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The world is afflicted with a mysterious disease known as "The Enigma."
Chester, infected with this disease, finds himself washed onto a lonely island, Carlyl 5d3b920ae0

Title: ENIGMA:
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Fruitbat Factory
Release Date: 15 Nov, 2016


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Una gran historia con multiples finales, que me dejo un buen savor de boca y que realmente vale el dinero gastado.. I'm glad that I bought this game on a whim, one late night. It's truly a charming tale, of friendship, love and mortality. I've only played one out of twenty endings so far, but I'll definitely hold this story in my heart for a long time to come. If you're reading this review, please by this visual novel: you won't regret it.. the background music fits to game to a T the atmosphere it creates is wonderful and throughout the game you are always keep on your toes what may seem like good choices may due to one slight mistep turn competely different to what you expected i like that about it and the true ending is SOO satisfying.. The story of how Iu2019ve got the game is pretty short. At first I didnu2019t know anything about it. Have seen the page of ENIGMA few times but didnu2019t pay much attention. However, one day I saw screenshots in my feed made by Aniva , got interested, waited for a discount and bought it. So, my thoughts after 16 hours of reading (Iu2019ve completed the novel 100%). Pros : + the novel is aesthetically beautiful and the soundtrack is very good and atmospheric. + unusual fantasy setting with heavy environmental theme similar, in my opinion, to Miyazakiu2019s Mononoke Princess or Nausicau00e4 of the Valley of the Wind. + interesting and unique cast of characters, each with their mysteries, quirks and past. + dialogues are rich and believable; Iu2019ve enjoyed them way more than expected. + I usually distaste scriptwritersu2019 efforts to add jokes and humor to the story if itu2019s unnecessary or forced but in this case every single joke and absurd situation look absolutely natural, truly funny and sometimes even witty. + unique protagonist who finally acts like a normal adult human being. + simple yet still enjoyable lore with interesting themes of fallen heroes, unexpected villain(?) and world epidemic. Cons u2026 Ok, itu2019s not actually cons but more of a rant . 1. Some endings look ridiculous. Not because theyu2019re badly written but because they just feel unnecessary and donu2019t contribute much to the story. 2. Half of the story of the fallen heroes is great but the other half is poorly baked with one-two plotholes and many unexplained details. Plus some charactersu2019 obsession over this theme doesnu2019t suit the flow of narration. 3. Genius plotline is weird. At first I though heu2019s Lyonau2019s diseased husband and merchant-outsider at the same time because it doesnu2019t contradict itself , however everything with it turns out to be way simpler and disappointing. Maybe the scriptwriter wanted to implement both ideas but it didnu2019t happen, I dunno. 4. Elu2019s plotline tragedy was flushed in the toilet. The game was building tension and secrets over this line foru2026 I dunnou2026 almost the whole game? However, in the end everything turns into u201cOh well, El kinda died of Enigma too, thatu2019s it.u201d WHY BUILD THE TENSION AND MAKE IT SO IMPORTANT THEN DEDICATE ONLY 5 MINUTES TO REVEAL EVERYTHING?! 5. Why Colette and Laurou2019s mother suddenly jumped of the cliff? Whatu2019s with the Gretau2019s bride curse? What about Ignis fallen party members? Why try to explain everything when you can just dedicate literally few lines to everything and then sweep it under the rug. Donu2019t get me wrong, itu2019s very beautiful game with unique and interesting story but, cu2019mon, stop sacrificing important plot answers in favor of some idiotic plotline u201cThe-True-Hero-Will-Come-And-We-Will-Help-Him-But-It-Is-Not-You-Chesteru201d. I donu2019t care about some random hero who appears for literally 10 minutes during the epilogue, I care about Chester (the protagonist), about El, Ignis, Greta, Envirio and all others who have their normal long roles in the story.. Enigma is succinctly encapsulated by the store description: Chester is dying of a strange disease, and he washes up on the shore of an island not on any map. Shortly thereafter he discovers a forest given the same name as his disease. The sequence of that description is important. This is really not a story about "uncovering the mysteries of a fantasy world." A fair amount of your time is indeed involved with doing so; however, this is really a story about a dying man. He knows he's dying; he's accepted it. In many ways he is already self-actualized: he's more concerned with helping or "saving" those around him. As such, this is what a great deal of the story is concerned with--how Chester saves those around him. In some cases it's as "trivial" as helping a young boy escape this secret island. In others it does relate much more closely to the fantasy and "mysterious" elements of the story, but is ultimately still all about how Chester affects the characters involved in these mystical elements. As such, the characters are at center stage for this play, and they all play their part fairly well. A number of them fit fairly well into stereotypes (even if that stereotype is one vastly different than belied by initial impressions), but their portrayal still feels realistic. An important point is perspective: the VN does a good job of portraying a character a certain way in relation to the events of a given route and portraying them completely differently elsewhere, without making