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About This Game

Viktor’s story begins in Eos, a world divided by two realms: the Overworld and the Netherworld. The fragile balance between these two realms is suddenly shattered when Mephistopheles, the power-hungry leader of the Netherworld, lays siege to Overworld. After suffering betrayal within the legion, Zane, the leader of the Overworld, must turn to Viktor as his last hope.

Viktor is an action-packed, side-scrolling, twin-stick adventure with gameplay inspired by classics such as Castlevania and Megaman. Playing as Viktor, you will fight your way through a diverse spectrum of hostile environments filled with a wide variety of relentless enemies, lurking traps, and fearsome bosses who will try to keep you from your mission: finding Zane, defeating the merciless Mephistopheles, and restoring peace to Eos.


  • Story Mode with 8 Action-packed stages
  • Intense Boss Fights to test your skill and coordination
  • 3 Standard Difficulty Levels and an unlockable Hardcore Mode
  • 6 Different Weapons complete with over 30 Upgrade Options
  • New Game+: Play through the game again and keep all of your weapons and upgrades
  • Hidden equipment and artifacts to unlock additional features and abilities
  • Full Xbox 360 controller support (Emulators work too!)
  • 34 Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Original soundtrack available as DLC (included in Viktor: Enforcer Edition)

Title: Viktor
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Shorebound Studios
Shorebound Studios
Release Date: 13 Jun, 2014


  • OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or newer
  • Processor: 1.7 GHz Processor
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia or AMD graphics card with updated drivers, 256 MB
  • Storage: 350 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Mouse and keyboard or Xbox 360 controller


Do not be fooled by those neat graphics. The design of the very few levels in this game is just dull, you move right on a plain surface all the damn time. Most enemies are annoying rather than fun to fight. Most bosses have uninspiring attack patterns and enormous health stacks making the bossfights as tedious as it gets. Honestly, I tried to give the game a few second chances and yet simply couldn't have any fun with it despite enjoying some similar platformers.. Only recommending it as there is no middle option..

Pros :

+ Boss Fights
+ Mini-Boss Fights
+ Collectibles
+ Upgrades
+ Obstacles
+ Dodging

Cons :

- After 3 Deaths, you have to Replay the whole level ( The Most Annoying one )
- Can't access a previous section without restarting the whole level
- NO incentive for killing minions ( you might as well bypass all ov em )
- You too easily and very quickly, get bored ov it. Initially I've gave a positive review on this game, I felt very eager to grind through the levels and was curious to see the game has to offer. But as I progressed, I felt tiresome to continue playing it.

As I said on my previous review, the graphics are awesome, the soundtrack is very nice as well, the concept between the game is not bad at all aside from the clich\u00e9 plot. You have a nice variety of weapons and few power ups which help you through the game. Also, the controls are fluid and I haven't had any trouble playing the game with my 360 controller.

But as I was progressing on the game, I've realized that Viktor felt like I was playing the same level over and over again. There's indeed a big difference between the levels, each level is an all different kind of world, but what makes them feel like the same? The design isn't much creative, the levels are just run\/jump platforms\/avoid traps\/use your dash to pass walls\/and such, in a very boring and linear way. About 60% of this levels you just run on a straight line and jump several cliffs to advance, and the fact that the enemies are the same in the entire game made the level run boring.

The levels are not much of a challenge, as the enemies don't change much. The bosses and minibosses are the real challenge of the game, but some boss fights are just dull. You keep moving and jumping to avoid the attacks and keep shooting until the boss dies, but not in a funny way like the platformer classics as contra, metal slug, megaman, etc. On this games the bosses are challenging and fun, you walk all around the screen avoiding been hit, while on Viktor, you can move in a 2,3 inch radius on screen to avoid the boss' attacks and you're ok.

Overall, I think this is a bland game. I wanted to like it because it looks like a neat game indeed. Maybe with more polishing on the level design and the traps surrounding the enemies, more different enemies to fight and a best utilization of the bosses environment (for example on the genie boss screen, there's not much room to move and the boss takes a big part of the screen, also he don't move a single inch) the game would be funnier.

Unfortunately I woundn't recommend this game even to a platformer fan.. Why Not Recommended?

A suprisingly large number of easy to preform game breaking bugs that you'd expect in an alpha and not a full release which I will go into more detail in the gameplay section of this review.

What is Viktor?

Viktor is a 2D Twin Stick Shooter Platformer with minor Metroidvania elements in which you'll be going through levels finding new weapons, upgrades, and killing lots of enemies as you search for everyone who betrayed the legion and the one who turned them so you can kill them.

Story (has no effect on my opinion of any game)

Story isn't anything spectacular it's a run of the mill you were betrayed by your allies and now you're hunting them down to kill them, save the world, and your friend.

Graphics (has no effect on my opinion of any game)

Graphically it's a vey nice looking game. Enemy variety texture wise is lacking as most enemies appear in all the levels without a slight retexturing to make them fit more with the level but otherwise the game looks excellent and the enemy thing is nitpicking.

