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Wildlife Park 2 - Crazy Zoo Torrent Download [PC]

Wildlife Park 2 - Crazy Zoo Torrent Download [PC]

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About This Game

The Zoo is expanding!
More than 30 new types of animals and plants have moved in at the zoo. Favorite species such as the Wolf, the Arctic Fox, the Giant Kangaroo and the Meerkat are the new Stars in your zoo! Improve the park with the blossoms of sunflowers and rare orchids and plant exotic trees such as bamboo and eucalyptus.

Entertainment for all
You can use numerous new attractions for the perfect park experience. There is something special for everyone: from the children's adventure playground to the helicopter round-trip to diving in the shark cage. Visitors can travel through the park in boats, Jeeps or on the back ofhorses, camels and elephants. Or how about a dive to the newly constructed coral reef?

On the tracks of the Animal World
Of course the animals are the real protagonists! The new additions to the zoo show off their stunts and even challenge the guests of the zoo to a little duel: the courageous visitor can face the kangaroo in a boxing match. Enthusiastic water-babies are given the opportunity of swimming with dolphins and turtles - go get wet! Inquisitive visitors can track the zoo inhabitants in the wild, observe them and capture them on film. But be careful: in case of an emergency the player has to personally intervene as Zoo Director, search for an escaped animal, sedate it with a tranquilizer gun and take it back to its safe environment.

Advanced park economy
To keep the cash coming in and to ensure that expensive novelties can be paid for, supply your visitors with culinary and cultural delights at booths and stalls: tired guests enjoy a steak at the BBQ Stall or refreshments at the Pool Bar. Street musicians, a clown and a juggler provide fun entertainment. A room at the Zoo Hotel turns a visit to the Animal World into the ultimate all-round enjoyment.

Turn a visit to the zoo into an unforgettable holiday experience for your guests!

• 20 new animal species inhabit the zoo, for example Arctic Fox, Spotted Hyena, Giant Kangaroo and Meerkat
• 10 interesting and varied new mission, 10 new cards for free play
• New exciting attractions provide fun and entertainment for visitors to the zoo,
• e.g. glass bottom cruises, elephant riding, helicopter tours and swimming with dolphins
• 16 additional plant species, e.g. sunflowers and orchids
• New decorative equipment, enclosure elements and guest facilities such as diving equipment for hire, street musicians and Pool bar

A couple of new visitor attractions, such like:

• Boat station with glass bottom cruises
• Riding on horses, elephants and camels
• Children’s' excursion train and helicopter station with helicopter tours
• Photo Safaris (animal documentation) and tranquilizer gun mode
• Diving equipment hire and underwater observation in shark cage
• Swimming with dolphins and other water creatures

• Including Wildlife Park 2`s comprehensive sandboxmode with a bunch of: decorations, plants, service-items, pen-items, terraforming, ways, grounds, fences, etc. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Wildlife Park 2 - Crazy Zoo
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
b-alive gmbh
b-alive gmbh
Release Date: 30 Mar, 2007


THIS GAME IS THE\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665. At first I did not want to buy any of the wildlife park 2 DLC in case I would not like the game so I did not buy the bundle. Also I had previously read that each DLC is like a seperate game. Each with different animals and content. So was discouraged from buying DLC. But now that they have enabled all DLC to be merged and played in freeplay mode it is definitely worth getting. And after playing the original wildlife park 2 for over 25 hours I had to get crazy zoo as I must have wolves, artic foxes and Australian animals as wolves are one of my most fave animals along with foxes hence my user name.

And for those saying they aren't sure how to play, make sure you get the original wildlife park 2 as the first 4 missions for that game are a tutorial which explains how to do most things except build the horrible marine environments.. i like this dlc not bad ive got all them and i really like this game better then zoo tycoon 2. Absolutly Amazing Zoo Simulation/tycoon definatly better than ZT2. such a fun game. *Note: This is a copy of the review I posted on Wildlife 2*

Okay I'm gonna say it... this game is better than Zoo Tycoon 2

*Immediately changes name and goes into hiding to avoid assassination from the ZT2 mafia*

Before I explain why let me say that I spent countless hours growing up playing ZT complete collection and ZT2 complete collection, and for this comparison I'm referring to Wildlife Park 2 + all expansion packs and DLCs

Things I like better about WP2:

1. Animal designs are so much more realistic than in ZT2, and many are unbelievable adorable because of it (the otters!!!)
2. Animal's needs and behaviors are more realistic (i.e. needing it to be hotter or colder, interacting with the natural parts of their environment for food, water, shelter, and entertainment)
3. More animal and plant species to choose from (including oddities that can only be achieved through breeding and certain species that have color options when you purchase them)
4. Zoo IS NOT set up on a grid system which allows more design options.
5. Environmental challenges such as weather changes and temperature challenges
6. You don't have to make a zoo, ZT2 made you have a zoo entrance and guests would show up and complain no matter what you did. WP2 gives you the option to make a zoo, nature preserve, farm, ranch, animal shelter, or just a natural environment for the animals to exist in.

Things I like better about ZT2:

1. Terraforming controls are much more user friendly in ZT, however those in WP2 are more realistic in terms of how one would actually landscape and form lakes and deep water tanks
2. The sorting system, WP2 has no sorting system for anything and that can be overwhelming before you know where everything is and tedious once you do.
3. Staff didn't need their own individual buildings, nor did they have a limited range

Really in the end it all comes down to what you are looking for in a zoo game. In my case, I wanted realistic animals more than anything and a wide variety of them on top of that. However, if you want a more user friendly, child safe (I've seen multiple posts in the discussion boards from parents who aren't pleased with the realistic mating in WP2) zoo game, then perhaps ZT2 is better for you.. I Bought Zoo Tycoon Instead!

We`ve included a bunch of new languages - so give it a try!. STEAM Tradingcards available!:
Today we`ve spent you Tradingcards for the Crazy Zoo - go for it!
. Wildlife Park Mobile on appstore/itunes released!:
check it out:
https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/b-alive-gmbh/id990563873. Wildlife Camp out now!:
Get "Wildlife Camp" on STEAM:
http://store.steampowered.com/app/338630/?snr=1_5_1100__1100. Wildlife Park Mobile on google play released!:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.balive.wildlifepark. Zoo Constructor in Early Access:
If you like Zoo Tycoons this ones for you:
Zoo Constructor - Construct and manage an animal park. Economic simulation with complex animal, climate and plant simulation. The constructor has tools for soil, water, roads, fences and plants, personnel, visitor facilities and decorations available. Have fun!

https://store.steampowered.com/app/868260/Zoo_Constructor/. Update version 2.2 released:
Bugfix for:
- Showblocker in different missions
(i.a. random ok-dialog-crash/russia mission, missing plants for mission-objectives)
- Missing textures
- Stability in general

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