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About This Software

Rytmik is a powerful music station allowing you not only to play with samples and musical instruments but also to mix them together, shape them and create music clips or whole songs. for your Friday night set-list.

Thanks to new features, Rytmik Ultimate takes music creation to a whole new level. Rytmik allows you to share your songs with other users through the Rytmik Cloud and can also serve as a music player for songs uploaded on Rytmik Cloud with it. On top of that, users can exchange their songs and cooperate on their composing.

Once your work is complete, you can save it in WAV format to local storage.

And that’s not all!

Every instrument is now a wavetable synthesizer. With the advanced effect module, you have more power to shape sounds with the ADSR envelope, vibrato, portamento, noise shaper, or digital delay. In addition to that, the drawable waveform synth module allows users to draw and modify their own wave and use it as a sample oscillator – with that you can use Rytmik Ultimate as a sonically unique chiptune synthesizer.

Rytmik Ultimate comes with a sound library of more than 750 instruments containing the libraries of the previous Rytmik series (Rytmik, Retrobits, Hiphop King and World Music) and adding a brand new set of samples ranging from deep dubstep kicks and basses to cutting synth leads and special effects.

Rytmik Ultimate with Rytmik Cloud will of course include more features and additions to the popular series to enrich your experience with playing with sounds and creating music on the go.

Key Features
  • Share your songs via Rytmik Cloud
  • Save and export your music in the WAV format
  • More than 750 musical instruments
  • A drawable waveform synth module
  • Advanced effects like the ADSR Envelope, Digital Delay, Noise Shaper, Sample Offset and Loop Definition and more
  • Almost every effect parameter can be modulated via the step sequencer
  • Simple and intuitive yet powerful interface
  • Rytmik Ultimate is a powerful music station.

Title: Rytmik Ultimate
Genre: Audio Production, Utilities
CINEMAX, s.r.o.
CINEMAX, s.r.o.
Release Date: 10 Dec, 2015


  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor: Single Core 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D graphics card supporting DirectX with 64 MB of memory
  • Storage: 350 MB available space
  • Sound Card: A compatible sound card


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Successfully made a simple song within an hour for absolute beginner like me. Worth every penny. It's a bit of a paradox this one; it's both good and bad. Let me explain.

The Good

  • The supplied songs comprised of loop phrases, that's good and all, like other DAWs.
  • The user interface is it's own non-standard, non-windows based interface unlike what we see in countless windows based software yet still easy to figure out.
  • The song elements / clip themselves are editable so you have some flexibility to alter the supplied phrases / clips in addition to the usual basic DAW function of re-arranging song elements (clips/phrases)
  • The clips themselves are color coded for easy group identification (e.g bass, drum, etc.) and named simply in single alphanumeric characters for brevity and to de-clutter the UI instead of using complex decriptive words.
  • Re-arranging clips, saving and exporting are easy to to do.

The Bad
  • The UI while easy to comprehend is hard to use because its overall resolution is fixed and always smaller than the song length. Hence you have to contantly and manually scroll with the mouse wheel to keep track of the needle cursor position as it plays the composition which makes it extremely tedious an unintuitive to use. At a time when we already have resizable windows since ages ago, this is the biggest drawback of the UI.
    My bad, there's a button that allows the song to scroll and the needle to stay in the middle of the window so it's not a big problem just a minor one in that the overall UI resolution cannot be resized.
  • While the song playback can be scrolled within the limited window width and the needle kept in the middle, the scrolling is not in pixel increments, rather it's snapped to a clip unit. That is to say the song scrolling is not smooth or easy on the eyes, it jumps one clip at a time. Nothing seriously bad, just jarring.
  • Limited to four tracks. Actually not really a bad. It's to be expected at such low price point.

5/10 Wish i can give a maybe. If you don't mind the very restrictive and fixed window size then the rest of the software makes for a very versatile and inexpensive DAW for beginners and hobbyists.

