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Knight Squad is an insane 1 to 8 players chaotic arena friendship destroyer. Take on current friends and future frenemies in any of the incredibly fun game modes, ranging f 5d3b920ae0

Title: Knight Squad
Genre: Action, Indie
Chainsawesome Games
Chainsawesome Games
Release Date: 16 Nov, 2015


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2D brawler.if I am to waste my time on a brawler I will go for something of better quality.. Another local multiplayer game that is a hoot. One of the few games where you can go more than 4 if you've got the controllers. Not deep, but pure action goodness allowing you ample opportunity to smack talk and curse your friends and family.. When I started playing this my character just ran to the left all the time and I could not do anything about it. I could not scroll downwards to change mode of my game.. I really wish I had friends to play this with. Might as well. get defeated by bots.. Very easy game to pick up but modestly challenging to play. Pretty good game when you've got a few controllers and friends to play with, though not so great when playing alone. I suppose online multiplayer would be ok but still not as fun as doing it with friends. This may be playable on keyboard, but I wouldn't recommend doing so.. So I will start by saying this I bought this game while ago when It was on sale, and I have to say this game has far exceeded my expectation, and as a testimate I think I have a little over 30 hours logged in the game. There are a few bugs admittedly, but none that hinder the gameplay in anyway as far as I could tell. The game has a variety of gamemodes meaning you can keep the fun going for hours, and especially with friends no game is ever the same. The single player challenged are difficult but not impossible. And I feel as though they have provided a difficult yet enjoyable challenge, and even on easy the higher level challenges require patience, and well timed strike before the enemy returns fire. I especially had trouble with the attack pattersn of the cell/plantdragon hybird challenge. There is hours upon hours of content here even with no friends, as the bots in certain games can easily compete and overwhelm the players. I have a list of things I feel as though would benifit the games popularity, and while I know that suggestions are always easier said than done here is my list of suggestions. -A mace like weapon that swings around hitting enemies in a circular pattern. -An upgrade for the recently added spike sheild that once two have been obtained you can shoot spikes from it(when standing still) -A map editor allowing users to create their own custom levels. - More map diversity(I know the maps have to be symetrical 8 ways but I think obstacle diversity could be interesting. -A spear weapon that you have to throw, and go pick back up, thus requiring timed strikes. - A modification to the bombs (An upgrade or something I dont know) -A improvement to A.I strategy (I'll take a little bit more later) -A customization option to allow players to change the amount of hits needed to kill a knight before they die and respawn. -A option to change weapons available to the game (assuming it doesn't ruin gameplay or balance) -A new powerup similar to the horse except a dragon where players ride it, and can shoot fireballs, the dragon could be slower, but require more hits to kill, and then the player on top of that. -Lances for horses that once a knight is riding a direction with a lance( which is longer than a sword) they will have a hard time turning quickly. Lances would not be natural and would have to be picked up. -A hot potatoe gamemode with bombs or explosives? -A cannon- enough said. Ok thats enough for a wishlist (sorry devs I know its frustrating getting ideas that are harder to script than to imagine. The A.I in this game is both amazing and terrible well sort of is (maybe I want to much) On expert the bots are very unforgiving they make very fast attacks and round about swings that can normally not be avoided. Especially on the dark knight challenge when all it takes is one bad shot and you'e cook. So basically when the game focused on just killing they always have an advantage. However during the other games such as Capture the flag, or last man standing, they can't really compete. That brings me to my next thought of making the A.I target players that are winning in terms of point or ojective, and target players that have the best weapons, or some balance of the two. The human players have an advantage of knowing what the scores are and how to act accordingly in gameplay. The A.I does not meaning it continues to keep up its old tricks. If the computer had knowledge of score and how dangerous a player is it would make it hard to kill them, or possibly lead to the combined strategies of the A.I. Because lets be honest in last man standing you can just stand around waiting for the A.I to kill itself and you win by killing on other bot. Make it so it continues chasing the player before giving up so easily. Or make the A.I just better with weapons other than the basic sword because when it comes to weapon like the bow, or the bommarange they aren't very tactical. These are my thoughts on the game as it currently is I will continue to add to this if new ideas come to my head. Once again I understand talking, and programming are two very different things, but reading this is appricated thank you.. Just a bunch of chaos and madness. Positives: - local multiplayer is fantastic if you can get a decent group of friends playing. absolute hectic mayhem and fast games can be tons of fun - all gamemodes are enjoyable. personal favorites are gladiator and crystal rush - all weapons are fun to use, albeit some are very situational (drills and bombs come to mind) [sidenote: explosive arrows are the most OP weapon imo] Negatives: - never seen a lobby for online multiplayer. wanted to give the online aspect a fair shake but it's completely dead sadly - playing by yourself can be very boring. single player challenges are hard, but aren't very replayable. the bots aren't particularly intelligent, but put up a decent enough challenge on extreme difficulty when they team up. Overall: I would recommend this game if you have a group of friends IRL that would be up for a chaotic party game. wouldn't recommend for those alone or with friends online, as they would all need to own this game as well to play online.. Couch co-op paradise, casual friendly, fun! Just get it

Knight Squad - Update #1 : New build is available right now! The last week has been rather hectic as we have been showing Knight Squad at E3 in the Microsoft booth, but we still managed to get some things in for the update.. Update #4 - New Mode, Linux and Mac, More maps! : Update #4 is right here right now! Sorry we're a week late on this one the new platforms were giving us a headache. Lots of under the hood modifications again to prepare the online version of the game. Here's the detailed breakdown of the update : Feature : Linux and Mac versions now available! New Kill'em All versus mode. Defeat everyone once in the given order to win! New capture the flag and team deathmatch map. Tweaks : Removed the doors in the capture the flag maps as it was giving the AI a hard time. Tweaked how the soccer ball is controlled. It should feel a bit more controllable and less random.. Update #9 - Global power ups, the ripper and new juggernaut maps : Hey everyone! It's that time of the month again! We have added a couple things to the game and it's online for you guys' enjoyment! We added a new power up type and we would love to have your feedback on those as they might change the game a lot.. Update #16 - Online Fixes, Dragons Challenge, New main menu! : Hello folks! We've been silent for a while but we have a pretty good update fixing a bunch of stuff available just in time for the weekend! Here's the list of changes : New Features :. Update #12 - Ice Balista, New map, Lots of tweaks : Hey everyone! We're finally back from Christmas with a new build and promise for an even brighter tomorrow! We've added a couple things, tweaked a lot more and did some major fixes for the new build! If everything goes well, a beta version with the first playable online build should also be available next week after the PAX South.. Update #11 - Tweaks : Hey folks! It's time for a little update today! Much of our efforts in the latest weeks have been on online multiplayer but we still went ahead and did a bunch of tweaks we think will make the game better! Here's a small breakdown : Tweaks

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