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About This Game

CSC is an open-world, sandbox-style space MMO that features a Play-to-Own Economy. Players can mine, harvest, craft, and explore in a quest to help humankind colonize the cosmos. Experience a free-market game economy for the first time with the ability to buy, sell, and trade without limits. Any items found, crafted, or earned in CSC can be moved freely both inside and outside of the game universe. As a Commander in the CSC Universe, you'll have true freedom, and savvy players will discover endless opportunities.

Universe of Opportunities

Your journey begins as an adventurous miner hunting rare resources in the depths of Fringe Space. Become a master crafter of high-tech modules, equipment, starships, or even a fully player-owned station. Perhaps you'll focus your attention on supporting the growth of the Galactic Federation by transporting consumer goods, resources, colonists, and workers to new outposts, earning valuable credit. Or you could armor and equip your starship to hunt for pirates and other treasures in dangerous and unsettled space. Keen on building a business empire? Then dominate the markets by buying, selling, and trading valuable goods from around the cosmos. The choice is yours... What destiny will you choose?

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CSC has been in development for over a year with a playable client and community since late 2018. During this time, over 16,000 Commanders have signed up, mined over 30 million tons of resources, completed over 26,000 mining missions, acquired a space station, formed clans, and claimed hundreds of ships as their own. In addition, we have had several events that have brought our community and developers together in glorious space combat. And all this is only the beginning... imagine what the future holds.


CSC starts players off as newly-recruited Commanders of the Galactic Federation. As Commander of your very own starship, you'll undertake missions, discover resources, and regularly acquire new skills in your quest to dominate the galactic frontier. Players can travel to different star systems to explore the vast expanse of deep space, mirroring our real-world corner of the Milky Way. Star systems are vast and rich in resources, blueprints, and new technologies just waiting to be salvaged by you. But be warned, the further you travel from Sol, the greater the danger.


As a Commander, you can own a fleet of starships, but you can only command one at a time. Starships are specialized, and some are better suited to specific tasks than others. Build a fleet that suits your needs, whether that's mining, combat, trade, or exploration. Each starship in CSC can be endlessly customized with equipment modules, which add or upgrade weapons, shields, and nearly any ship stat. They can also add unique functionality to starships such as cloaking, scanning, or even instantaneous singularity jump drives. These modules can be acquired through crafting, missions, player trades, or event drops.

Fringe & Core Space

Space in CSC will be divided into two regions: Core Space and Fringe Space. Core Space allows players to explore with relative safety and will have limited PvP (Players vs Player) interaction. While Core Space offers players a safe zone for research and exploration, certain resources may be more difficult to find. Fringe space is akin to the wild west, where laws are merely suggestions and players are at the mercy of local player-controlled governments. Fringe space makes up most of the explorable universe, but it's much more dangerous than Core Space. Those brave enough to venture deep into Fringe Space will find abundant and rare resources, higher bounties, and more lucrative quests.

Crafting, Refining & Discovery

Almost everything in the CSC universe can be crafted.

The crafting system is uncapped, allowing players to continually improve on the quality of their crafted items. Specialization is encouraged by the CSC crafting system, rewarding players for focusing on specific skills or items, creating truly unique and valuable in-game assets.

Refining allows players to convert raw ore or harvested resources into usable crafting materials. Refining rigs are available in GFI-controlled stations but can also be created, customized, and offered as a service by other Commanders.

Players possessing the necessary skills and resources can begin the process of crafting items. They'll spend real-world time researching how to craft modules or ships, and as they craft more items and improve their skills, their odds of discovering new variations will increase. These variations can prove to be valuable commodities in the Player Owned Economy, since these items are ONLY provided by players and never the Galactic Federation.

Travel & Transportation

In CSC, all starships come equipped with a base FTL (faster-than-light) drive, capable of traveling vast interstellar distances in a matter of hours (1 LPH = 1 light year per real-world hour). The average speed of the initial batch of starships will be 1 LPH. As a general rule of thumb, smaller ships will be faster than larger, heavier ships. This base speed can be improved significantly with module upgrades and various crafted items. To help facilitate early exploration, the Galactic Federation provides an instantaneous travel option via Jump Gate. Jump Gates will facilitate system-to-system travel and will require Trilite Concentrate Fuel (TCF) to operate. TCF can be crafted from the rarest resource in the CSC universe, Trilite, or can be purchased from GFI Stations.

Players will also have the ability to create their own transportation networks. Hangar modules will be available for large and capital starships. Players who focus on transportation as a career path can train skills to boost their LPH speed far beyond what the GF can offer. Ultimately, a player who acquires or creates a large class ship with a singularity jump module will become an economic powerhouse capable of moving starships, cargo, and players around the universe instantaneously.

Mining & Resource Collecting

Resources are spread throughout the universe and are primarily distributed throughout asteroid belts. Players can locate resources using a scanning mechanic, and once they're discovered, properly equipped ships can mine until the resource is depleted. Pools of resources will regenerate over time, and the rarest and most valuable resources can be found in Fringe space.

In CSC, resource scanners come in a variety of styles, each with their own advantages, disadvantages, and levels of quality. Differences in quality will affect a scanner's accuracy, range, and number of resources recognized in a single scan.

Contracts and Economic Development

CSC is designed to facilitate all facets of economic gaming. From the traditional gamer looking for a deeper, more immersive experience to the game entrepreneur looking to grow and develop game economies—all players can succeed with enough skill and wit. The contracts system in CSC will allow for complex actions and trustless cooperation between Commanders.

For example, a CSC industrialist might see the opportunity to sell a Prometheus class vessel in Wolf 359. This savvy player may not have the skill or time to collect the necessary resources or craft the item, but they may have the funds to get it done. This player could choose to set up a series of contracts, beginning with a resource contract that triggers a crafting contract on fulfillment and ending with a sale contract when the ship is created. Once the player sets these contracts up, the blockchain and our Scarcity Engine Technology will enforce the collection of resources, distribution of currency to players, and creation of a marketplace listing for the completed item.

That savvy player will have discovered an opportunity in the universal economy, created jobs for other players to complete, and profited from the sale of the created goods. This open economic system creates a symbiotic relationship between players and play styles. 7aa9394dea

Title: CSC | Space MMO
Genre: Massively Multiplayer
Lucid Sight, Inc.
Lucid Sight, Inc.
Release Date: 2019


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