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Original Title: Takkar

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Romance,Thriller



































A convict studies law in prison and becomes a lawyer to seek revenge against the corrupt police officer who framed him on the very day of his marriage.
Ravi Malhotra and Mohini are in love and are to get married. After the engagement ceremony, the marriage is scheduled to take place in 4 days time during which Ravi and Mohini must stay apart. On the day of the wedding, Mohini and her family are informed that Ravi has been hospitalized, critically injured when he was shot by Police Inspector D'Costa in an encounter. They are also informed that Ravi has been charged with possession of drugs. After Ravi recovers, he is tried in Court and sentenced to 4 years in prison. Mohini believes that Ravi is innocent, and decides to wait until he completely his sentence and then marry him. Appalled at the way he was treated by the police and law, Ravi studies law in prison, and finds out that there are several other inmates who would like to get their hands on Inspector D'Costa. In the meantime, D'Costa is attracted to Mohini and gets friendly with her. Due to his good conduct, Ravi is discharged after 2 1/2 years and is now a qualified lawyer. Shortly thereafter Mohini and Ravi get married. This does not discourage D'Costa as he still lusts after Mohini. Mohini complains about him to DCP Mishra. Shortly thereafter DCP Mishra is shot dead in an encounter with terrorists, who were holding some children as hostage. With several years of meritorious service, five medals, it is very likely that the next DCP will be D'Costa, and if that happens Ravi and Mohini can rest assured that he will turn their lives into virtual hell - and there will be no one they can turn to for help.
After watching Takkar for over 2 hours, all I can say is that the songs of the film are NOTEWORTHY but the film as a whole is NOT WORTHY of being considered even above average!!!!! It is the only reason why I gave it 2 stars.

The star cast is not good enough to make this film click at the box office. Looking back at his illustrious career,Naseeruddin Shah will probably regret having said "yes" to doing this film.

The storyline is very satiating and contains nothing too special.Even if it had been a simple love story ,it'd have been better.

As a cameraman,the only thing Sunil Shetty photographs most of the time in the film is his fiancé;besides,his transformation from a photographer to a lawyer to a macho man is pretty difficult to digest.

Moreover,the screenplay is very weak,the editing is not smooth and continuous.

DISAPPOINTING THOROUGHFARE The Indian Film Industry had some action oriented crime films in the 1990s. However, most of these were atrocities with disastrous outcomes at the box office. Mahendra Bohra's Takkar may pale in comparison to Rajiv Rai's breathtaking Mohra(1994), but it is definitely not a hideous product. Takkar may contain some rough patches but it is not a migraine inducing flick.

Takkar is a crime drama with shades of Unlawful Entry in the latter portions of the film. It presents a beautiful love story between the lead pair who are harassed by a dirty cop. The cop strongly lusts after the lead heroine. In order to retrieve the heroine, the cop wrongly imprisons the hero. While our hero is in jail, the cop tries to befriend the heroine. The rest of Takkar focuses on how the hero evades prison to defeat this dishonorable inspector.

The late Bharat Rangachary ably crafts an action film with a neat plot. The director ensures that a decent plot is emphasized instead of simply focusing on action scenes (A problem with some Sunil Shetty films from the 1990s). Bhushan Banmali's screenplay is decent with minimal illogical sequences. The main issues are some surreal scenes like the vehicle action sequence in which Sunil has to reach the police court by surviving many oncoming hired gunmen. This is one of the many overdone action scenes emphasized during the 1990s. The hand to hand action scenes are more realistic. Overall, the action scenes are good for the most part. R. Rajendran's editing could be tighter but he leaves a mark. This is because the film flows with minimal nonsensical distractions. Basically, there are rarely any needless comedy hampering the film's flow. However, a few scenes like those involving Sunil's cellmate are dispensable. The film's background score is worth a mention. The background score contains good use of piano to build up tension when required. However, one minor issue is the overuse of such background music when nothing thrilling is occurring. Such an issue is minor because it occasionally happens in the film.

Despite noteworthy merits, Takkar has some illogical goofs which cannot be ignored. For example, Sunil claims to have captured the entire scenario of Naseer murdering Shafi Inamdar in the factory which is unbelievable. The factory was surrounded by police so it would've been inaccessible. Even if Sunil manages to enter the factory, why doesn't he save Shafi Inamdar from Naseer? Another implausible scene is when Sunil is shot several times by Naseeruddin early in the film. I find it hard to believe that someone could survive so many gunshots. Initially, when the factory sequence is shown, it ends abruptly which affects the smooth flow of the film. This editing goof is a little irritating. If these mistakes were avoided, the film would've been more successful and I would've rated it higher. One thing that is a little hard to accept is the ease at which Sunil becomes a brilliant law student in prison. We are not shown any scenes how him working very hard for his law studies in prison.

It would have been more convincing if Sunil was shown as an aspiring lawyer from the beginning of the film instead of a photographer. The makers could have shown him completing his law studies in prison. Basically, this would be more plausible because it is very difficult to believe that someone can achieve distinction in law within 2 years in a prison. Takkar would have been a more successful product if such issues were dealt with.

Anu Malik's music is decent with two outstanding tracks. Aankhon Mein Base Ho Tum was a big hit which shows the beautiful romance between the lead pair. Palkein Ho Khuli Ya Bandh Sanam is the typical memorable Kumar Sanu song with great lyrics. The other songs like Love is Mad are forgettable.

Sunil Shetty is convincing as the calm Ravi Malhotra who can lose his cool if harassed. He had improved in scenes which required him to shout and express his frustration. In the early 1990s, Sunil's biggest weakness was such outburst scenes in which he would overact badly. It was good to see him improve this defect through some of his 1994 and 1995 releases. Sonali Bendre looks beautiful and does her part properly. She does justice to her role which does not require her to simple be the eye candy in an action oriented film. Naseeruddin Shah is effective as the corrupt cop who lusts after Sonali Bendre. He successfully makes the audience despise his character, Inspector D'Souza. It is great watching Naseer get battered by Sunil in the film's culminating action sequence. Tiku Talsania has a small role and he manages to evoke laughter. For once, Kunika is not a vamp and she does her positive role successfully. The rest provide decent support.

In short, Takkar is a noteworthy crime film with shades of romance and action. It may not be as good as Sunil's Mohra (1994) or Krishna (1996) but it definitely packs a punch. Despite some jarring goofs, it is worth a watch. I would definitely recommend this film to all fans of Sunil Shetty action flicks.

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