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Daemon Rising Full Movie In Hindi Download ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Daemon Rising

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Sci-Fi,Thriller







































The forces of a super-virus named Daemon have infected most of the net, and begin to invade Mainframe.
Everyone in Mainframe is ready for battle as Daemon(female super virus with a french accent)'s forces plan to invade the system. Daemon has already infected most of the net, including the Super Computer(which was turn in her own headquarters). Matrix & Andrala accidentally lead the invaders into Mainframe. And now chaos is being made in the system. Glitch Bob discovers that the invaders are infected Guardians who's free wills were drown away by Daemon. This makes Glitch Bob resist to delete any. Because he's now the only non-infected Guardian left. Matrix & Andrala however continue to fight the battle. Meanwhile Daemon receives news about Mainframe. And she has a plan in infecting Glitch Bob, as she see him as the perfect messenger for her plan called "The Word". Will Mainframe win the battle & is Dot seeing someone long from the past?
Okay so this "Daemon Rising" story arc was originally some kind of animated TV movie, but it also counts as half of a bonus eight episode series that sadly never got to be twelve, so I get to talk about it episode by episode. The last episode of season 3 concluded things so completely and gave the show such a happy ending, and for a while that's all there was, until the writers decided to bring Reboot back for this new adventure which sees war and danger reach Mainframe once again as it comes under assault by the corrupted guardian forces of the super-virus Daemon, and who come bearing the almighty Word of their goddess-like master and who are instructed to open up the closed system to the net so it can be swarmed and easily conquered by the vast armies at her command, as well as to capture Bob, who is the last remaining pure guardian, and who's special abilities will make him a powerful tool with which to spread her dictatorship gospel of 'unity' throughout the entire net... Despite everyone's best efforts they do successfully force open a tear into Mainframe and a huge armada of the enemy ships rush in and attack. The attempts of the CPUs to defend their home are rather annoyingly hampered by Bob's peacekeeping nature and deep opposition to destroying his fellow guardians, even though the situation is clearly way beyond that.. Bob is left very weakened by the energies he expends and the still scary but no longer hazardously insane Hexadecimal shows up and helps him out, first by bringing him back from the enemy's clutches with a snap of her fingers after he is beamed away, replacing him with Mike the TV as a possible joke against Daemon, and then saving the whole system by using her fearsome powers to hurl the entire fleet of corrupted airships back through the tear with little effort, with Mouse sealing the rift behind them with another firewall. Oh my word does it ever make Hexadecimal come off as a different character when she has a moving face rather than her swapping fixed masked expressions behind her hands like she has for so long. Fact is, she isn't quite the same character without the masks or the madness. Her being allied with the good guys does feel right though because she was never a truly evil virus, just a very wicked and naughty one who occasionally got carried away with her love of chaotic dangerous fun. She's certainly a lot more shameless about her feelings for Bob now, regardless of his relationship with Dot! The body movements and facial expressions on all the characters had really never looked better by this point, you can really see the improvements in the animation due to the long hiatus between episodes. That's quite the flashback prologue at the beginning that shows the destruction of Lost Angles, which was annihilated when its core blew up, and that was why the twin city wasn't recreated when the system rebooted, it couldn't without a core. It's weird seeing a snarky teenage version of Dot, who was strangely very 80's! I like Daemon as an antagonist, she's very different in that she's not a malevolent or destructive virus like Megabyte or Hexadecimal used to be, but rather angelic and gentle, being compassionate and benevolent to the point of being a saint. You could hardly call her a villain at all if she didn't force all in her path to submit to her Word, as well as what her ultimate purpose as a virus is eventually revealed to be, and which I won't be revealing here! Some really hate the whole French mademoiselle thing, eh but who cares? Megabyte has a thick stately accent, and Hexadecimal has the voice of a dirty old woman! I don't get her gigantic home base, I think it's supposed to be a kind of inter-system hub at the centre of the net or something. It's a very beautifully-designed place, very cathedral-like. And the religious angle to the villain and the story arc is something that makes it different and interesting I think. It's also interesting to see Matrix interacting with and being annoyed by his younger self in the stupid Austin Powers game which doesn't even remotely fit into the world of the show. Matrix is really only being annoyed with himself when he snaps at "Little Enzo" to get out of the way, because although a copy, he's still Matrix as a kid as he knows everything he did at that age. At the end the new threat is temporarily held back, but Hexadecimal won't be able to help out a second time because her recently-acquired CPU icon goes haywire and begins to physically engulf her as she is engulfed by the legion of nulls that react to her every mood - but it sure ain't Nullzilla coming back for round two, as when Megabyte's former pet null Nibbles joins the heap it begins talking to Dot in a dumb-sounding warbly voice that calls her daughter!?!! Not a favourite of mine but a good episode and an interesting first step in a new direction for a very great series.

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