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In the seas of the distant future, humans have all but disappeared. 5d3b920ae0

Title: Ace of Seafood
Genre: Action, Indie
Seafood Platter, PLAYISM
Release Date: 8 Apr, 2016

English,Japanese,Simplified Chinese

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This game is about the fight for survival and the struggle to become the realest negus in the sea.. This game has made me experience every emotion. I love it. A game for game's sake. A game that all started from, "I want to make a game where you can fly as a fish". Wacky, terryfing, inspiring, epic, beautiful, tense. Just a few of the words that describe this game. It's definitely not a normal game, and if you're expecting easy controls, perfect english (especially in the trailer, but his voice more than makes up for it), a plot, logic, a glitchless experience, or regular gaming conventions this is not the game for you. But for me, not having these actually adds incredible charm and having them could ruin the experience. The controls and way the game plays really puts emphasis on teamwork, strategy, and manueverability. You're not pinpoint accurate and the lock on system plain doesnt work on medium to small targets. The "OK, but not perfect" english lends a feeling of otherworldliness to those with a strong suspension of disbelief. The main plot states itself in less than a paragraph and is entirely unnecessary, except the stuff after "The certain thing" that makes it feel really cool and you just proved the worth of all the new "Seafood". Because the plot should only boil down to "You want take over ocean. Cool stuff happens. Go do it.". Anything else doesnt matter. The foreign logic results in an interesting new world with new rules that are incredibly fun to figure out. Partner-popping (using co-op's auto return to put partner in wall and use him to flank enemy while me and rest of team fight head on, then switching to seige formation and forcing them to split up) and melee-flopping/salmon-skipping (what an actual fish does on land in order to pass the dreaded "Radio Channel"/ sprint-swimming over small patches of land in order to escape or surprise enemies). The glitches add to the fun and wacky bits of the game. Me and my friend played through the new-ish Co-op mode and couldnt stop playing. The genuine thrill of coming back to a reef that stomped your tailfin the first few times you tried and managing to overcome it is quite good. So many unique experiences in this game. Seal Team Five. The previously mentioned dreaded Radio Channel. BloodBath at the Bottom of Barrier Reef. The dead Whale. The Canadian outpost (Saury!). King Krab Klubhouse. Simba's Pride. The College Campus (TriggerFish Reef). The Abyssal Eye. And of course, Space Fish. The single player gives you a sense of total command with you at the helm, while co-op is more working within a team rather than outside of it. Hard to describe the actual gameplay, really. I think it's supposed to play like a flight sim? The soundtrack's amazing, too. If you want something different or just something really good and involving, pick it up. OOH (Barracuda), Big Da King (King Crab), Big Boy (Cubera Snapper), He (sort of secret thing), Wate (Tuna), and HIGH VOLTAGE (Electric Catfish) are out there protecting the Ocean from enemies like Seafood Platter No. 2.. May 31st 2018 update finally fixed this game that has never ran for me previously in the last two years up until today!!!!! it's about damn time!!!. Strangely extensive. It has a massive map, destructible environment (you can tunnel anywhere!), 38 reefs, and 29 unique units (their own speeds, weapon combinations, formations). Not everything is balanced and polished (big fish get stuck and are hard to control) but it's great for one dev. Add on the goofy translations and hilarious inpirational quotes and it's a game I won't forget soon.. More so than small fish, big fish containing large amounts of oil will easily obstruct the digestive tract. If eaten in thinly cut slices, however, there will be no obstruction. If large carp are cut into thick slices, or if their entire bodies are boiled, they will block chi. Such fish should be cut into thin slices. If vegetables such as daikon radishes, carrots, pumpkins, turnip, and the like are cut into thick slices and boiled, they too will easily obstruct the digestive tract. They should be thinly cut and boiled. If fresh fish is eaten after being prepared well by enhancing its taste, it will be quickly digested and will not be obstructed in passage. This is due to its vitality. Fish that is over-boiled, oily fish that has been dried, or fish salted for too long will lose its vitality and become a yin food. It will easily stagnate within the body. You should not be ignorant of this principle and think that salted fish is better than fresh fish.. RIP Submarine Eaten by a Blue Tuna Your sacrifice will never be forgotten (Actual review: Controls are a bit bad and the translation is not the greatest, but it's a fun game.. When I first saw that this game had fish shooting lasers, I thought "Ok well that's going to ruin it right there" but then I saw the review: Positive?? How could a game where you play as a laser-fish get a positive review? So naturally (with Steams refunding as backup) I gave it a go. Somehow I immediately fell in love with it: it's laser-fish! What seemed stupid at the time became the greatest thing about the game. I kept playing, and the more I played, the more I enjoyed it. Some madman (or woman) has come up with this idea and found the backing to create it (and something this silly that's no small feat!) The effort that has been put into this was amazing, dozens of times as many species to discover, murder with laser-fish-eyes, and become; and an ocean far bigger than I still give it credit for, both in width and depth. (A delightful surprise when I killed a certain squid and entered the reef it guarded!! Still wrapping my mind around that!!) Only problem I have, and the problem is miniscule compared to the many, many good things I have to say, is that the movement could be a lot smoother, with some easier way of moving up and down in the water. Trying to turn to blow up a crab with homing missile laser things and finding that your school has already killed it can get a bit repetitive. (And maybe an expanded upgrade system? Like you don't start with all the weapons you do? Or can unlock new ones? Something like that anyway but don't worry if not, just a thought.) All-in-all, this game was. IS. a delightful surprise and I really do reccomend it; it's just the right kind of stupid that everyone can enjoy at some level so big, BIG thumbs up from me.. Odell Lake 3D. w/ LSD.

