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You are detective Hank Anderson , and you’ve just been transferred to another city to help solve a series of unusual crimes. Upon arrival, you are greeted with a gory scene and a revelation of several instances of a deadly disease that turns people into savage zombie-like husks. Upon closer inspection, it appears there’s more to all this, and peculiar events do not stop. It is up to you now to solve this mystery and find out who or what has caused this.

During your investigation, you will have to make choices, find allies, and improve your abilities, for all this will affect how the story shapes up. You will meet fascinating female characters throughout. What kind of relationship you forge with each one of them is up to you, but be aware that your relationships with the ladies will impact the investigation one way or another.


  • A detective story with choice and consequence, set in a modern-day urban fantasy world.
  • 6 female characters to romance, all unique in some way, ranging from a sexy vampire to a cute elf!
  • Build romantic or platonic relationships with the ladies in a variety of ways: dialogue options, sidequests, and even take them out on dates.
  • Choose to specialise in athletics, charisma, erudition, or mix and match those abilities to open up new ways of tackling the missions.
  • Your stance with each lady could affect the flow of events, their interactions with you and each other, as well as their final fate.

Title: Snares of Ruin
Genre: Indie, RPG
Astronomic Games
New Reality Games
Snares of Ruin
Release Date: 17 Jan, 2018


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Snares of Ruin is a game about the detective Hank, who must figure out why a deadly virus has been released into the city. His partner Gwen helps him him in this investigation. This plays out as a very straightforward story where choices vary in terms of choosing attributes and romantic interests. The storyline is interesting, and the game isn't difficult to figure out. Its a nice solid story to play that doesn't require an intense amount of skill. .. A neat little adventure game with some light RPG and dating Sim elements in the RPG Maker engine.

You play a freshly-arrived detective in a fantasy town, tasked to investigate murders related to the outbreak of a deadly epidemic. The story is well written, the pace feels right and well balanced between investigation phases, emergencies and hanging out with the ladies. The (optional) romances are well integrated in the game and don't feel cheesy at all.

Expect nearly 5 hours of playing time, more if you explore alternate paths and hunt for achievments.

Snares of Ruin shows that you don't need AAA graphics or a high budget to make a game that is enjoyable and fun to play. It's well worth the money.. So far so good:

This game is the definition of: "If you can't do something original, then do something well."

The writing, visuals, gamefeel, and story won't win any originality awards, but all are executed with professional competence. It's a lean, mean game and I highly recommend it on that basis.. Not bad at all. Love the detective/rpg/dating sim element to it!. I like zombies so much so playing a detective and trying to discover all that was a great pleasure. you can even choose diferent girls to mate with, but I prefered only human, Yeah, I am a real retrograd, lol. Sound is perfect, but not the kisses...(((Oh, is it so hard to make a sound of a kiss?)) At least a wisper would be better, the one in the game was so funny))) The developer is thinking to make a new chapter of this story and it would be really great. Thanks, and good luck)). positive review support. This is a cautious recommendation. The different stories and characters felt a bit shallow, it might have been better to focus on less and flesh that out more. Still an entertaining game, especially when baught during a sale. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started to play this game but I must say I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this game. It shows as a good example of how good writing, story and good depth in gameplay will always trump graphics. It also feels as long as it should be, and not padded with mundane side stuff. My only constructive piece of critiscism would be a lack of male characters, after a while you know that there is a dating sim clearly here, but I think that may have been the developers goal. But until that realisation, it was standing up perfectly fine as an interesting story, and still did after, though a small bit of the immersion was lost.

If a sequel(direct or indirect) was made to this game, I would definitely pick it up on release.. As Hank Anderson, the detective sent to solve a series of bizarre murders in a city, I quickly found myself in the middle of mystery, action and power struggles. The plot features zombies, vampires, werevolves, rusalkas, conspiracies and secret laboratories in a world where none of that feels out of place.

Hank's work consists of crime scene investigations, interrogations and a couple of shootouts along the way. All of that is done through exploration and dialogues and revolves around two mechanics - caffeine and stats. Hank needs caffeine regularly to keep his mind sharp and notice the smallest details of his surroundings. They get highlighted automatically this way, which makes this part of the game a cakewalk, but drinks and food cost money, which means you won't have a chance to spend it elsewhere. After you've found all clues you have to deduce correctly what happened at the crime scene and then you're one step closer to getting to the truth. Stats like Athletics, Charisma and Erudition are improved for the completion of quests as well as certain actions, like exercising or reading books. They are all pretty meaningful as they allow you to approach situations differently. Persuade an officer to share a computer password or just hack it? These unique scenes vary from something fun but ultimately insignificant to major stuff which could be of great benefit.

