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Grand Strategy on a Small Scale

January, 1915. The Race to the Sea is over. The Great War has just begun. You are the commander of a single divis 5d3b920ae0

Title: On The Western Front
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Release Date: 5 Oct, 2018


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This is a gem of a game - I have waited years for a game along these lines and, this early access game for the most part scratches that itch. While at times "On the Western Front" can be management hell, the UI is being constantly improved and it receives frequent updates from a developer who is very active on the forums. From here the game can only get better, It must be said that as is, the game will mostly appeal to people who are into micro-management and some of the concepts may be difficult to grasp at first, but if you too like me are intrigued by the concept-again,the game is frequently updated and is getting better and better-then I recommend supporting this Early Access game. *Original review* If you want to support a great idea and a developer who delivers frequent updates then by all means buy this game. However do be aware that the game will likely crash before you can do anything interesting, the tutorials are broken - I presume in part because of quality of life updates that have removed and replaced buttons you need to push to advance the tutorial? and the game can be awkward. Rough edges are to be expected in early access, and this certainly could be a diamond in the rough. However it's hard to recommend a game that requires such a time investment to micromanage that's so prone to crashing. Will be sure to update this review as the game progresses.. Im giving money to a concept I totally love for its development in this game. I hope it becomes as deep and as wide as it could be.. It's like Dwarf Fortress but on the Western Front. This game, while still rough, has the potential to become something really great. It's not another hex-and-counter game where all you're doing is shuffling things around like some funny smelling cardboard wargame. It's WEGO. It's alive. The game still needs polish but on the plus side the dev is very active and within a week of me making some suggestions, they were all in the game. That's pretty cool. For $10 it's a relatively easy entry. If you want some detail and meat to your game and don't mind some rather simplistic graphics, give it a go.. It's a pretty cool concept.. Im giving money to a concept I totally love for its development in this game. I hope it becomes as deep and as wide as it could be.. HORRID Controls,, no graphical control which results in you being unable to read jack.. It's like Dwarf Fortress but on the Western Front. This game, while still rough, has the potential to become something really great. It's not another hex-and-counter game where all you're doing is shuffling things around like some funny smelling cardboard wargame. It's WEGO. It's alive. The game still needs polish but on the plus side the dev is very active and within a week of me making some suggestions, they were all in the game. That's pretty cool. For $10 it's a relatively easy entry. If you want some detail and meat to your game and don't mind some rather simplistic graphics, give it a go.

