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About This Game

The holidays are in danger.

Millions of vacationers are unable to find a suitable holiday destination. Are you the right businessman to build the unique holiday paradise everyone is looking for? To become rich and expand your paradise? But watch out, there will be competitors and some unpredictable weather that could destroy all your hopes and dreams.

Summer Islands - This versatile economic simulation gives you the opportunity to build an indescribable holiday paradise. Build cabins, villas or expensive hotels right at the beach or up in the hills. After the first buildungs are completed, tourists will start to visit the island via boat or plane in hope of a great vacation. That is when the challenge begins: to please the tourists needs you can build bars, discos, golf courses, supermarkets and many other buildings that are popular with tourists and enhance your income as the islands owner. But don't underestimate your environment. There are many disasters to occur and enemies who are equally striving to make money. So make sure to always keep an eye on your holiday paradise. [/ i]

"Due to adjustable seeds there are endless randomly generated atolls, archipelagos and islands.

»Real-time strategic gameplay in the server-client architecture.

»Single player with various challenging campaigns.

»Multiplayer so you can play with friends.

»Computer enemies in single and multiplayer mode.

»Various buildings and recreational facilities as well as special attractions, auctions, sabotage and some unpredictable disasters.

»Map editor to create and play your own world.


Title: Summer Islands
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Release Date: 21.06.2019


  • Storage: 400 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: coming soon


Update March [v0.0.20]:
Hello together,

in the last weeks we have made good progress again and we are slowly entering the test phases where you can once again admire the whole project. Some problems with the multiplayer communication have to be corrected in the next weeks. There are small things that must not lead to crashes in the lobby or ingame. We are confident to be able to please you with some ingame videos in the next weeks.

The biggest changes this week are new SoundFX components which we have integrated. Like e.g. at construction works, at the disco or at shops for mobility. The difficulty is to calibrate them in such a way that they are actively noticed but immediately fall back into the subconscious. An atmosphere should be created with it and not a whistle concert. The positioning of the sounds in relation to the position of the viewer also presents us with a few problems in harmonizing this with the architecture of the game. But we work very hard not to have a mono sound at the end.

For the course of the game we also made some changes. The biggest change is in the parks. Before, roads were essential to connect two buildings. So to say that the tourists can get from the airport to all other buildings. We have extended this principle with parks. The parks act as an extension of the connection. One can build a beautiful park at the street and behind it the other building like e.g. a hotel. Because of the park the hotel is still connected to the street and therefore accessible for the holidaymakers. However, one cannot extend a street connection by a park. Parks only extend the connection to other buildings.

In the player colours there is also something new to announce. Previously we always randomly assigned the colors from a previously created texture file to the players. Since this of course does not correspond to the gaming standards, the necessary textures are now created at the beginning of the game on the basis of the colour preferences. This uses a bit more memory but it simplifies the whole color selection and texture creation process.

And last but not least we don't want to deprive you of the new textures that have been created:

A whole series of new airports have been created. From small with low capacity to the largest airports for the big cities.

A new attraction was also added. The open-air cinema. More often to be found in sunnier regions, this building offers an exciting atmosphere for every film.

At the end I would like to make a recommendation for an interview (german) that we finally gave. Who would like to have some background information I recommend to read this here:

Update log:. Interim balance 2018:
Hello together,

today there are some news that you may not be so happy to receive or that you may have thought you already had. WeHello together, today there are some news that you may not be so happy to receive or that you may have thought you already had. Unfortunately we will not get into our planned time window with the early access in 2018 anymore. We are very sorry about that and we know how much some of you were looking forward to it.

As you have seen, we have been trying hard over the last few weeks to get into an early access stage.
Now we've decided to stop all of it...just kidding! Our planning is as follows:
Early Access release in Q2 2019 at the latest.. Update from mid-June 2018 [v0.0.8]:
Hello Together

With some delay because of the bad internet coverage here in Down Under comes the next update.
The last two weeks we have devoted ourselves completely to the financial charts. These had previously only been implemented as temporary displays. Createjs offers complete freedom because there are no pre-built objects either. Therefore we have improved the axes labels and the legend of our previous tables.

Since you don't always see in detail in the table in which point you have how much money, there is the additional function to move the mouse over a name and thus display the exact numbers in the table.

There are two different tables. On the one hand, there is a monthly table that displays 12 months by month. On the other hand, there is an annual table which always shows 10 years at yearly intervals.

We have also created new textures. There we are currently working on a parking system that you can create individual parks from individual blocks.

We hope you like it.

Update Log:. 1.Update march 2018, v0.0.2:
Hello together,

in the first weeks in march we worked on some new functions like demolition or sabotage. These functions are really important. Because...you know...if have to much money you can blow you enemy away. In Summer Islands sabotage is pretty expansive.

For the Beginning we added a bomb, sharks and bacterial for the hotels. With these you can  influence the popularity of the buildings. If it worked your enemy will earn much less money. Sabotage is really something you should only do if you have a lot money and need the space or the revenge. Since we have added these function we can add in the future more creative sabotage functions. You need more possibilities with your revenge.

Next to the sabotage functions/menu we added or renewed the demolition function with some effects. Just for now to have some effects. We will probably rebuild them too in the future. 

Also to have a better overview about the cost of the demolition, sabotage or if you do terraforming you get a small sign next to the mouse with the costs on it. It is a pretty small feature but it will bring more transparency and a better traceability for you. 

