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About This Game

This is the story of Zipple, a frog warrior who must collect the objects scattered in his world of mazes and then bring them into the homes of her village.
To pass each level you have to transport a certain number of objects (scattered in the maze) in the houses of the village. All that by running, jumping and killing enemies.
There are various types of enemies of various species, and there are movable obstacles and bonuses falling from the sky. You can also kill enemies by jumping on them.
When you run you activate the God Mode which can kill enemies, but you can not shoot.
If a magic item falls into the void, it will be Game Over!
To catch the "magic boxes" just touch it to activate the elastic to the protagonist; then you have to drag these objects (with the label "TAKE") in the houses of the village (label "HOME").
The tents with label "DANGER" are the enemy bases.


3D dungeon maps! - Each maze is in 3D with ramps, descents and random climbs.

Enemies - Enemies follow the main character by moving and jumping. There are four enemy types, with different characteristics and speed.
Obstacles - With advancing levels will appear obstacles (rocks, etc.) which will hinder the journey of the protagonist. These obstacles can be moved and placed wherever you want. Bonuses are obstacles that can kill enemies with a magical aura.
Unlimited levels - The game is practically infinite, the number of levels is unlimited and therefore the real challenge is to make as many points as possible to become a legend.

Multiple game modes - You can select various game options, including the camera, game difficulty levels, the number of enemies and their speed. All this to offer an even richer gameplay.

Full game statistics - The game saves the complete statistics of the game in progress, including the score, time played, enemies destroyed, blocks filled, jumps, levels completed, levels failed etc. In this way, lovers of statistics will have even more pleasure in playing.

Full game rankings - The game will store up to 100 high scores with its partial statistics. This will make real the challenge to become a legend !!

Full procedural generation, exploration and discovery - Each level is generated procedurally with the algorithm of construction of random ‘Dungeon’. Even the main character, enemies, blocks and everything are placed and constructed randomly. In this way, the game is always unpredictable and dynamics are always unknown.

Fight and strategy - In each level there are the bases from which the enemies will appear. These enemies will follow you to kill you. This way to overcome the levels you’ll also face fierce fighting from enemy waves.

Incremental difficulty - With the advancement in the levels, these become ever larger and increasingly difficult mazes. It also increases the number of enemies and the number of blocks present and to save. In this way, with the advancement in the game becomes more difficult and challenging to become a
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Title: Zipple World
Genre: Indie
Alternative Dreams
Strategy First
Release Date: 19 Jan, 2016


zippel world

Zipple world is GOTY, no I take that back. This game is GOAT.

Great graphics, great sound, great everything. What else could possibly be added to enrich the experience more than what we have? This game is truly the greatest of this medium.

You'd be killing yourself to not get this game my man.. best game evur. zipple is my hero. !!!!!. This game is interesting to play and look at, but it has some poignant shortcomings that make it frustrating to play. I personally like the resemblance to early platformers (not surprised considering that this is an indie game). The levels and characters are reminiscent to the likes of Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and other cartoony adventure games from the past. If you are interested in those kinds of games, you may want to try this one.

The Good:
+ Interesting concept
+ Cartoony graphics, nice special effects
+ Has a lot of variety
+ Inexpensive

The Bad:
- Hard to control characters
- Soundtrack doesn't fit the mood of the game
- Has several glitches. 8 outta 8 would no play again mate.. Zipple World, or as I'd like to call it, What is going on even I have no idea 'The Game' wants so bad to be everything, a platformer, a collect-o-thon and a 3rd person combat title. The thing is, unity was involved. Ignoring the small things like the UI and the map designs and layouts, The "objective" of collecting random items to progress requres no scale of learning. Enemies exist to be fought but you can literally ignore them or jump over them. The soundboard was abused in this title. Falling rocks, random junk spawns, points for walking and objects falling on top of a chaotic clipping \/ phasing map that breaks visually in steps or when I rotate the camera.

It has achievements that force me to do things I would never. I have to kill 500 enemies on the same map. They spawn in soooooo slow. Has badge progression as well. Eh.. ::Warning! Very Addictive!::

Zipple World is literally a hidden gem in the Steam Store, and although I have just started playing, I have already fallen in love with this masterpiece that can only be described as pure genius. Although the game is a bit slow at first, it really does get more intense around level 14. Almost everything about this game I absolutely adore. The level designs, the animations, the weapons, and the 3D models. And as I said before, this game is very addictive! I am already hooked on this game and I haven't even been playing for an hour! Another great thing about this game is the file size! It takes up very little space on your computer and it only takes around 5 minutes to download, making this game a quick to play game when your on a busy day and only have a few minutes to spare!

However, there are a few things that I personally think should be improved.

The sound effects are not that good, some of them honestly sound pixelated. And the music is not that great either, and it's not that it's bad or anything, it just doesn't fit with the intense playing mechanic. And lastly, the biggest problem with this game are the controls. They are far too quick and even jerky almost. I wish there was a way to turn down the sensitivity.

As far as I can think, these are the only problems that I have experienced with the game, everything else runs like butter and is incredibly fun. I also just noticed that they have also created a sequel! Once I have unlocked all of the achievements for Zipple World, I am going to defiantly get Zipple World 2!

Great job developers! Keep up the great work!

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