Of course, none of that would be so appealing if it wasn't in conjunction with another part of the game - a dating simulator. It is integrated into the game pretty well and is so intervowen with the main plot you could hardly tell whether it's there to compliment it, or the plot itself serves as a background for Hank's romatic adventures. All of the six romance options influence the story and your options throughout it. And it's not only dates either - every woman plays her part in the plot and you find yourself accompanied by them on the missions regularly. In fact, it is the source of some of the game's most memorable moments. Like when you're in a middle of an argument between two women and each one expects your support. The catch is you're bedding both and would like to keep it that way, so you have to balance hard to keep any of them from hating you. The girls can be a major asset and supplement the fields you're lacking in, like one of them is a powerful werewolf, great for violent encounters. This task can be quite tricky at times though, like when you're with your girlfriend and another girlfriend of yours approaches and invites you on a date tonight in no uncertain terms.

The characters are mostly well written and interaction with them is an emotional experience. Kind-hearted and loyal partner in crime of elven origin, a girl with a dark secret, desperately needing someone special to rely upon, a ruthless politician, looking to estable an authoritarian rule - these are some of the personalities you'll deal with. They treat each other differently and have their own reactions to events. Each treats her relationship with Hank differently. One treats cheating as a big no-no, and another is able to forgive it and get over it - though ultimately you'll have to make a choice. But it is these small details and love put into the characters by the author that make the game exciting.

As for Hank himself, he allows for much roleplay as he's basically a person you want him to be. Is he motivated by justice, greed, lust or personal gain? Is he able to overlook the crimes he uncovers if the price is good enough? Will his conscious suffer from cheating and lying or not at all? Is he a pacifist and prefers non-lethal, or maybe stealth approach, or just willing to kill anyone in his way? Decide for yourself.

The game's weaker points, which I have to mention for the sake of being objective, derive from the aged platform it is built upon. While character sprites and CGs are great, the graphics in general aren't. While those are not that important for a game like this, it also influences level design - a fair part of the game takes place in some sort of warehouses and laboratories which are repetetive and feel like twins, filled with similar boxes.

All in all, the playthrough took me 6 hours and it's definately not the last one. Although the game is fairly short, replayability is considerable - you have four ways to develop your stats, several ways of completing every of the quest as well as six ladies, all with their own personality, interactions and optional quests. Those 6 hours passed like a moment, and I'd argue this is more of an experience than a game to me. Therefore, definately recommend.. This hurts a little, but I can't really recommend this game based on my own tastes. The writing is well done, and the character portraits are nice looking, but that's really all Snares of Ruin has going for it. The entire game is reading, then walking, then more reading, which isn't inherently bad, but with nothing to break up this pattern, it gets old fast.

I would gladly recommend this game if it was a visual novel or text adventure, where the traveling was less tedious, or if it had puzzles or combat. If you don't care about those things, then go ahead and give it a shot though.

Snares of Ruin Zero store page is live!:
Hi everyone.

So, the prequel to Snares of Ruin, called Snares of Ruin Zero, now has its Steam store page live. The game is planned for release on 6th of December this year if all goes well, but you can already see the trailer, screenshots, description, and to add it to your wishlist.


Snares of Ruin Zero is a shorter game than Snares of Ruin and serves as a prequel that shows more of the backstory and how all the events in Snares of Ruin began.

Snares of Ruin 2 (which will be a sequel) is still in development. Some of its graphical assets have already been completed by my artist, so I can begin to make some good progress on its development pretty soon.

Thanks for the support!. Snares of Ruin sequel and prequel.:
Hello everyone!

I hope you've been enjoying Snares of Ruin, Pegasus-5, and my other games. I thought I'd make this announcement to shed light on what's coming up in the near future for Astronomic Games.

So, as some of you might know already, Snares of Ruin 2 is in development. I got some very useful feedback from players of Snares of Ruin 1 and Pegasus-5, and I'm keeping many of these suggestions in mind for Snares of Ruin 2. I hope to make it even better than the first, but at the same time, all the things people loved in the first game will be in it too. So - relationships with the ladies, choices & consequences, mysteries to uncover and crimes to solve, a free roam kind of feel around the town hub, the attributes, and of course I'll be saving up some budget on the CGs of special scenes with the ladies.

Because of the scope, I am taking it slow with Snares of Ruin 2 and gradually funding the different custom assets that will be used in it. So, since there are still some assets that need to be made for SoR 2, there's not much main development I can do on it at the moment, so in a meantime I've decided to work on a shorter project in the Snares of Ruin universe - a prequel to be precise, called Snares of Ruin Zero. This prequel will take place during the two weeks that lead up to the beginning of the events in Snares of Ruin 1 and the story narrative point of view will be alternating between 3 of the ladies from the first game - Miroslava, Medina, and Alzyra.

