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About This Game

Rainyday is a gritty and atmospheric, top-down, old school detective adventure about human trafficking inspired by Sierra's classics and 1990s masterpieces like Dreamweb, Harvester, Bloodnet etc.

Take the role of John Rainy. An ageing, tired and depressed NOPD detective investigating strange child disappearances in the city of New Orleans.

Jump in and descent into the dark, grim world of Rainyday, where superstitious beliefs prevail and the evil of man knows no limits.

Purchasing this product will grant access to ALL four episodes.

Episode Release Dates:

Prologue Episode *RELEASED*

Episode 1: Gris-gris *RELEASED*

Episode 2: Kids *RELEASED*

Episode 3: From the Abyss *RELEASED*


Title: Rainyday
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Kerkko Rasilainen
Kerkko Rasilainen
Release Date: 6 Oct, 2017


For 2,99 \u20ac this indie game is good (waiting for next two episodes).
I was not expecting anything special so I was pleasently suprised how the storyline and melancholic music kept me playing the game.

. Currently there is the prologue and episode 1.

I really liked the chapters so far, yeah the puzzles aren't really puzzles and more search for the items, but to me that's more realistic in the sense that, that is what a detective would do; search for evidence and then arrest the culprit.

Really looking forward to episode 2 and 3 Cx
. If you like 90\u00b4s puzzle\/adventure games with a nostalgic atmosphere and written story. rainyday is pretty much everything.
Definitely worth the money!
Im looking forward to "episode 1"
. The prologue and episode one took about 35 mins to complete. There aren't really any puzzles to speak of - the gameplay consists of interacting with everything possible to discover the clues to advance the story. I felt slightly misled by the trailer that plays immediately on the store page, as it is gave me the impression that the game used a more standard camera angle, but in actuality the scenes are all shown from overhead.

My favorite thing about the game is the atmosphere - the rain sound effects and the rain falling around the play window were well done. Unfortunately the story is clumsy and way too much is crammed into random text without any build, which doesn't engage the player. Also, I noticed a few awkward uses of language - not that every game should be natively written in English, but some polish needs to be applied to the simple mechanics of the language. Perhaps the use of police slang would add to the atmosphere, particularly in the cop-to-cop dialogues in the prologue (call the victim the 'vic' i.e. 'Whaddya got on the vic?').

TL:DR Use character dialogues and interactions to set up your story, don't just dump it on the player in text boxes with no set up. Ultimately an interesting idea and attempt at atmosphere (and priced right at approximately $1) but not well executed or a story that I care to know more about.. A promising prologue.

As the player steps into the shoes of our main character the game immediately surrounds him with a purposeful atmosphere familiar from old detective stories. You have a dirty apartment, some alcoholism, past work related injury and a dead body. On top of it all it keeps raining all the time.

In the prologue the player tries to make sense of the evidence surrounding a death of a housemaid.
The prologue quite short but yet rather captivating. We have a nice set of dialog, different characters, lots of objects to inspect and a generally atmospheric milieu. Some adult themes such as a dead body, pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol are included but hey, it's a detective game.

I felt the game was a fresh and simple return to the golden 90s of games when player was experiencing a story instead of just concentrating on running through a linear map with scripted cinematics to keep the player interested.
The controls of the game are simple. You have your cursor keys for movement, enter to continue dialog and number keys to select different options.
The game doesn't really guide you, but if you've played crime solving games you should not get stuck for long. I had a few moments when I had to think of what options I have not yet explored.
The game really succeeds in delivering the player something many games these days do not: an interesting interactive story.

Overall it's a good start for a nice game.
It's not AAA or anything, but since it's cheap and entertaining, I give it a 4\/5.

- Dark and gritty atmosphere
- Occultic references
- Adult theme
- Rains all the time
- Fast and effective resolution options

- Short (still only a prologue)
- You can sometimes notice the backround rain ambient starting from the beginning
- Some (player) character lines could be visible for a bit longer

I will be interested to see what the following chapters bring with them.. Cool game with a very noir atmosphere. perhaps at first glance, it does not attract you, but in fact it is an interesting detective story in which everything is taken into account. Simple but not obvious puzzles, interrogating suspects and finally arresting.I would like some kind of background ambience during the investigation, it seems to me in combination with the sounds of rain it would be more noir, Waiting for the next episods, and perhaps season 2!;). I originally gave this a very negative review, and I stand by it. This game is so horrendously bad that I frankly suspect the dev is paying money for his "Mostly Positive" rating. What I can confirm is that sometime after I had written the below review, he messaged me directly and tried to bully me into changing it. I told him I would give his game another fair shake, when the new episode (II) came out, but I would not change my review; so he reported it for abuse, which was ultimately dismissed by the Steam admins.

Episode II came out, and, true to my word, I went back to try this again. I discovered, in the first place, that the update had deleted my save files, and that I literally could not play episode II unless I played the prologue and episode I all over again; and when I went to do so, I discovered that extremely little, if anything, had changed. So I did not bother to continue all the way through the game; my original review follows, and as far as I have seen, all the problems I enumerated are still present.

This game is hot garbage.

* Puzzles are heavily railroaded. Basically told what you're supposed to do at each step, except for one or two places where you have no idea and have to try interacting with everything until you get it right, including several things you could've sworn you'd already interacted with.
* "Noir" atmosphere established in first thirty seconds or so is immediately ruined by "mysteries" that are revealed right away. Terrible writing, no suspense. Just cliche and boredom, and not even enough cliche.
* Terrible control scheme.
* Player is punished for trying to cross the street (the only way to die or even \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 up at all in the game). Player cannot even interact with certain prominent locations (such as: the bar right next door to your house) because the protagonist magically knows he's not supposed to be there, and refuses to let you check it out anyway. Apparently the developer was too lazy to write filler dialogue to help establish characters that will come up later. You literally can't do anything that isn't directly helpful in solving your case.
* Hideous graphics. I like pixel games but not this one.
* Only two short and uninteresting episodes published so far, ending on a non-cliffhanger cliffhanger that I don't give a crap about. Spoiler for future episodes: it was a voodoo cult that killed the guy, I know this because it basically tells you right at the start of the mystery.
* In the prologue it was also a cult, only this one was more like a Satanic cult, and I also knew that one was a cult within about a minute of starting the episode, because the game told me about that one as well.
* Literally the only good thing about this game is the very beginning, lasting about thirty seconds. It almost feels like it was written by someone else with an adequate grasp of narrative principles. Protagonist gets shot, should have stayed dead.
* Was less fun than it would have been to engage in other activities that are 100% free, thus represents negative value.. This game gave me a cancer.. Great detective game. Chilling atmosphere with great music and graphics. Recommended!. A classic mystery puzzle game. If you like the faster paced puzzles this is the game for you. Solid gameplay and good balanced puzzles. Well worth the money.

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