Steam Autumn Sales! : Hi All The Autumn Sales have started on Steam and we are going full on by hosting some phenomenal sales across the majority of our games! Dive into the full list of games which are up to 80% off on the Playism sale page! Nominate us for the Steam Awards!. Ace of Seafood in the Autumn Sales! : The Autumn Sales have kicked off on Steam and we have joined in by setting Ace of Seafood at 50% off! In the seas of the distant future, humans have all but disappeared. In your current, newly awakened state, you are no more than a piece of seafood. But you have also been blessed with talent in leading your allies in battle. Do whatever it takes to become the Ace of Seafood. Grab it now on Steam while sales last! Sales end Nov, 28 10:05am Pacific! Why not check out our other games on Sale on the Playism Blog! [blog.playism-games.com]. Playisms 7th Anniversary Sales! : Playism is celebrating its 7th Anniversary this year, and we are kicking off this week with a publisher sale on Steam! See all the exciting titles on Sale Today we have set Ace of Seafood on sale for 50% off! In the seas of the distant future, humans have all but disappeared. In your current, newly-awakened state, you are no more than a piece of seafood. However, you have been blessed with the talent for leading your allies into battle. Do whatever it takes to become the Ace of Seafood. To celebrate our 7th Anniversary, we have also released 7 exciting announcements which you can check out on our blog: Playisms 7th Anniversary Brings 7 Announcements! [blog.playism-games.com] Check out all the Playism Anniversary Sales here: Join our Steam Group for all our latest updates: The Playism Steam Group Follow our Curator Page where we recommend our favourite indie titles across Steam: PLAYISM Selection. Ace of Seafood Soundtrack Added : Hi All We are excited to announce that Ace of Seafood's soundtrack has been added! Currently the soundtrack and game are both on sale at 40% off, so be sure to grab it now to check out all 13 of the awesome tracks! Be sure to check out the bundle!. The Lunar New Year Sales have begun! : The Lunar New Year Sales have begun! Today we have set Ace of Seafood on sale! Check out other great Playism titles on Sale here! [blog.playism-games.com]. Ace of Seafood in the Weekly Sales! : Ace of Seafood is on sale this week as part of our Shooting Games selection. Don't miss this sale! (August 14th to August 21st!) Ace of Seafood is also on Sale this week! Don't miss out. Take to the seas, recruit other creatures and head onwards to conquer the ocean. A battle ready, exploration-action game featuring fish, secrets and even more lasers! An intense 1v1 battle under the sea where crustaceans go head to head to battle out who is the most powerful of all. Featuring special unlockable characters, lasers and a variety of unique techniques. All Playism shooting games are on Sale this week, check out the full list on our blog! [blog.playism-games.com]. Ver 1.12.2 Patch Notes - 11/20/2017 : Fixed the issue where the experience wasn't saved in online co-op.. Ver 1.09.8 Patch Notes - 12/01/2016 : Bug Fixes. Tokyo Game Show Sales and Announcements! : Tokyo Game Show has started! Playism is not only exhibiting some awesome games, but we are also joining up with Steam to hold some Tokyo Game Show Sales for everyone worldwide to join in! Find the full list of Playism titles on Sale here! As well as a huge selection of games on Sale, Playism is also proud to present our upcoming games and projects! CINERIS SOMNIA

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