Happy New Year! : Hi all, Hope you all had a good holiday. I did, but I still managed to set aside some time to update the game a bit more! Bugfixes/Changes: Commander Traits Commanders now possess traits that they pass down to their subordinates. The effect is inversely magnified depending on the commander's rank. That is, the bonuses (and penalties) given by company commander traits is greater than those given by battalion or brigade commanders, with the obvious tradeoff of affecting fewer units. NCOs earned by veteran-level platoons offer the greatest effects from traits. Enemy Strongpoints This one's not quite perfect yet, but you might notice that the AI now tries to build trenches around buildings. I'm hoping to eventually get to the point where the AI is turning these into strongpoints, just like in real life. By turning "idle" actions such as resting, guard duty, and drilling into AOE orders, I accidentally broke the ability to order a unit to move elsewhere if it was already moving. This bug is now fixed. Fixed a bug in which field kitchens could be restocked endlessly until they held enormous amounts of food/water. Enlarged the range of both field hospitals and field kitchens, as well as increasing the carrying capacity of field kitchens. I found it got kind of annoying having to build one of these every few tiles. Fixed German HQ unit counters. Previously were all set to company commanders.. More Tweaking : Hi all, Most of the work this week was getting forest tiles in the game, which in turn necessitated a re-scaling of buildings. I also had to rewrite the plane upgrade logic into a form that made more sense. Long story short, this update is really more about refining and expanding what's already in the game rather than adding wholesale new features. Bugfixes/Changes: Fixed bug in which selected units that were sent on leave would remain selected when they were recalled. Fixed bug in which enemy AI was too lenient towards retreating units, causing situations in which opposing units would not attack each other even when on the same tile. Re-tweaked the scale of buildings to be more realistic. I've been working on forest terrain, which really made it clear how messed up the scale of buildings still was. Tweaked the plane upgrade mechanic. Instead of upgrading each plane individually, each tier of plane is a single upgrade. Your next monthly supply of planes will then be of the newer models. Additionally, replacement pilots will automatically be equipped with the newest model available. Fixed errors with pilot highlights in Air Activity Screen, whereby units previously selected/highlighted would remain so even when selecting a different pilot. You can now rename your units. Several of you have asked for this feature to facilitate organization of units. Bug in which the Order of Battle never properly refreshed the current actions of each unit has been fixed.. Terrain : Hi all, Early stages of destructible terrain are in! So far only a few building types have included, and only a few different configurations. I want to know what you all think before I start adding more types of terrain and customizing things a bit more. For now, houses act as shelter. They hide units from view, and essentially function as a combination of dugouts and blockhouses (albeit less effective at protecting units than blockhouses). The tradeoff is that buildings obscure lines of sight, and will be permanently destroyed if they take enough artillery fire. I've also taken the liberty of implementing a bunch of the suggestions I've seen in the discussion forums. Bugfixes/Changes: Destructible Terrain Commanders now auto-assigned at start. Aircraft now auto-assigned to pilots at start. Supply units have been tweaked so that they automatically resupply and return to their previous order. This should reduce some of the micromanagement associated with supply lines. This was actually present in the last update, but I forgot to tell anyone. An event log display which can be shown and hidden at will. Coffee and alcohol have been included as new supply types. They aren't limited in number - you can just keep grabbing them from rear lines as you see fit. Coffee provides a temporary bonus to sight range via the new "Alert" status, while alcohol provides a temporary movement boost to help facilitate frontal assaults. Just for fun, each nation has its own version of alcohol. Health bars showing unit numbers, morale, primary supply, and readiness are now included on unit lists. This will hopefully provide more visual feedback with regard to unit status. Fixed the "Loading caches" savefile issue! Best part is, you don't need to restart - you can use the same savefile.. New Construction and Supply options : Hi all, I've now added the ability to assign construction orders without having to select units beforehand. If you don't have any units selected, you can now right-click and create construction orders as usual. Nearby units will then be assigned to the order. Another much-requested feature was the ability to tell a Supply unit to resupply an area instead of having to manually resupply units. I've now added a "Supply Area" order when Supply units carrying supplies are selected, which will allow you to drag a box for the unit to focus on. It seems to work quite well, to the point where I'm considering removing the original "Carry Supplies" order entirely. Try it out and let me know what you think! Lastly, I've made some minor tweaks and fixes. First, I've added two slower timer speeds. The original speeds of 1-4 are now 3-6, and speeds 1 and 2 allow the game to run slower than before. I've also fixed a bug in which casualties inflicted/sustained weren't being recorded properly, and I've made it so that killing the enemy even between dated offensives now provides Valour