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Blast your way across the cartoon skies in this fast-paced game of aerial combat. Nimbly Games has crafted an instantly accessible, rewardingly deep, and ravishingly fun multiplayer action game. The sirens have sounded, bogies are coming in hot…
Jump into the fast and agile Loopy and drop your enemies from the sky with a tactical EMP blast - but hit your afterburners before your Biplane support tears them to pieces with 20mm cannons blazing! Barrel roll through the enemy minefield and arm your nuke as you enter the drop zone. There it is - the enemy base - but two Mirandas just warped in with lasers hot and an Explodet is lumbering into position over their hangar decks — will you carry your team to victory?
Multiplayer Done Right: Altitude combines Call-of-Duty style perks with the gameplay variety of Team Fortress 2 in a fresh multiplayer experience. Carefully refined controls, netcode, and balance make for hundreds of hours of deep, rewarding gameplay.
Seven Engaging Game Modes:
  • Plane Ball's constant action makes it a favorite among new and casual players while team-based tactical maneuvers like passing and blocking provide a fun challenge for veterans.
  • Team Base Destruction offers an intense, competitive experience where coordinated pushes and strategic loadout decisions turn the tide. Try a friendly pickup game or join a clan and play in the "Altitude ProLeague" - a competitive tournament scene run by hardcore gamers from the Starcraft and Counter-Strike communities.
  • For the ultimate test of dogfighting skills try 1-life Deathmatch or compete in Demolition for a more tactical, objective-based experience.
  • Or enjoy classic game modes like Free For All and Team Deathmatch.

Title: Altitude
Genre: Action, Free to Play, Indie
Nimbly Games
Nimbly Games
Release Date: 4 Dec, 2009


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-Quick Review-
Altitude is 2D-Indie-"flight simulator" developed in 2009 by Nimbly Games, the game implements different playable craft, different game modes, and fairly basic controls. (up, down, throttle down, throttle up, pew A, Pew B)

-Detailed breakdown review-
Story: There isn't really a story, this game is basically a 2D-indie-MOBA.

Game Play: As I said earlier, the controls are very simple, but it does take into account gravity, firing arc, and several other aspects that makes the strategies far more complex. For example, if you're flying higher than your opponent/target, you can dip lower and fly faster because of descending altitude (puns, ha!).
Unfortunately because Altitude is a MOBA, the game relies heavily upon other players. (This is the key downside to the game for achievement hunters; or people who want to unlock new aircraft) There are usually a few servers that are up with people playing, but for the most part the community has been shrunk down to a nearly-non-existent-size.

Achievements: There are three achievement categories: 1) Get tons of kills with this plane without death, 2) Get tons of kills overall 3) Do this training mission. Many of the planes you need for achievements aren't unlocked until you rank higher, adding to the difficulty of getting the achievements, with the prerequisite of "ranking up first". With less words: It'll take a lot of time, and unless you're playing with friends the achievements are a skip.

Price: Altitude is Free to Play, so there's not much excuse to not trying it... Unless you're a normal steam gamer, and have hundreds or millions of games in your steam library... in that case... yes, that's a good excuse. But if you're cursed by financial limitations like the person writing this review, then free games are nice! :P

Conclusion: Since the game is free... you are probably only looking through the reviews to see funny comments. There's a good chance you won't even see this one; since there are those crazy guys who have 500-1,000+hours in the game who reviewed it when the community was still strong.
Still, I enjoyed playing it, and it deserves to be recognized as a fun indie game. This game will appeal to most people who enjoy other Indie games, but the people who enjoy MOBA's and flight mechanics will get the biggest kick out of the game.. Easily the best Indie MP game I've encountered. Lots of fun. The team-based multiplayer modes never seem to get old. A lot of teamwork is required as no two games ever play out the same way.

The controls are flawless. I found keyboard best, but you can also use a mouse (even one handed) or gamepad. Very little time is spent in between rounds or in loading screens unlike most mp games.

The game is great for those occasions where you don't have much time so just want to drop in / drop out. There are always plenty of servers ready to join.. High-flying, sky-diving, barrel-rolling fun for the whole family. Plane and simple.. You play ♥♥♥♥ing soccer with planes.. This is the most underrated multiplayer game available, bar none. Seriously, I invite you to leave a comment telling me of an even less-known game that's as good as Altitude. It's a crazy, fast-paced arcade shooter where little cartoon planes mercilessly eliminate one another with the help of biological weaponry. Do you want to play football in the mines of Moria, with all the players as magic teleporting spaceships? Of course you do. Download this (tiny) download. Play it. It's free. What is there to lose?. PEW PEW PEW. If you like to get insulted by Vets who play this game and a community more Toxic than League i totally recommend this game.. Made me think about the world trade center 11/10. Nice game to play when you're high. Fun lil game....

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