Gameplay (the only thing that affects my opinions of games)

This game is more or less a clone of Bleed gameplay wise but it does enough to differ itself from Bleed. When it comes to being a twin stick shooter it's excellent the dash to dodge mechanic is well executed and the shooting is enjoyable. The dodge\/dash mechanic will allow you to phase through thin walls and dodge all projectiles and attacks quite easily. The Metroidvania elements leave a lot to be desired as the aren't that well hidden and none of the items you find are required to beat levels or find other items there's also is very little reason to go back to previous levels to find stuff due to the lack of things to find so it's hard to consider this a Metroidvania. Platforming is meh there are a few areas where it does try to change it up but otherwise it isn't going to challenge you so there's no real benefits to using a controller. Now game breaking bugs are a huge issues as they're very easy to accidentally pull off and some will happen randomly and all require a level restart. First I ran into is when dashing into a wall at the wrong angle or if you're not close enough to phase through the other side you'll occasionally you'll be clip out of the map with no way back so you'll be forced to restart the level. One miniboss will (the one who bounces around) will sometimes during the fight vanish rendering the fight unwinable so you'll have to restart the level. On occasion a boss or yourself will get stuck unable to move and unable to take damage forcing you (you guessed it) to restart the level.

In conclusion Viktor is an excellent game and idea but is held back by a myriad of game breaking bugs that you'd expect in a pre alpha that should have been fixed immediately after discovery.

I recommend that you buy heavily discounted or that you get Bleed instead.. Fun mega man\/castlevania type game with some excellent sotn type music! Controls took me a little bit to get used to but now everything flows really well. Highly recommend. Viktor is based on my friend on Discord, not much more that needs to be said, very good game. 10\/10. They did spell my friends name wrong though, which I find quite amusing.. A really great mix between MetroidVania\/Twin stick shooters, short but really sweet experience.

+ Great Art style
+ Nice soundtrack
+ Solid and fun platforming
+ perfect difficulty, not cheap or easy
+ nice boss fights
+ Great and satisfying weapons & upgrades

overall highly recommended, the game is kinda short (8 stages) but all of them were fun.. The visuals are nice.

Boss fights are fun but could use some work. They are fun at the start, but some of them get boring when you get their hp bar to half, because instead of getting harder and more exciting, they actually get easier...

Also, some boss fights are the same from the beginning to the end. It's not that they aren't fun, but being a platformer twin stick and all, you kinda expect scenario changes\/harder patterns when you get them to half of their hp.

The statues and shield bonuses are nice, they add a castlevania feel with the secret places and all, but I just wish we had more hidden secrets and better hidden areas.

The soundtrack is amazing.

I wish we had more powers too. Most of the guns are okay, a few are extremely powerful and just removes any kind of challenge the game might give it to you.

We could use more enemies. Many of them are reused in every stage, with a few unique enemies per stage.

We could use a time attack mode and a scoreboard.

Zane is not well balanced. The stage is a piece of cake for him as he pretty much one hits everything. Some boss fights can be nearly impossible to him, though. But it adds a challenge, so that's actually cool. Boss fights get exciting again, all of a sudden.

With all this said, it is a decent game. It's actually a great game, being "Viktor 1". I recommend it, and I hope they make a second one with more content and better boss fights.. First off this is a twin stick shooter....Sooo Viktor has this this problem....which you are gonna fix... Wait... That's not quite right... Viktor has a very dysfunctional family in a very upbeat town. You have to help Viktor talk about past wrongs and...you see the issue here? There is kind of story almost like there is some noticeable bgm. But nothing of note.

However what is kind of interesting is the bosses are each unique and Viktor himself has a teleport\/dash mechanic to navigate\/evade which once you get the hang of makes the game actually kind of streamlined. Easy\/normal mode shouldnt run much more than 30-60 minutes and the unlockable weapons are purely optionable since your dual pistols do enough damage.

References to Blood of the Werewolf and obviously Megaman since its a 2d sidescroller but I would note that there is not any obvious pathing. No boss is harder\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665just... more annoying since there is no weaknesses? In my opinion I would put Shadow Caverns(Shadow) and the Twilight Fortress(Shapeshifter) as Easiest. Arid Wasteland(Djinn)and Frozen Summit(Frozen) as Medium and Molten Chasm(Demon) Sewers(Corrupted) Harder. Small hint for those having issues with Mephistopheles. You can dodge his laser by dashing under him.. www.youtube.com\/watch?v=hEKFzun3W3w\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=hEKFzun3W3w<\/a>
Above is my impressions of the game.

Viktor is an action focused 2D twin stick shooter that features challenging, but not (overly) difficult game play. The game is about dodging and shooting your way to the end boss then shooting him\/her as well. You solve most of your problems by shooting at them actually.

It's pretty enjoyable, and the visuals are certainly pleasant. I would rave about the overall aesthetics if it wasn't for some of the earlier levels looking very dull and generic, but other than that, the character sprites are well illustrated and animated, and some of the later levels make up for the duller beginnings.

- (Mostly) Gorgeous game with top quality animation
- Challenging with out being frustrating
- Fun dodge mechanic
- Shooting all the things

- Dull looking beginning levels
- Can be arguably light on content

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