points.. Grass : Hi all, Fairly minor update gameplay wise, but a pretty noticeable one. I've added destructible grass, since many of you asked for it to be included in the game. I've also modified the scale of the buildings on the map, making them much smaller and more realistic relative to the units in the game. Lastly, I made it so that using the Rest order and dragging over an area would also include buildings as possible rest locations, rather than being confined to trenches/dugouts.. Portraits : Hi all, Some issues with the help text have been addressed, as well as some minor changes that hopefully improve the user experience. I've also added portraits into the game for officers and pilots. This adds literally nothing to the game except for kind of looking cool. I'll add more variation as I go, but for now at least it's functional. Bugfixes/Changes: Portraits have been added for officers and pilots. Some typos and grammar issues in the help text have been fixed. Section about officers has been added to the help text. Watch Duty is now possible in blockhouses. Structures built in houses and forests are now partially visible. Weather conditions now affect artillery. Number of squares hit within an artillery unit's attack range is now reduced in adverse weather conditions. Artillery now actively avoids tiles which would be unfeasible to stop in, such as dugouts and houses. Bug in which two-tile sized houses were not properly providing cover over both tiles is now fixed. Units will no longer be able to stop in tiles if they are over the crowding limit. I'm hoping this addresses some concerns with regard to the feasibility of having hundreds of men crammed into a single tile by forcing players (and the AI) to be a bit more proactive in building comprehensive trench networks.. Over the Western Front : Hi all, Decided to focus a bit on the Aerodrome this week, as I've been neglecting it recently. Bugfixes/Changes: Pilots now have traits, just like officers. Pilot balance has been tweaked, so that really good pilots are harder to shoot down, and lower-stat pilots are easier to shoot down. I believe this actually reflects real life a lot better. Following from above, monthly pilot regeneration rate has been increased to compensate for the fact that you will probably be losing more pilots. Pilots now have personal stats, like flight time, number of sorties, number of kills, etc. This is all "flavour" for the moment, but provides a solid base with which to flesh out the individuality of pilots. Feel free to suggest anything else that needs to be tracked. Officers also have personal stats. They're self-explanatory, except for raids. Company commanders will be given credit for a raid when one of the platoons under their command returns with prisoners in tow. Pilots now can develop an affinity for a certain model of plane, causing a temporary penalty when changing planes. This penalty is less than the gains you receive from the new plane, but is still something that needs to be taken into account when upgrading. The greater a pilot's affinity for a certain model, the longer the penalty lasts when changing. I wasn't happy with the rate of wiring that the enemy AI does, as it seemed unrealistically low. Thanks to better optimization of the game in recent weeks, I've been able to tweak the AI so that it lays far more wire than it used to. Fixed potential crash if units were withdrawn as the enemy AI was attempting to target them for bombardments. Fixed bug with supply units randomizing their load type instead of keeping the one they originally had if they return to supply depots automatically. Pilots shot down weren't being properly displayed or tracked, which in turn wasn't updating the number of pilots or planes properly. This should now be fixed. Supply units could restock gas shells without having either gas upgrade unlocked, but this has been fixed.. Hotfix : Hi all, Just published a quick hotfix for two easy-to-fix yet important bugs that were introduced in the last update. 1. Fixed dugouts, blockhouses, and mine entrances not working. I broke this when I tweaked the code to allow for field supply dumps. 2. Offensives no longer reset if the enemy performs an offensive first. Sorry about these bugs, folks.. Remembrance/Armistice Day Weekend Update : Hi all, I've added a couple of new features this week! Alternate Font The Settings screen in the main menu now has the option of switching to an alternate font which I believe shows up better at lower resolutions. This can only be done on the main menu, because allowing it from the pause menu would be MUCH harder to implement. Let me know if the new font helps - I can always change it to something else if necessary. Aircraft I've now made it necessary to assign aircraft to individual pilots before sending them out on sorties. It's pretty basic at the moment. Once you get 1,000 Valour points, you can upgrade any of the aircraft to better models, which provide bonuses in combat against inferior enemy aircraft. You can also have pilots change planes if one becomes too damaged. Let me know what you think of this feature. I'm not 100% sure how much detail should go into it, so I'd love the feedback. Bugfixes: In the process of tweaking the aerodrome, I noticed that new pilots weren't being generated. Now, at the beginning of each month, if the number of pilots and/or planes is too low, new ones are generated. Pilot info now contains an icon to indicate whether they are Recon or Escort pilots. Fixed bug in which scheduled orders for dugouts and blockhouses wasn't working. Fixed bug in which Dry Weather Only scheduled orders wouldn't work a lot of the time. Optimized pathfinding a bit, which should reduce some lag whne pathfinding over long distances.

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