them feel like a total different person entirely. Certain characters play the villain (going as far as to kill people) for a route or ending, while appearing benign or even good for others. I said "route or ending" there because, if you were unaware, this game has 19 endings. With such a large number you're not so much dealing with routes as moderately different endings based on some choices--or rather, there are three routes with lots of endings that change the feel of a route significantly. Viewed broadly the choices are okay, but when it comes to the specifics of the options of the last and second-to-last choices, it's not always clear how they lead to the endings they do. This didn't bother me all that much personally, because I used a walkthrough for most of the experience, but it's worth mentioning. Additionally, I don't think all of these endings were really necessary. In some cases (such as accepting or rejecting Colette's feelings at the end of a Lauro route) both choices and endings reveal pretty much the same information about the related character, so they're redundant. The three broad "routes" I mentioned are described (by the VN itself) as being related to three characters - two guys and one "girl" (yeah, two guys--more on that later). For the specific ending permutations I can't really identify a thematic focus, but at this high-level view that becomes more clear (with the strength of the thematic focus depending on the route in question: I'd rate them as third > second = first). The first two didn't resonate with me all that much, for various reasons including my opinion of the character. The third hit me pretty strongly; it's something I've been noticing (not saying it started here, but this is when it really popped out to me) in some of the stories I engage with ever since The Witcher 3 3 years ago. I really like that story focus, and I think they did a good job with it here as well. You'll notice I'm keeping things vague: that's intentional! Even though I looked at a walkthrough for choices, I didn't know what the story would entail, and I think that's the best way to approach this VN. I've spent a lot of time talking about characters and routes and not much about the central "mystery." As mentioned before I don't think this is really the focus; in addition (or perhaps as a result), they leave it pretty open-ended. They explain how stuff works but it doesn't really get resolved, or it gets resolved in the lightest, most ISLAND-esque (the FrontWing VN) manner possible. It's slightly unsatisfying (because I found the premise interesting), but again the clearly alternate focus makes such oversights (or intentional decisions) forgivable. The UX is barebones acceptable. Nothing out of the ordinary. Music seemed a little quiet (never even thought to turn it up) but what I heard wasn't all that special, though certainly not grating. Art is actually pretty interesting, not so much in quality but in design: apart from some of the males like Lauro or Chester, the clothing and design of a character feel very unique or specific to their personality. Translation feels a little literal (like a lack of contractions (not just for one character like Aries in Himawari, but for multiple)) and sloppy (like lexiphancism [www.quora.com] in an emotional scene, but simple language elsewhere) at times, but I mostly didn't notice anything particularly good or bad there. 8/10. Too much of the setting and mystery feels ultimately unfulfilled; pretty good characters; the first two routes (or route groupings, whatever) didn't really grab me, while the third one (in particular the "true" ending) really did, and I liked the perspective or theme of that story a great deal. One more thing to mention: this VN feels really gay. It's not the actual gay side character who's interested in one of the main characters, or the cross-dressing, or the fact that a lot of these guys have earings. It's the statements like "I wanted to be with you forever" (between guys), or one guy washing another guy's hands off in a basin, or the main character calling one of the guys on the island "cute," or him keeping a locket with a picure of him and his childhood (male) friend around his neck at all times, or another guy telling him "I love you." The weird thing is that in that last instance, the main character says "I don't want to hear that from a man" (and it's not really meant to be romantic at all), and at numerous points he states pretty clearly that he's only interested in women (and there are a couple romantic relationships with women during some of the routes). At no point does he ever express an interest in men (rather, he expresses disinterest). But even with all that, it just feels a little too gay for me. Edit: Just took a look at the VNDB entry [vndb.org] for the doujin group responsible for this VN, and apparently they make games "to appeal to women," which typically means BL or otome, in either case basically gay guys, which makes a bit more sense.. Alright so this is my 1st review for a game and I have to admit I LOVE this story! Took me 22 hours on steam count but more like 20hrs due to idle time. This game had me laughing and crying on multiple occasions and 3 endings that left me thinking WHAT! Definitely Rated M for reasons (Lauro ED 6=weird, Lauro ED 7=WT* Ignis ED 4=WT* Certain scene in Envirio routes=WT*) I really enjoyed the True ED with En so sweet just the type of Ending I was hoping for. Lauro has 7 routes, Ignis has 7 and Envirio has 5 Truly worth the price and enjoyed it far more than the Sakura Series or Dharkar Studio games, I would put this more with quality polished stories like Grisaia, Clannad, Steins Gate etc.

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