Snares of Ruin Zero will be a shorter project (perhaps about a couple of hours long) and I am aiming to release it before the end of the year. It's already been in development for a good month or so. It will reuse most of the graphic assets from Snares of Ruin 1, as I am mainly trying to spend the budget on Snares of Ruin 2 assets.

Thanks for reading to the end and for the constant support! It's highly appreciated!

. Snares of Ruin Zero is now out!:
Hi everyone!

Just a quick announcement that Snares of Ruin Zero, a prequel to this game, has now come out. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Snares of Ruin Zero store page:

As always, feel free to ask any questions on the discussion forums. Stay tuned for updates relating to Snares of Ruin 2 in the near future.

Thanks for the support!. Update on Snares of Ruin 2 progress:
Hello detectives!

So, just a little update regarding the progress of Snares of Ruin 2. It's still going fine, although a little slower than I was hoping for due to other life commitments. So, for now, I'm aiming to have it released sometime in summer, most likely sometime after the usual summer sale period.

I might post another gameplay video or possibly a couple of screenshots sometime in the near future, so keep an eye out for that. I hope it will live up to everyone's expectations.

Thank you all for the support!. Solution to Launch Problems!:
Hiya guys.

So while preparing Snares of Ruin Zero for release, I've managed to find out what's going on with launch problems that some people have been experiencing.

As I mentioned in some discussion threads before, there is a third party program called Node js (Nwjs) that is required as a launcher for this game (and other more recent games of mine: Pegasus-5, Snares of Ruin, Renegade Grounds, and will also be for Snares of Ruin Zero). This program together with one of the plugins is required for integration of Steam achievements. Unfortunately from what I've been testing today, the newer versions of Node js give a lot of problems and often don't trigger achievements (possibly due to conflicts with other plugins). So, as of right now, staying with version 22.3 of Node js is the best bet to make sure achievements still trigger.

However, if the computer has used a newer version of Node js for running of other games, then it could cause launch problems of games that used older version of Node js. There is a handy fix that can allow you to stop this from happening.

You have to go to the following folder:

C:\Users\(your username here)\AppData\Local\KADOKAWA\RPGMV\UserData\Default

And then scroll all the way down and locate two files:
"Web Data" and "Web Data-journal", and DELETE them.

This will stop the override and will allow your computer to run games that use any version of Node js that's older than the whichever is the newest version you used.

If you happen to run a game later that uses a newer version of Node js, then you might have to do this fix again as the "Web Data" and "Web Data-journal" files will reappear and constantly auto-update based on what version of Node js you've been using.

Just a note - AppData folder is normally hidden on your computer, so you'll first have to 'show hidden folders' from your computer's Control Panel.

I hope this helps, and please feel free to ask any questions if you're still stuck.
The alternative solution that was mentioned before is to launch the game via Firefox browser (by going into game folders and launching it through the file called 'index').. A small bugfix (v 1.02):
Heya all.

Thank you loads for checking out the game and leaving feedback. Many of you even replayed it numerous times to check out all the alternate paths, and that is really great to hear, so thank you for the support. Some of you have found a few bugs that I've missed, so the following have now been fixed as of this update:

  • Leaving Alzyra's room when ending the conversation prematurely during the special scene. The player sprite used to end up being transparent afterwards. Should no longer be the case.
  • Gwen special scene build up, stopping it prematurely should not cause the bug with the wrong sprite for the player anymore.
  • Gwen's dialogue image when you choose to deny to have breakfast at the start of day 4 used to linger on the screen afterwards. Should be fixed now.
  • Removed some of the unused files from the game folder, so it's a slightly smaller size now.

As always, let us know in the discussion topics if you have any questions or things to say about the game.. A Small Update (v 1.01):
Hi guys.

First of all, thank you all so much for the support, for trying out the game, and for leaving comments and feedback. It's really appreciated.

I've made a small update to the game, fixing a few minor bugs and adding a handful of things to the game. All the changes are in the bullet list below.

  • Extended the dialogue with Medina on the morning of day 10.
  • Added more to the ending scenes, now with a little more clarification of repercussions of the chosen ending.
  • Fixed interactable panel in the final mission that was bugged when going with the decaffeinated method.
  • Fixed caffeinated dialogue line appearing even when decaffeinated on the very first investigation.
  • Fixed Sancras Park ladder not being interactable when decaf.
  • Fixed a couple of small passability errors.

Also, I know a few of you have had troubles launching the game. If you do, please let us know in the discussion topic. It's possible to launch the game in a browser if the launcher is not working via the 'index' file among game's folders (Firefox works perfectly, Chrome can block it unless some settings are changed). But we're looking to get to the bottom of the problem regardless.

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