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Inspired by the shapes and spaces of Tron and the gameplay of Battlezone, the sequel to 'Tank Universal' has arrived!

Title: Tank Universal 2
Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation
Phil Jones
Dialogue Design
Release Date: 13 Oct, 2016


  • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • Processor: Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM

  • English

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    I would like to preface this review by stating that I am whole heartidly, undoubtidly, incredibly biased and that this is in no way an objective review. The game you see above you was made almost entirely by one man and his dedicated fanbase on a forum that now probobly dosen't even exist. Tank universal 1 was one of the first games I purchased on steam and remains one of my favorites, I don't think 2 has the better story, but 2 greatly expands on the game mechanics with bases and hub battles that are a blast to play. Quite frankly I love it.. If you liked the first Tank Universal game you will like this one as well. The graphics and movement appear to be the same as the previous game, however in the first game you could fire your cannon and have it stay locked in place. That is not so in this game as you have to realign the canon a bit to fire again. When your armor runs low you can recharge it with the crystal shards you can pick up when you destroy an enemy tank. There are also armor refills available in the game which can help save crystal shards. In it's current alpha state there are of course some bugs and optimizations that need to be made to the game. I would like to see permanent add-ons to the tank that would help stabilize the cannon, allow a faster recharge time for the cannon, allow armor to recharge, allow a faster boost option to the tank, and increase the base tank speed. With that said I am excited to see how this game evolves as development proceeds.. INTRODUTION* It is such a great game. I remember when I was 8 years old and I found on the internet Tank Universal demo. It was a great game. 1 year ago I found full version of Tank Universal. Bought it immidiately. I love this type of games. I didn't expect Tank Universal 2 to come out, but it did! I bought it for 2 and as I see devs are working on updates. There isn't much to say about this game because it is in early access. The devs added hub battle mode which I am testing now.. Great successor to a severely underrated indie title. I've been waiting for this game for nearly a decade, playing the original when I was no more than ten, and am not dissapointed. While not totally revolutionary, it's certainly worth the money and I look forward to future updates. Tanks.. An old man who suffers with his health gets a vr system gifted from his doctor as an experiment to boost his emotions to a positive direction.. I loved the original and this one is better just a good old fashion tank game with a neat story line.. I've been a fan of Tank Universal for a very long time (you can read my review on it here ), so I was very excited to find out that the sequal, the development of which I thought had been stopped indefinitely, had been continued all along! I love the release that's out right now, although I have to say, it doesn't yet feel like a full game. There are choppy elements in it, put together in a good way that acts as a perfect demo for what the full game is supposed to be. Elements left over from TU1 however still exist, while other elements that seem incomplete show signs of great improvement. I'm also very happy about the new custom encounters menu, I've always thought that's something that TU1 needed, definitely considering I loved the Hud Battles and Fortresses as a whole. I've always thought about what it would be like to be able to create one yourself, though, like in a sandbox.. Well this is my first review and i want to leave my review on this game played tank universal 1 and finished several times. Each time it gives me different taste and i always hoped tank universal 2 will come. This time has come still in alpha stage game mechanics still same. Enchanted graphic and new add ons gave this game more edge even ai interface enchanted also. On TU1 you can go rambo ai tanks not smart as player but this game gives a good match even scouts can harm you bad. Even you can ride different tanks not just medium tank. I really suggest you to buy this game but first buy TU1 first to see begining of story. Currently game does not give much and it has poor fps ( i have gaming pc with good graphic card ) but i hope new level coming fast and fps will improved. Also i hope they add multiplayer ( at least lan connection) on future so real warfare begins then. EDIT: It is being a while, I wrote this review so I need to add some new info. Most of the game aspects completed and levels nearly ready to go (still bugs need to squashed, artwork need to be finished etc.). Dev is still very friendly and helpfull also listens community well. FPS issue is majorly fixed still drops can be occur on certain events (ex: artillery fire spam) but it does not affect the gameplay. Several new bossed added with various skills. With these this game is even better and I am stll strongly recommending this game if you like tactical warfare with tanks and explosions. Also I must must mention that this game made by one person; one dev so buying this game is a great way to support him and his work.

