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The Grand Finale of the greatest adventure! Decide the fate of a civilization in this triumphant final chapter to the Myst saga. Embark on an epic journey into the heart 5d3b920ae0

Title: Myst V: End of Ages
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Cyan Worlds
Cyan Worlds
Release Date: 19 Jul, 2005


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loved this game because it ties the myst series to a end.. I have been a huge Myst fan ever since the first one came out. While I enjoy a good shoot-'em-up (see my review for Doom), I more enjoy the opportunity to leave RL behind and enter an entire new world. The puzzles for this were engaging and I only needed to look up the solution for one or two of the most difficult - which means it is a good game for pretty much everybody.. Be prepared to be there for days :). Honestly, this game was a real let down. I played Myst and Riven when I was a kid, so they were kind of my childhood games. I also played Exile and Revelations. I expected this one to be the same, but the graphics just got worse (which is just.really sad to me), and I beat the game in a few hours. It should not have been that easy. I just feel that this game just did not meet my expectations at all.. This is a great game, but the story is cheesy to the point of being cringeworthy. This may be a big disappointment to Myst fans seeing as the previous games (Especially Riven) are very grounded and masters at storytelling through gameplay. But don't let that hold you back from enjoying what is otherwise a properly clever game. The story revolves around a mad scientist and a hippie who battles for control over an all powerfull object (yeah, it's that dumb). The scientist is pretty cool as a character, although he is a bit over the top at times and nowhere near the trilling genius of Ghen (the scientist psychopath from Riven). The hippie however is cringeworthy and spews bad methaphors in an attempt at wisdom. Unless you enjoy that sort of thing it will take away some of your enjoyment. But credit where credit is due: The solution to the final puzzle that wraps up the story is actually pretty clever and ties nicely into the gameplay. The pace is good and you spend most of your time in this game actualy playing it and making progress (not watching cutscenes like most adventure games). Other than a dissapointing story the rest of the game is pure joy. The visuals and atmosphere are AMAZING (even today). The game runs perfect on modern systems and has almost no bugs. Music is also good but not at the level of some of the other games in the series. The game is easy to play and works great both as a point&click and as a free moving FPS (choice is yours). The puzzles are the main star and they are as good as ever. Many of them are really clever and will make you feel like a god when you solve them. They tie nicely into the game-world and helps build up that mysterious lonely atmosphere that Myst is known for. All of them are both interesting and fair, there is not a single "bad seed" that relies on stupid game-logic or pixel-hunting. As always with Myst games the puzzles expects you to examine and undertsand the environment in which they are located and what the purpose of the machinery you are manipulating actually is. You must look past just the interactive objects and study the world as a whole to make sense of it all. Simple logic or "trying everything" will not get you anywhere. Just look past the horrible story/writing and have fun, gameplay is stellar here.. This game is wonderful but until they do something about the verbal abuse and the toxic community around it I can't give it a recommend. its more toxic than anything I have seen in awhile.. Myst 5 is a strange game. It feels absolutely nothing like the previous myst games, and seems more like a sequel to the spinoff game Uru. But that isn't exactly surprising, considering it is made from unused Uru content. The story is extremely simple for a myst game and the ages (worlds) you explore lack almost any kind of interactivity. Still, I found it very enjoyable. Myst 5 has a certain atmosphere that I've never really seen anywhere else. The music, the graphics, the voice acting. Everything just goes together perfectly and makes the game an unforgttable experience. I understand why people may think it's a dissapointing end to the series, I mean, if this wasn't in real time 3d, it would be painfully obvious how much it's been dumbed down compared to the previous games. Still, this is a subjective matter and personally I found it both very gripping and immersive. Would recommend it to anyone who likes puzzle-adenture games. You don't even need to have played the previous myst games. Sure, if you have played them, you'll understand certain refrences and appreciate the game even more, but it's not necessary. I played this before Riven, Myst 3 or Myst 4 and I understood pretty much everything.. Wow. Definitely the worst Myst game in my opinion. Right from the start you notice the LACK of detail that was so rich in all of the other games. A couple of the ages you visit are nicely done, but man, that last one is just so awful. Cheap. It looks cheap. While the voice acting is generally good, the animated characters are poorly constructed and badly animated. I suppose you should play URU before playing this game, but I couldn't even get into URU. so maybe that's the worst Myst game. Anyway, the puzzles are just OK. The story is. I don't know. why? Why should we care? Not recommended.. sound corrupts over time. difficult to overwrite at steam software.. Later in game it gets WAY to hard. Need a walk through almost the whole way. Finally quit - no fun any more.

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