In the last post we wrote about new features/designs for the nature. We will do that now :)

Update Log:. Update May [v0.0.22]:
Hello everyone,

This month we have also prepared an update for you to bring you up to date. We have to write that we haven't progressed as far as we had planned during the last weeks. As we've already written a few times, we're programming Summer Islands in addition to our regular job and therefore don't always find the time. Nevertheless there is no need to worry that Summer Islands will not appear. We may work slowly but steadily ;) . Our todo list for Early Access is coming to an end but there are still bugs that want to be fixed. Also a few textures will be reworked to get a better overall picture and of course the finetuning will not be forgotten.
Our schedule for Early Access in Q2 will NOT be affected by this.
We are happy to announce the Early Access date for END June. We are aiming for the 21.06. We are extremely excited to see you play Summer Islands and to see your perfect, successful beach paradise.
But until then there are still a few things to do/add, bugs to fix and long-term tests to do.

From the past weeks we also learned that every second week a small update makes you happier than every 4 weeks a bigger update. We will try to release smaller updates in the future to bring you up to date. On Twitter you can often find small preview videos of Summer Islands, just drop by @SummerIslandsQA.
In the last weeks there was the question how much Summer Islands will cost. Now that we're getting into early access we want to introduce you to our price model.
So in Early Access Summer Islands will cost 19,99€. The reason for this is that we have already invested a lot of time and will continue to do so. Against it would speak that Summer Islands is "only" an Indiegame. I don't want to justify myself any further but appeal to your objective opinion.
As mentioned before, we will publish free updates/extensions in Early Access in the following months, e.g. other catastrophies, better Bots, more advisors, public needs etc.. In its current state Summer Islands is definitely not complete, just Basic and Early Access gives you the opportunity to add suggestions/improvements/wishes to the game. This can only make Summer Islands better for everyone. The free updates/extensions in Early Access are scheduled to take place every 4-8 weeks. Accordingly how extensive the update will be or how many bugs have to be fixed.

So far the realese date and the price model. Let's get to the features that have been integrated like in the last weeks.

Through our created engine that we use with NodeJS we have noticed that the Downloadspeed with Steam unfortunately takes longer than expected (20min~300mb). In detail NodeJS always needs a node_modules folder with all libraries. This folder with a lot of small files is very impractical when saving to a hard disk. Therefore we had to think about a solution with another exe to start looking if the NodeJS lib already exists or has to be unpacked. This saves a lot of time of about 300mb we need on the hard disk for Summer Islands.

As already shown 14 days ago on Twitter we have integrated another consultant. This facilitates the overview over the whole building types which are in a road network. If you have set the building analyst, you will see an extra window at each port and airport. Depending on the type of building, this window shows the occupancy rate and the total occupancy rate. Thus one can recognize immediately with which building type it becomes scarce or whether one should build still more buildings of this type. We like the presentation very much and it has already proven to be very helpful. What do you think?

In addition to the already existing diagrams, we have added the equity and tourist course. The equity history shows you how valuable your buildings are overall. So how much money you have invested in buildings that still exist. A good indicator to compare yourself with other players. The tourist history shows you the total number of tourists in all your houses and hotels. Also a good indicator to see how well you are doing and how well you have placed your buildings.

In the next updates we will present some new textures, improve the computer opponents and fix many bugs to make Summer Islands Early Access ready :)
After 3 years of development we are very happy to be able to bring you Summer Islands!

Update log:. 2.Update march 2018 [v0.0.3]:
Hello together,

after a small time of silence we have finally some news for you.

First of all. The silence came on one side from the bigger feature we have added the last weeks and on the other side from the Australia trip two of us do. But don't worry. Like we already sad, the university is over so there is nothing we can't do :)

Back to Summer Islands and the new features. We already announced to work on some new plants and environment stuff. In the last weeks we implemented it. We still have some trouble to re-calibrate the amount of plants and stuff on the Islands. But it gives you already a better atmosphere in the gameplay.

So which new plants are coming:

In the first row you see the bushes. They can grow and they are the first plants which starts to grow on an empty field.

The second row shows the different stones in the field. In a field with a stone a tourist can not lay down.

The third row gives you a look on the growth of a palm. From small in the beginning and sensitive for the tourists to the big ones in the next row.

In the fourth/fifth row yo see the big palms. For a better perspective we added a different shadow to the big plants.

The sixth we have something special for you. We created some mangrove. The trees will grow on the edge of the islands to the water. You already see the growing of these plants.

In the second last row you see the the growth of the normal trees. From small to the big ones in the last row. The trees will only grow in the higher levels and sometimes they have something special in it.....

So how will they look like in the gameplay. Here you can see a first impression and like we sad, it still needs some more recalibration:

In the next days we have some more news for you.

Update Log:. Update february 2018, v0.0.1:
Hello together,

These past few weeks in the end of february have been so hard. Not with Summer Islands but rather with the work next to Summer Islands. Espcecially with the end of the Masterthesis. But now it's over and we can focus on new features for Summer Islands!!!

In the last weeks we focused a lot on improving the AI. Summer Islands isn't only focusing on your economy and the weather conditions. The AI must challenge you and you should consider carefully to build something next to the AI or when you attack the reputation of them. We wanna build a realistic AI.
So in the first steps the AI will analyse a small part of the map and will create a little base, like you would do. For these few functions there is already a lot going on on the AI. To be a realistic AI, first they must build a few buildings, rethink the area and so on.

On the client side we implemented a zoom function. With you mousewheel you can zoom in and zoom out to the point where you coursor is. Now you have the possibility to watch all the small movements, for example from the cyclist.

Here a preview:

In the next weeks we try to implement some new features for the nature. It will probably change the complete look of the nature.

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