    Major update for Tank Universal 2 : Hi there. TU2 update June 2017: a bit of a messy one : Hi all! Another month, another update. Progress this month has mostly been 'behind the scenes' in the sense that it has been about reducing the memory footprint of the game. Part of this was tightening up on a rather horrendous memory leak that was seeing the game crash after changing out a number of levels. There is still a 1 meg or so leak between levels and am looking to track that down. Possibly a texture ref is being lost somewhere, meaning the texture is not cleared between levels and remains in memory. Levels 1 - 22 are available, but this is where the comment that the update is 'messy' comes in. It should be possible to play through these levels consecutively but they're messy in that they haven't been playtested. In fact, apart from the first four, they're more like building sites under construction. This is particularly true of the cutscenes which often include text but are missing images etc. But they're included as part of the early access process and to allow people to sample. If you'd like to see the inside of George's house, give lvl 6 a whirl. If you'd like a preview of George's street and his backyard, fire up level 16. These are bare-bones but are a nice change from the virtual world's graphics. As always, thanks to all those who've supported the game and very keen to hear your feedback.. DEV UPDATE:8 DECEMBER 2016 : Yeah, 2016's almost over and for many it can't come soon enough. It certainly hasn't been my favorite year. I hope your experience has been different. Anyway, just a quick update. Currently working on hardpoint capture battles. These were in TU1 and involved a series of hardpoints in between two hubs that needed to be captured before the enemy fortress cold be 'hacked' and the key retrieved. As TU1 players may recall, by staying on a captured hardpoint, players and AI controlled tanks could build a beam turret. Feedback on this feature was that players then wanted to be able to control these turrets - an ability not available in the first game. Given the greater focus on being able to jump into different vehicles in TU2, it makes sense to allow the player to do that. Of course that introduces balance issues in that the beam turrets in TU1 were pretty deadly, but we'll see how it goes.. Update February 2018: level 15 playtesting : Cripes - it's February already. Now that dev is fulltime, things are moving along. A big chunk of this last month has been spent filling in content for levels, particularly 15, 16 and 17. However additional time has gone into some essential bug fixes. LEVEL 15 PLAYTESTING REQUEST ################### Note that this level is pretty much a re-run of the transport evacuation level in the original Tank Universal - which was something of a crowd favourite. However, be warned, this level is intense. Before the combat starts, recommend visiting the upgrade screen. Upgrade points have been provided and I would suggest upgrading your armour level, shield regen rate, gun reload rate and turbo time. I would also recommend upgrading your drop turrets and rockets. This is all to mimic the upgrades you might have earned by level 15 when playing each level sequentially in the full game. After exiting the upgrade screen, pick up as many armour shards as needed(look for the cracked rocks). The enemy will come from the north in waves and try to bombard the transports as they're waiting for lifter pickup on a plateau. They will also call in spotters and bombers. It's imperative to clear the spotters as they will call in powerful airstrikes from the circling bombers. One possible counter-strategy is to place dropturrets as you can afford them, in a defensive line along the northern edge of the plateau, but be wary of placing these just before air raids. They tend to get destroyed by dropped bombs easily. Another option is to jump into a heavy tank, max shields and armor and tough it out. Whatever your strategy, you'll need to pick up whatever shards you can, but may want to resist going too far north lest you find yourself swamped by the enemy and unable to get away.. Quick progress report for April 2017 : No patch this month. As a sole dev, Real Life (tm) has been taking more of my time than usual. Having said that, development goes on. Here's a screenshot of the upgrades screen as a wip. UPGRADE SCREEN [www.tankuniversal.com] The idea is that all upgrades can be seen at once along with what the player can and can't afford. This is because I'm not a fan of upgrades being spread across multiple screens in games, a scheme which some games - particularly console - seem to favour. Don't look too closely at the cost - these are just dummy values for now. Additionally extra upgrades may be added to the list or the existing upgrades changed. Any suggestions, let me know. The S/M/H check boxes refer to Scout/Medium/Heavy and relate to the type of tank the powerup applied to. Bad news is I have decided at this point that artillery tanks are not going to be playable. Also, undecided on the graphic top right corner. It adds a splash of colour but doesn't quite fit the world-building (although it is available on t-shirts) Never a big fan of building UI screens - I find the work a little tedious - but when properly integrated, players will have an extra long-term goal and a reason to take out distant fixed enemy