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About This Game

Eden Rising is a brand new action-packed Open World game! E 5d3b920ae0

Title: Eden Rising
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy
Nvizzio Creations, Meridian4
The Wall Productions Inc.
Release Date: 17 May, 2019


  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel 2.3 Ghz Core i5 or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM


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Really improved from the beta. Have you really play test this game in solo? This is terrible, you spent 1hour grinding, trying to win the tower defense zone(crucible); and if you failed, go back to grind again. And the difficilty of the tower defense area would not be a problem if you can try again; but you can't because of the farming part of the game. I have farm to update the tower and equipment as much as possible; but, past the first few level; the game become very difficult.(I read problem is more important in solo mode) Difficult level can be good idea, but, it's become totaly boring when you have to grind just to try again. And I'm not very far in the game.. Great game with active devs that respond to feedback. Looking through a lot of the reviews I want to address a few of the argued negative points: "Free to demo": This game has a fair amount of free content and plenty of unlocks. If you enjoy the game and wish to have some additional things to do you can choose to support the developer and buy the expansion DLC. I see a common thread of people whining about this who have under an hour of play time. You can't complete all the free content in that time. So that makes me wonder a bit. -Seems weird to complain about free stuff. Especially these days when all free games have some sort of paywall, usually more invasive than this. Crystal DLC: A nice touch, I did buy them, I've made them and I don't prefer them to the weapons already in the game free. With that said, I'd recommend them only if you want to support the developers a little more. Controls: The controls remind me of a slightly less responsive Tera (action combat). There's a bit of a learning curve, but not much. It's a typical WASD, Space to jump, control to dodge, left click to attack, right click to power attack. There's nothing super out of the norm here. If I had to take a guess, people are complaining that you can die easily. That's a part of the learning curve and something I enjoy about the game. "Something about no server space": Cant say much to this, I jumped in with friends right off. PROS: -Pretty Robust Crafting, Plenty of Specialization options. -Bestiary Similar to the Witcher, You can overpower enemies if you want, but knowing their weakness. that is power. -Group Play, This game can be really fun with friends. Tackling the harder difficulty fights is pretty satisfying. CONS: -There's a loading hitch between zones, more noticeable to non-hosts and those using a disk drive instead of SSD. -Mob's don't re-spawn quicker in a multiplayer game, so you can really hit a pinch point with some crafting items when everyone needs them. OTHER: -If you want to way-point something on the map, you can only mark within your current zone. Not anywhere you want, that feels weird. -I'd like to see a little more description (on the item overviews) on what things like "Corrosion, Radiation, Fire" mean in combat. (Dot?, Confusion?) etc.. The game came a long way from the first time I tried it out in Early Access and now with the update to the release version and the balancing of the weapons it feels even better. They did manage to blend in open world exploration with tactical action based combat, no button spamming as that will get you punished. And still made it feel like a solid action based tower defense game when you defend the Cruicibles from waves of enemies. And to get the best score there you will need to work togehter with your turrets you have to craft from the materials gathered in the wild. Also the game does support up to 8 players in a game, and the sieges have a few options for scaling the difficutly even if you play solo you can up it like if you were with 8 players or if you are not to found of harder difficulty you can scale it to solo difficulty when you are with 8 people. The choice is yours. And the first part of the game is free to try. So if you do not believe in reviews, just download it and try it yourself.. I don't usually post "reviews" as I feel a lot of points get rehashed and ultimately how I feel about the game doesn't tell you much about it. So while I will say that (as someone who's long been burned out on tower defense) I've been enjoying this style/take on tower defense; but I'd rather provide some clarification/details on the game itself. Regarding the versions: Free characters are limited to an initial starting area but can join servers hosted by players with the full version and experience all of the content on those servers/the later areas. The free version functions largely as a demo or as a way for friends to play together without your entire friend group having to pick up the game. The game has multiplayer/co-op and it has survival game elements but at it's core it is a tower defense game. This is not a survival game in the vein of Rust or Conan Exiles or anything along those lines. Your primary objective is to complete the tower defense sieges in each open world "zone" by exploring for upgrades, crafting materials, and completing smaller tower defense missions hidden throughout the zone for new technology/blueprints. If you want to play solo you can do so by restricting access to your world/server to Invite Only. Harvesting gets better: Unlock/upgrade your vacuum hand! The combat, as of this review, is not especially smooth. It's not terrible and I don't know how it feels on a keyboard and mouse (as I've only played with a controller thus far which has gone pretty well) but it's no Devil May Cry. Fights have felt decently challenging and while I haven't felt like I've had to fight with the controls, it's just not as tight as it could be. Not it's strong point, but it's serviceable. Towers do not seem to be meant to hold back an enemy siege by themselves. They definitely function as things that are supportive in your defense but a mixture of good tower usage and character upgrades/combat is necessary to succeed. If you're trying the game, I recommend at least getting to the first non-tutorial area. The tutorial is very "by the numbers" almost to a fault; with the minimum number of upgrades and materials to introduce you to the mechanics. The actual scope of the game is more apparent in that first area (outposts are introduced, base upgrades are made available, the first proper upgrade tree with 35 upgrade rather than just 5 is revealed, etc). There is some lore to the game and a tangential story but the game largely does not have a major plot arc from what I've seen thus far. It's primarily about the gameplay with some logs and such scattered around to add flavor. As I have time to play more, if there's anything I can think of to add that might be of particular interest to someone coming to the game for the first time, I'll update this.. This game is fun with plenty of gameplay. God forbid the devs launch a "light" version of the game you can play for 100% free. How dare them give away 12h of gameplay for free! Jump in play with a friend or solo and see if you like the game. If you like the game, then buy it or get on write a negative review about how they locked their game behind a "paywall".. 40+ hours in and: This game is good. Pros: - Huge world. - No brainless combat (you have to learn the moves of each monster if you want to survive). - Amazing implementation of tower defense (you can even use towers to help you in the open world and it makes a huge difference, especially against bosses). - You feel like you're getting more powerful as you craft new items. - Developers have been working hard on making the game better (One year since I bought the game and they are always updating it and every update it gets better). - Controller support. Cons: - Minor bugs But the bugs don't bother me and it's worth every penny I spent buying.

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