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About This Game

The sequel to the widely popular Restaurant Empire game takes you further into the depths and delights of the culinary universe than ever before.
Take part in an exciting world where the customers are fickle and the bounty in your cash register changes as quickly as their tastes. With two handfuls of cash and a dream of stamping a legacy, build, cook and hire your way to the very top of the gastronomic biz, where tasty food is king and smart management reels in the cash. And if you're lucky, you just may go further than any other before you and cement your status as a true legend of cuisine...
Key features:
  • A brand-new 16-mission campaign that gives us a look at the ongoing story of the Leboufs, as they try to tiptoe through the minefield of marriage and the unique circumstances of professional success.
  • A superior graphics engine brings to life the cities, characters and restaurants that populate the world of cuisine using advanced techniques such as real-time reflections to give unprecedented realism. Food has never looked so good.
  • Two new enterprise categories: Coffee Shop and Dessert House that complements the existing Restaurant enterprise; with each category having over 130 unique delicacies, beverages and recipes to choose from.
  • New themed restaurants ranging from the aquatic deep, exotic rainforest and motor racing takes the idea of "themes" to unprecedented heights. You've never seen restaurants looking this amazing before.
  • Over 700 new interior objects, bringing the total number to 1400. There is more variety and fun than ever before in setting up, decorating and managing your very own restaurant.
  • Introducing the new German cuisine category of restaurants complimenting the existing foods and architectures of the French, Italians and Americans. Over 600 total recipes.
  • Munich, in addition to the triumvirate of Paris, Los Angeles and Rome is now yours to select as a destination to set up shop and expand your burgeoning business.
  • Hire live performers to perk up your restaurant's atmosphere, varying from concert soloists to rock bands and indoor circus performers, and set up their scheduled stints to entertain your valued guests at the right time of day.
  • With the new Recipe Research feature you can now actively invest into improving the quality of your food as well as gain invaluable knowledge in the formulation of new delicious recipes.
  • And finally, Armand awaits for you with a secret mini-game inside.


Title: Restaurant Empire II
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Enlight Software Limited
Enlight Software Limited
Release Date: 27 May, 2009


As someone who hasn't played the original Restaurant Empire, but has a big love for strategy\/tycoon games. I love this!
It is an older game, the graphics aren't incredible but the gameplay is quite fiddly and immersive!
I have a terrible perfectionist\/completist streak, i am constantly fiddling with my restaurant, decorations, the menu. Buying new recipes\/techniques off customers, adding suppliers, then having to re go over my whole menu and make sure all the ingredients are coming from the correct place.. So incredibly immersive and fun if you like this genre of game.
The only con to the gameplay is the customers...
They never stop complaining.
McDonalds gets less complaints.

I'd super advise youtubing this before buying it. The gameplay is completely different to other cooking games i.e Diner Dash, Emily's ect.. For some reason I love this game, and I'm not completely sure why. It's super old and I still like to play it from time to time. The replayability is really high. I gues I just like to make resturants and design menus, and choose the dishes and environment of my resturants, and micromanage. I've circumnavigated what may be the gamebreaking part of this game that causes a low score: I give myself however much money I need in the campaign by using the money cheat. In MOST games, this would take away the fun, but this game is about managing your restaurant in many more ways than a financial aspect. Deciding the food, making a profit independent of what's in your bank account, attracting a certain number of customers, winning contests and more. It's NOTHING like Dinner Dash or any of those time management games. This is a Sim, about turning a profit based off dishes sold and ingredient balance. Trust me when I say, try it with unlimited money and you find that it;s a perfect balance and lots of fun!
(Again, I NEVER use money cheats, even for The Sims!). awesome game, one of my classic favs! I played it years ago and greatly enjoyed it. There's some roleplay scenarios (not ingame but from people who created this idea) where you intentionally build\/demolish buildings to leave yourself only amount to build bare building. Then you struggle to earn and to buy furniture, appliances, etc. it's a lot of fun, kinda hardcore survival management. I'm just re-purchasing this game on steam for convenience (I have CD version), don't look at my hours.

btw game works in XP compatibility mode (if you're on 7\/10 and after start there's black screen - try to set up compatibility mode for re.exe file to win xp)

10\/10 :). Restarant Empire II (and the other one for hotel managment?) is a 'Serious' Tycoon game, and NOT a 'cooking' game.

In 2018, management & tycoon game is plenty, but most of them are on the 'fun', 'big' side, and much more likely to be a city building\/theme park\/even planets game, proper restaurant games are as rare as it gets.

It's about everything restaurant, the building, decorations, chefs, recipes, ingredients, different staff, different ratings, human resource management, everything...you name it, we have it.
And there are French, Italian & American foods, and coffee shop(really big ones). Plus themed restaurants, you can even own multiple restaurants aroun the globe at once !

This game is truly aiming to build a restaurant from the gorund, inside out, you HAVE TO know everything and make desicions. I remeber play this as a kid, can't read English so have to guess everything, hours after hours I spent on it and still most customers were not happy because I don't understand what they wanted from me, but still I enjoyed it, just because it is fantstic. Even now I can only achevive ~70% satisifaction rate, it should give an idea how 'deadly serious' this game is.

And for a tyccon, th story isn't half bad too! (it has sandbox as well)

I don't think this game is outdated, the graphic was fantastic and its not bad even now.
I think we lost the ability to appericiate its beatuty in deatils. Today's big and *better* tycoon games, as nice as they are, sometimes can feel really hollow and rushed, especially after you spend 8+ hours to build you city, and as soon as its done, you look at it, the excitments soon starts to fade, you try to build more, but its all the same, and you ask yourself, what now?

This game teached me how to 'slow down', and see there is nothing easy about building something great, there is effort & beauty in every dish.

If you like tycoons\/managments, definityly give this a try! If you are really not sure, buy it on sale!
It is a bit expensive at $20 for an 10-year-old game, but it sure worth some of your cash! I gladly payed up because I didn't pay for it years ago, and well...I can't wait to play it again!. Overall, it's a fun game but there are some negatives to it.
Its fun setting up the restaurant. Placing the tables just right so there are no traffic issues. That way people don't have to wait too long for their food. Decorating the inside and outside of the restaurant so your place looks classy. Entering the cooking contests to climb the chef ranks. Being able to control every aspect of your restaurants and watching them make money is gratifying.

There haven't been updates or improvements to this game from the first Restaurant Empire. Heck, you could probably consider this a long delayed expansion pack to the first one. Armand, the main character is still wearing the same pants. They were ugly then and they're still ugly today! If you didn't like the first Restaurant Empire, you won't like the second one. The AI of your employees is still really frustrating. Your restaurants are still not going to be perfect. And no matter what you do or how well you do it, customers are going to complain. They're never happy! (and I do mean never!) Some of the scenarios can be maddening to try and complete. Despite all this, the game does keep me entertained.

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