I am revising the score in light of the drawback is not a major one. 7/10 Great inexpensive starter DAW.. this product is not at all what it claims to be! i want a refund ASAP.
. TL/DR 3/5. Good value, easy to use, works well but there is a deal breaker to get out of the way: you can't import or record your own samples, worth a 5/5 if that doesn't matter to you.

Even the most talentless among us can now enjoy mixing and shaping the provided clips into new music, but You have to use the samples (clips) provided. I wasn't sure about this, so I intended to download it and try it for 2 hours then refund if I couldn't get the hang of it. It was so easy to use that I decided it's a keeper and still worth a thumbs up review for what it can do, not a thumbs down for one thing that it can't.

I haven't touched a music programme since the Amiga days well over 20 years ago. I have zero musical talent whatsoever. So I wasn't after a professional music tool. I just wanted someting to play about with, but this is better than that.

I wanted someting to make and export WAV files and loops, maybe make some basic sound effects - and this does the job very nicely in a drag and drop way that is pretty intuitive.
The clips unfortunately are just numbered, you need to preview them to know what they sound like, but once you get past this it's pretty easy to get into. You can edit/alter the clips, add effects etc.
"Creating" your musical masterpiece is as simple as dragging and dropping clips onto a timeline, review/play all or part of your timeline at any time, add layers of music/sounds etc.
The big thing lacking is any feature to record or import your own sound files. The programme itself exports as a WAV file to the music folder you select or to the Rytmik cloud.

Cloud export can be public, or you can set it to private to keep your stuff hidden (as storage).
If you want to use this in a professional capacity do check the EULA yourself and don't share your creations on the cloud unless you are happy for other users to use and modify them.

Of course this cloud sharing and using other peoples creations is great if that is what you want, it does it very well, ideal for collaborating or just finding ideas/inspiration. Connecting to the cloud is done right in the mixing editor itself. If you don't like the cloud feature you don't have to share.

As music programmes go this is good value for what it does, and the developers seem pretty engaged and working on new features. The community is good, and the forums are active.
If you aren't sure, Steam's two hours refund limit is just about enough time to decide if it's for you.. This software works well and can be used to create some cool things. However if you are looking for a full studio style software, this isn't for you. If you want a cheap software to make 8 - bit style music for a videogame or video you're working on, this might be perfect for you. And it's not only 8 - bit. There are many sounds to choose from including Dubstep, Hiphop, slightly realistic (slightly), and the synth from the lite version. One search on youtube will show you just what can be done with this small thing, but you may need time to get a hang of everything. Again, if you want a full studio software then just save up the 200 dollars and buy FL Studio Preducer Edition.

(Some bad hings include: Wierd Exporting, No Importing)

Overall, it's a very small music studio that packs a decent sized punch.. Easy to use for beginners, friendly interface, many users are more creative than you.. This software is incredible. Some people say it's not pro software. That's just because they aren't skilled enough to do anything with it. This software is great and I've made complicated music with it! 10/10. I totally recommend this software. I have been a fan since buying Rytmik on my DSi and porting over all of the versions to my 3ds. I helped my friend make soundtracks for his game projects while he was learning. Now you guys have come out with a substantial improvement to the software which is very well done. Back in the day I had to wire my 3DS to my old♥♥♥♥♥Windows XP decomissioned school computer from the early 2000's and hope to Jesus that my recordings of them would turn out good. Now I can just save them on the computer and do what I need to do.

Please continue to support the Rytmik platform and keep bringing in customizations, and new sounds. You have a fan out of me.. Nothing to say but like it.

New DLC for Game Developers and Video Creators:
Imagine you have a rich set of sounds, jingles and music pieces within reach which you can use in your games, music videos, trailers, advertisements or your streams. Royalty free. Available inside a robust music software. Chiptune Pack for Rytmik Ultimate is precisely like this.


This DLC for Rytmik Ultimate is offering hundreds of jingles, sounds and music pieces instantly usable in your games and videos. You can access all this content through three tracks included in this DLC.

