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A retro, 8-bit style run-and-gun inspired by Saturday morning cartoons of the 80s!



Title: Clash Force
Genre: Action, Indie
Spicy Gyro Games
Shiny Dolphin Games LLC
Release Date: 25 Oct, 2017


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I really like this game. It reminds of games from the 80's and 90s.. Retro-gaming at it's best! Get ready to be transported to addictive gaming reminiscent of all the NES classics. The music is spot-on house-game-trance (I made up that genre).hours will slip by as you flip, shoot, jump, bounce your way down Nostalgia Lane! BUY IT NOW and join me and the other cool kids.. Clash force is an old style game, it feels and plays like an old NES game. The game has simple controls and the visuals are incredibly smoothe and fluent. The game duration is somewhere between an hour to a half hour long, the level design is quite vibrant and coloured. The game includes excessive dodging and platforming, environmental factors are also included. Not to mention that the fire button can be pressed as fast as you can push it down, this is something I enjoyed about the game. Clash force only includes a single player mode and several difficulties, that being said the game has very little replay value. The duration of the game is incredibly short, you'll only play this game between once or twice before not looking at it again. Although, the first playthrough of the game is fun and enjoyable; you'll quickly learn to see that there is not enough content to work with. A DLC, expansion or sequel is something i'd be heavily excited for. For the price, this game is worth it.. Very arcade, a nice platformer with stages that get more challenging as you progress. I like when a game does not feel unfair, and the curve of difficulty for Clash Force is well made. You can get trhough the whole game in a matter of a couple of hours depending on how you improve as you practice. It already was an awesome experience just in Normal Difficulty, and for sure I would like to try a higher difficulty later.. Great Jump'n Run like 80's style , I have playthrough the game.. Because you have chosen to use a, "Red Cross," to indicate your health indicators, this game is a human rights violation. Otherwise. this is a good start. I am looking forward to the sequels, where, just as tradition guides us in our pursuit of Now-construction, there are many refinements you would like to add to your game-program platform.. Clash Force offers pretty much the kind of quick, arcade-style gameplay experience you'd expect from a "no-t" shooting platformer. Emphasis is played strictly on platforming and dodging skills, with a little bit of added strategy coming from the game's gun power-ups and bonus minigames. It doesn't last very long -- for me, the "normal" difficulty setting took less than an hour to beat -- but the game's longevity is increased by its scalable difficulty settings, which amp up the enemies' aggressiveness and reduce the availability of health/shield powerups. The gameplay works for the most part, with everything feeling challenging but fair. There's a decent amount of variety coming from the levels themselves, with bouncy platforms, moving platforms, and traps making their occasional appearance throughout, but other than that, the game doesn't throw out a lot of curve balls. Even the characters themselves are only different in appearance, so overall there isn't much variance in playstyle. The only other criticism I have is with the camera, which centers in on the player when it could have instead provided more view space for oncoming obstacles; you can also backtrack freely, which provides a lot of opportunity for the player to cheese certain enemies. Considering the left-to-right format used in all of the levels, I think the pacing would have benefited greatly from the camera functioning like Super Mario Bros. 1, where the camera provides a lot of forward screen space but doesn't scroll backwards. The sound design is passable, but nothing to write home about. The visuals actually look really good in motion, thanks to a combination of strong palette choices, parallax scrolling, and stylistic lighting effects. The plot of the game is that you don't need to know the plot, and that's good enough for me. Overall, you get what you pay for. Not a heavy-hitter, but worth picking up if you have a retro Run 'n' Gun itch that needs to be scratched.. Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and getting a Sega Genesis. Imagine putting your first cartridge into the system and an awesome, vibrant game comes up. Imagine the pace of Sonic, the difficulty and boss fights of Megaman, and the general fun of 90s platformers wrapped into one game.. Everyone that enjoys side scrollers or owned a NES should just buy this game. I played this for 4 hours straight as soon as I started it! I am huge fan of it! I do recommend you grab a controller for this as its WAY more precise and will save you a lot of possible frustration (for me: it took it all away, made me able to grab level specific achievemtets eaisiy, and dying became harder to do). Honestly, if you are a retro game fan, just buy this game.

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