spoil the games story, so we must leave it here and let you wait until you play it by yourself. When developing One Button Adventure, we thought of it like a game exceptionally interesting and filled with fresh ideas. We wanted it to be very flexible when it comes to the immersion. Also, we wanted to stir discussion among players where everyone has a different view on a topic but everyone finds out their own valuable experience at the games very end. We wanted our players to simply absorb the game, and we hope we have achieved that. Were not only developers. We are players in the first place. And from the player perspective, we can say that Playerless is an intriguing and innovative title. We wanted it to be immersive on many levels, so we hope many types of gamers will be entertained with even more different flow preferences. Returning to the cinematography comparison: we are happy that games still remain an entertainment but for some also evolved into a hobby. The world would be an awfully empty place without various surprising ideas developed into a game that wait for us to be enjoyed. And we hope you will enjoy our's very soon.. UBERMOSH Collisions Playerless: One Button Adventure Article: What makes the game memorable? : Since gaming had become a humongous and significant medium, developers compete in the quality of the details. Modern technology allows them to create games nearly as realistic as our world; make everything more natural, even if the applied features are, for us, so common that we do not even notice them in the real life anymore. In fact, the more tiny elements are included in the game, the more players are going to remember it, because they admire the particularity. To achieve this, creators need to design elements which perfectly fit the exact moment of gameplay; the goal is to make an obvious element in the right place while making it surprising at the same time. For example, take a look at Spider-Man made by Insomniac Games. When your friendly neighborhood hero uses his communicator and gets exhausted from fighting or chasing a villain, we can hear how he draws his breaths more deeply. Its a feature that some players may not pay any attention to, but those who do will be astounded by the developers attention to detail. Lets go for a quick journey into the past, back to 1998, when the first Half-Life was released. This game has been a revolutionary title for many reasons. And one of them still makes a huge impression today, despite the passing years. All the NPCs use sense of smell - when were accompanied by one of the friendly characters, they can comment on the odour of the enemy we have just killed. Initially, this surprising addition was overlooked by players, but now, almost 20 years after the launch of the game its been rediscovered leaving the community admire the game even more for such an innovation. Another example of such feature can be found in Sid Meiers Civilization: Beyond Earth. To fuel the conflict, AI is taking an, opposing to the players, political direction to provoke its enemy on purpose. The gameplay becomes more and more interesting over time, because inconsistent ideologies keep on feeding the fire between the player and ones virtual opponent. Another innovation in gameplay was presented by both Devil May Cry and Bioshock developers, who shared the similar idea about crowd controlling enemies that are behind the players back. To simplify the gameplay, the antagonists that are not in the visual range of the player are slowed down. Thanks to this feature the player is unknowingly being reinforced, when theyre outnumbered or taken by surprise. This developers trick not only helps to survive a challenging quest, but also boosts the players self-confidence. All of the examples above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to adding distinctive features to make a games memorable and forever entertaining. Sometimes the game creators may go even further in surprising their audience, even by altering the game basic principles. When making a game that is broken on purpose (in a lore context, it works just fine!) the creator needs to decide what aspects make the title visibly broken but playable at the same time. Precisely for this reason, Playerless: One Button Adventure contains so many elements being a visual representation of the game code. Most of the NPCs are aware of the mayhem, others - due to the in-game errors - have become a part of this havoc. The player isnt the main protagonist, but only plays a supporting role for a Debug Unit. At the same time, we experience the phenomenon of a game within a game we play the Playerless, but during its gameplay, we enter another one. Repairing the game requires traveling beyond the frames of a common game world. We literally need to pierce the walls of the game code and find the right mechanisms to make the whole game work. This roots from our specific role within the game and the urge for fixing the players surrounding; without it none of the characters will survive within an unfinished game world, and theyre not even aware of incoming death. Every single game production can become even more interesting thanks to the addition of all the small things that eventually make the whole world of game complete. Sometimes we might not even notice those details, especially during the very first playthrough. But it doesnt change the fact that their presence makes the game feel even more real and complete. And that is what extends the players sympathy towards the title.. Article: Our perspective on secret features : Easter eggs have become an integral part of lots of games. Players love to explore the games world and some of them do it for a sole purpose of finding secret messages hidden by the creators. Those messages can practically relate to everything: other games or movies and sometimes even to real-life persons or events. Developers enjoy creating these secret features just as much as players enjoy hunting for them. That is the reason why we have put so many of them in our game. Playerless: One Button Adventure may seem like a strong proving ground on the issue of hidden messages - its a game within a game after all. Therefore, our intention was to go beyond the boundaries of the plot by - easiest to say - allowing Easter eggs to live their own lives. The game inside Playerless: One Button Adventure is visibly broken. You can tell that not only by noticeable errors but also by its code leaking to the surface. An avid programmer may notice this little tribute to their profession that enriches the regular gameplay. Focusing on the intentionally implemented bugs may lead the player to new discoveries, such as alternative paths or hidden rooms, so the game rewards attentive observation. Our inspiration doesnt come only from the game code. We wanted Playerless: One Button Adventure to easily engage every type of players, no matter if they are more passionate about computer science or culture. For the latter group, we have decided to transfer some themes from real-life to the virtual one. So watch closely; the works of art around you can tell you more about the characters than their actual actions. When it comes down to the players surroundings of Playerless: One Button Adventure many things are happening in the background. While developing the game, we took special effort to turn the players eye away from the beaten track and attract their attention to our clues. However, even despite the fast-paced gameplay dynamics, we have managed to create special moments in which the player has the opportunity to look at what seems to be just a simple background. Creation of hidden messages without highlighting them to the player was both a tough challenge and a very valuable lesson for us. One of our current dreams (apart from making another successful game) is to hear that someone has found everything we managed to hide in our game, and enjoyed each one of their little discoveries.

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