  • The first track offers short music pieces with various kinds of moods. Positive, negative, happy, fast, slow, atmospheric - we got all your needs covered. (100 Music Pieces)
  • The second track is all about jingles. Do you need win, loose or death sound? We are ready for this. (60 Jingles)
  • The third track offers ready-made sound effect perfect for any arcade game or retro styled animation. (120 Ready-made Fx Sounds)

Everything we are offering you is based on instrumental chiptune bank which is an integral part of Rytmik Ultimate. You can use jingle, music piece or sound effect as you like without or with further modification. We don’t care as long as your players and viewers are happy. But to be honest, we hope you play with our presets and create and share your creations with the community. It’s straightforward and fun to create something unique and original.

Copyright & Licensing Terms. Rytmik Studio Early Access version has been released.:
Rytmik Studio Early Access version has been released.


Rytmik Loyalty Bundle is available for Rytmik Ultimate users.

. Update 1.3:
  • Left and right song selectors are constrained now.
  • Some GUI quirks were repaired.
  • Lock is active only for songs on public cloud.
  • Doubleclick on clip in track deleted this clip from track when MOVE was switched on.
  • Some other minor bugs were repaired.

  • During preview the progress bar is shown and song preview position may be adjusted.
  • Added SEMI-LOCKED rights for song - song cannot be loaded, but its clips may be dragged from preview.
  • Added LOOP RANGE ONLY option for EXPORT - only actual loop range is automatically exported.
  • Added several Songs and Clip banks for Draw Synth (these uses only DrSynth and no samples).
  • "Space" key shortcut for PLAY in Visualization.
  • Doubleclick in browser loads song and fills the browser filter.
  • Doubleclick on locked song on public cloud just fills the browser filter.
  • Preview and Play is stopped when saving.
. Update 1.51:
  • Added song name to Song Delete dialog.
  • In clip edit mode instrument Parameter B,C,D values are shown for selected note even when Play is not engaged.
  • In song mode right mouse button can be used for moving clips instead of copying.
. Featured Song July 2016:
Featured Song July 2016: THE ULTIMATE KIRBY LEVEL by Daniel (Rytmik Ultimate)

Featured Song July 2016: Dr. R MBM - Stage 1 by Lucky Star (Rytmik Ultimate)

Featured Song July 2016: wonderful by egasyelir (Rytmik Ultimate)

Featured Song July 2016: Cinder by Astorestia (Rytmik Ultimate)

Featured Song July 2016: Evil! by A Skeleton (Rytmik Ultimate)
https://youtu.be/QogMgvSJoEs. Featured Song November 2016:
Featured Song: Grasstown Remix by Draakor (Rytmik Ultimate)

Featured Song: Mountain in an Angry Sky by Coinshower (Rytmik Ultimate)

Featured Song: NO SLEEP - Trap Beat by Kruttz (Rytmik Ultimate)

Featured Song: Stone Cold by TSGEvans (Rytmik Ultimate)

Featured Song: Subject 15 Final by NeoXonic (Rytmik Ultimate)
https://youtu.be/bL_XTuAlOW0. New DLC Work in Progress - Rytmik Ultimate - Voice & Acoustic Expansion:
The upcoming Voice & Acoustic Expansion DLC for Rytmik Ultimate is focusing on recorded sounds such as acoustic instruments and voices. Do you want to participate and hear your samples in Rytmik Ultimate? We offer you a unique opportunity to add your sample(s) to this upcoming DLC.

How to do it?

Record an acoustic instrument or a voice or any other interesting/unique sound. It must be recorded by yourself (sounds from any other sample banks are not allowed). Then send it to samples@rytmikultimate.com. You can send up to 1 MB, for bigger files please send us a download link. If we find your recording interesting and useful, we will add it to the library. You will get the Voice & Acoustic Expansion DLC for free as a reward.


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