turrets.. Tank Universal 2 out of early access : With this latest update Tank Universal 2 moved out of early access and is now officially released. As a lone indie dev, I have to pause and read that line again. It's been a long road to get to this point - many, many hours of work, listening to feedback and incorporating it into code. Plus all the other bits and pieces that go into making a game. And no doubt there'll be a patch or two to come, but TU2 is officially released. Thanks to all those who've stuck with and supported the game over the years. I hope you all enjoy playing this release version and for fans of the first game, I hope it transports you back to that world you may have visited and enjoyed, perhaps ten years ago now. Madjack Notes for this update: Previously locked in upgrades can now be sold on the upgrades menu screen. Click on the small dollar sign icon next to an upgrade's install bar to sell one install level. Selling an upgrade will return two thirds of the initial price in upgrade points. Useful for when you can't afford a sabotage run with your available upgrade points. Heavy shell noise tweaked to better match TU1's heavy shell fx. Heavy shells now sound more menacing as they travel. AI tweaked for more aggresiveness during hub battles. Friendly and enemy tanks should now be more agressive in moving to secure hardpoints, leading to more conflict in levels that include hardpoints and ground switches.. New update available : Hi all. New TU2 update for November. Expanded graphics settings (high/medium/low buttons removed) Customisable keys (includes number-pad for lefties) Settings saved and restored on game start, including mouse invert in tank/on-foot. (Settings saved to AppDataDir +"DialogueDesign" under W10. Should work for Vista users on-wards too although location may change.) General menu fixes. Menu and in-game HUD tweaked for 4:3 aspect displays. Thanks again to those who've supported the game. Your feedback and enjoyment of TU2 is paramount to me. To this end I can say it looks like TU2 dev will go full-time come February. Very exciting - stay tuned for further news.. Update November 2018: bughunt : Hi all. End of October, start of November? The year is rapidly dwindling and so it must be time for another TU2 update. At this point all content is in, so the focus is very much on balancing and bug fixing. This update won't fix all the bugs but there's been good progress on killing many of the more bothersome issues. First up is a rebalancing of upgrade costs and the amount of upgrade points awarded during play. Essential upgrades such as reload time, armor levels and shield regen have been made cheaper - other items such as rockets have been made more expensive. The nuke ability is now very expensive to both buy and use - as might be expected. Finding secret depots/tombs/villages after clearing a level can help greatly in scraping together more points. Users were seeing a crash after a number of hours playing. Seems a bunch of textures weren't being cleared from memory between levels and were actually compounding. This would inevitably lead to a crash after 5-6 hours of continual play - which is unacceptable. This update should resolve that issue with textures being properly flushed. Player medium tank shells bounce chance reduced from 5% to 3%. Less aggravating. Blastwalls should now properly fade-out when done and be removed from radar immediately. Fortress wall repair time decreased by a third. This makes it more viable to repair a fortress while defending. Harvesters now have panels along their bodies that light up as they collect glyphs. Looks cool. If game does exit without saving for whatever reason (powercut, cat on keyboard or god forbid, a crash), restarting and choosing continue will restart on the level played before exit. Various cutscene wording tweaks. Behemoth shield level reduced by a third. Mines are still the best way to take them down. Behemoths only appear once now during a fortress defend level. They don't respawn continually. Graphics tweak to the statue + worms in Gorgon's sector. Sappers now take correct amount of time to drill through walls. Lots of other tweaks and fixes. I can say now that as a developer, there's nothing better than dozens of playthroughs to make you thoroughly sick of your game. But it has to happen to pick up bugs. Hopefully the next update should see the game in a release ready state. It's been a long road but the end's in sight (although having said that, there'll be more patches needed after release I'm sure.) Speaking of the end of the road/year - merch! There's TU2 stuff in the link below of course, but if that doesn't appeal there's also New Zealand themed t-shirts which have been very popular, along with Elite Dangerous stickers. In fact a guy who works at Frontier bought a couple of the 'Thargoid Pest Control' stickers for the office! All good for Christmas. Many thanks for your support! Known issues: As mentioned, hardpoints in hub levels need another pass. They're not working correctly but are still playable. When carrying the player out of a finished level, the lifter sometimes dips below the landscape. In-game cutscenes such as when logic gate opens or boss is spawned may have cam placement issues. Hack progress bar GUI elements sometimes showing/not showing correctly.. Stickers! : Cheap stickers!

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