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About This Game

Trackless is an atmospheric first-person exploration and puzzle game set in the distant future. Inspired by classic games like Zork, Shadowgate, and King’s Quest, Trackless uses text input that allows you to interact with characters and objects.

In the game, you play as a seeker, someone who has decided to take a journey into the mountains to attempt a series of trials that, if completed, will lead you to a monolith called The Object. No one knows what The Object is or where it came from, but clues exist surrounding this intractable mystery.

Exploring a diverse set of locations and solving puzzles will earn you currency, which you can use to buy upgrades for your phone. Your in-game phone will help you find clues and give you special abilities.


  • Trackless combines a 2D graphic atmosphere in a 3D world.
  • During your journey towards The Object, you will encounter dozens of puzzles that require specific action verbs.
  • Enter the best action verb for a higher score and use the credits to buy items or phone upgrades.
  • You will encounter fellow seekers along the way. Eavesdrop on their conversations and learn about the world and their beliefs.
  • Venture into secret paths and discover other beings.
  • Soundtrack by Makeup and Vanity Set

Title: Trackless
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
12 East Games
12 East Games
Release Date: 12 Sep, 2017


Awesome game! Trackless is original in every way possible. The writng and visual style are engaing throughout the entire game and the soundtrack fits in flawlessly. Highly recommended.. It's a very atmospheric game. It's well paced. There's some challenge but it's not discouraging. It runs well and it plays well, movement and interactions are adequate.. Beautiful game. The music is amazing, the graphics are clever and stylish. Moves smoothly. Thesaurus and word guessing puzzles are simple yet satisfying. Definitely worth checking out.. An interesting adventure with a unique verb selection gameplay mechanic. Quite straightforward - I didn't have to look at a guide to get two of the endings.
The atmosphere was unusual and I'd like to explore more of this world if there were a sequel.. If you're looking for a chill game without all the mindless violence, yet one that still requires you to think, look no further.

The thing I like about Trackless is that it lets you progress by solving puzzles using verbs. It requires you to stop and think, yet its not difficult to come up with answers. Also, if you just want to explore and not worry about high score then you can actually reuse old verbs when applicable. Otherwise there are multiple answers that are expected to interact with the environment. Overall it was a treat to see an old premise get revived in this way. In the end the game was very enjoyable to play through.

When it comes to sound, it also was excellent and the ost essentially added to the atmosphere. I`ll definately check out the artist. The voice overs were meh, but they did not detract from the gameplay. It was a good choice to leave them in so you can use multiple senses while exploring.

The only cons that come to mind are slow movment speed for the first 3\/4 quarters of the game and the fact that I enjoyed it so much that I wish it was longer with greater interactions.

I`ll look forward to what the dev has to offer in the future.

. a lo-fi futurist walking sim. a cyberpunk game that questions what (or if) we value spiritually. a phone theme collector. strictly speaking, in trackless you'll be interacting with your environment, typing verbs, or, in some instances, answering quizzes, in order to progress. but this mechanic is tightly wrapped in a slick mobile phone GUI and presented in a world that is simultaneously alien and eerily familiar. this game isn't perfect. like the text-based games it draws inspiration from, there are some frustrating moments in trackless where progress is limited by vocabulary. luckily, in this always-online generation, these frustrations are mitigated by keeping a browser alt-tabbed. all in all, i found trackless to be another interesting experiment in the larger first person exploration genre, with a place, visual style, and identity all it's own.
. 12East did a great job. Let's start with that.

Compelling story, excellent music. Multiple ending possible which is always cool. Reminds me of text based games from back in the day [Zork, Dungeon]. Branching narrative, sometimes frustrating but always solvable. Well worth the price and time invested :)...

My suggestion? GET IT. A first-person adventure game with a text parser? Sign me up!

Cleverness abounds from this low-budget indie game. Your vocabulary skills equal points, so e.g. if you "take" an object you get less points than if you, say, "acquire" or "retrieve" it. But all that is just flavor and don't influence the game itself, which is a smart move.

The wonkiness of the graphics (2D flat sprites in a 3D world) would seem like a downfall of any other game, but here it adds to the otherworldly mysteriousness of it all. Combine that with an excellent musical score by Makeup And Vanity Set and you've got a dream-like atmosphere like no other.

Only downside (for me) is that when I streamed this game, I kept getting copyright strikes from Makeup And Vanity Set's publishers. Licensing music to a game and then cracking down on YouTubers who try to play said game is NOT cool.

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