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Kitten Adventures In City Park Activation Code [FULL]

Kitten Adventures In City Park Activation Code [FULL]

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About This Game

It's hard to be a kitten when you have such a clumsy owner! Yesterday she lost a lot of things in the park and now it's up to you to find them!

Memories of that day can be helpful - you should remember where you've seen these things last and search there. And finally you can climb up a tree and ask a big cat for a hint – you will see all the events of that day again.

But sometimes it's not enough to just find a lost thing. Some residents of the park may already be using it, like mice or ants. In that case you may have to bring them something in exchange for a lost thing – only then you will get it back.

Game features:

  • You play as a fluffy kitten
  • Bright and cheerfull atmosphere
  • The game trains memory and attention.
  • Full multi voice acting

Game intended for 3-years and older 7ad7b8b382

Title: Kitten Adventures in City Park
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Lokator Studio
Lokator Studio
Release Date: 8 Sep, 2017


kitten adventures in city park. kitten adventures in city park

a cute game for kiddos and those who want to sit back and view upon the more relaxing parts of life that are untouched by impurity. This game is lovely. If you're looking for lovely, this game is it.

Yes, I know I'm not the target demographic for it, but I just had a huge grin on my face while playing it. It's lovely.. Pros:
Let's be honest:
1. It has kitten.
2. It's simple.
3. It's FREE.
So I played it.
When you've reached certain age that you either:
1. become so lazy,
2. become too tired to bother,
3. enjoy the Smiths,
4. or can't no longer handle complex gaming (like me),
you'll need game like this (probably).
I don't like the voice acting. I find it annoying and kind of ruins the game experience.
I know, I know, this game is FOR KIDS, but still.
Hope there were someway to mute the voice acting sound,
or just simply turn it to real cat's meowing (it will be better that way).
But because it has kitten in it, I will recommend it.. Worst voiceacting ever. The kitten's voice in the English version is the most annoying thing I've ever heard even though it's a game for kids. Same with the drawings: The kitten is well-drawn but have a closer look at the backgrounds: It's a very sloppy style without any love. It leaves you with the impression that the artist didn't have skills at all or just wanted to finish things fast.
Didn't like it at all.. incredibly wholesome . hope my pets dont refer to me as mistress though. Sweet short story. Loved it :D. This click and point game is SO directed for children. It resembles so much a childrens book, or corretly, it resembles a story made of children's drawings. Yor task is to follow up the kittens day and where the mistress did loose her things. You can allways reply the kittens memories so you have a bit help on the way finding her stuff. The landscape, the story and the voice accent are very cute, but the game itself is too childish for my taste.. A classic point and click game intended for the younger "gamers".
and as such:
100% positive as there is good balance of not to much and not to little to explore.
Great sound work that I am sure are will make the younger "gamers" wanting to play this over and over infinitum...
The art style is maybe a bit to simplistic for an older gamer like myself but non the less I will remember this title as something positive.. Yea, sure why not.. This game is very short and sweet. :3

Little Christmas update:
There are very small changes, but they should add a Christmas mood.

I changed the title screen for the holidays again. This picture was last year, but only in two languages. This year there have been many translations: to Japanese, to Brazilian Portuguese, to Polish and Romanian.

Fixed a small bug: now the saved slots don't overlap the menu in all languages.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Kitty thanks you for support!. Say no to "Free To Play"! This game is free!:
This game will be completely free. It is quite short. Microtransactions are not planned in any case! If you liked the game, you can buy DLC to support us. It will contain materials from the game and others. DLC is purely optional and doesn't impact gameplay!. Mini-update and new avatars.:
A month has passed since the game was released. No one has found a single serious bug during this time. And this is very good. Today's update corrects misprints. If you find any mistake, please send it to me.

Also I added new cat's avatars! Now the album contains 27 pictures. You can see them here http://steamcommunity.com/games/643870/Avatar/List
. There's only one hour left to the release.:
It's so unexpected! Yes! The game was finally approved, and I finally finished the last preparations.

I prepared a little surprise. This is the bonus material for the game. A detailed description can be found on this page. Bonus Content is purely optional and doesn't impact gameplay!

Special thanks to Oleg and his cat Mel for his help with my drawings scans.

I think the video is the most interesting of all bonus materials. The story how the game was made and what had inspired me to make it. I have never done sometihng like this. I'm glad I learned to do subtitles! Special thanks to Alexey and Olga for their help in creating the video.

I hope this newsletter surprised you!. The video about the game development has been improved.:
This update doesn't affect the game itself, but only the DLC.

- The quality of the video included in the DLC has been improved: the noise is smoothed and the sound is heard better, the appearance is more beautiful, the fireworks look more clearly.
- Added Ukrainian and Japanese subtitles to the video
- Added Ukrainian and Japanese translations of the map
- In the New Year's update a New Year's art of the kitten was added. Now the game has returned to it's normal mode, but in the DLC you can still find this drawing.

For helping me with this update I thank the following:

- Dmitry Borgir for correcting the video
- Martia Zimova for the Ukrainian translation
- INLINGO team for the Japanese translation

Future plans: full translation to Japanese, and then Ukrainian. And then there also will be a French translation!". The Kitten wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!:

I changed the title screen for the holidays. I hope you like it and it brings you joy!. The kitten learned two new languages.:
Those are Polish and Romanian! Not so easy, but it was fun to add them because of unusual letters, but now everything works fine.

For the translation to Romanian expresses gratitude to Ionut Dragomirescu, and for the translation to Polish thanks to whitebluepantsu!

My game became available to more children and not just children from different countries! ^_^ Kitten thanks you for your support and your feedback!. The release is scheduled for September.:
The summer ended, autumn came and it's getting colder... But you can remember how cool it was in the summer, playing this game.

As you noticed, I had to delay the release. I couldnt finish the game in August. I overestimated my strength.

Today problems with localization are solved and the last bug from the list was fixed. The first tests among friends were successful! If you want to help with the test, I have several keys for this!

You will help a lot if you tell about the game! Watch out for the kitten and he will tell you: "Meow ^_^ "!

(")_("). Important update: japanese version!:
Dear friends, I'm very glad to finally present the japanese version of my game!

( ./\_ /\
.) >^,^br/>(__(__)

It certainly wasn's an easy trick, especially regarding the fonts. But now, at last, everything should be all right, so japanese players could play in their native language, and that's very cool!

Special thanks for this translation I give to the team of Inlingo (http://inlingogames.com), it couldn't ever be possible without them. I was very glad to cooperate: good people, quick work, and an actual native japanese speaker.

Waiting for your feedback! I hope my game will make you feel happy! Meow! ^_^

.(='•'= ) .
.(") „. (").
. \,\„„/,/
. ¦„„. „¦
. /„/„ \„\
.(„)''l l''(„)
. .. ((...
. . . ))..
. . .((..

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