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About This Game

Pixel Survivors is a real time strategy - management game.
Create some land and help your initial villagers to survive during the first period of time.
Build houses for hosting your citizens, create chicken pens and farms to feed them.
Elevate forges and tailors to keep the population well dressed and with the necessary tools for working.
Contruct mines and foresting towers to get new resources once the surface has been wiped.
Improve the efficiency of your work by adding windmills and sawmills.
Once you've got a stable village, all you can do is expand your village and try to get a bigger population stable.
Have fun, and see how far you can get your village to grow!

Music made by:
Benjamin Baldassini
http://www.benjaminbaldassini.fr 7ad7b8b382

Title: Pixel Survivors
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 5 May, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4400 or equivalent
  • Storage: 350 MB available space


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Somehow cant get the Game runnin but the Developers are friendly and are quick to reply.. Pixel Survivors is a nice little fun game.
It gets constant updates with new stuff and fixes.
It is not very complicated but thats why i like it.
Build around and see what works and what doesnt.
Totaly recomend this game also for such a price.
Had lots of fun with it.. Strategy / God game with very pleasant building. Similar to "Banished" or "Hearthlands" but vintage retro style more akin to "Zeus" with fluid controls. Just point & click. Beware of the chicken hordes!. 0/10 Most boring thing to watch! The people to not do anything, the game is not aesthetically pleasing, no walkthrough (it says help when you hover over stuff). The game just sucks. I usually try to find the bright side on what the developers did well but I cannot think of anything. I have played better civ sim games for free on flash game websites. One of the few games I actually enjoyed uninstalling.. Either made by the guy who made banished or basically a low end copy of banished it's only worth the sale price but it's fun for like an hour, not $10 worth but fun, I guess if you wanna support the creator/s buy the game in hopes that they will make a better version. I liked it but it's not going to last you a long time.. I have absolutely no idea how a person plays this game. you create the island and what?

Well guys, it has been a few long weeks on remaking the AI once again, more upgrades and glitches fixed. Today we are presenting the 0.70 Update: Four tiers of upgrades were added to the storage system as well a complete revamp of the Artificial Intelligence and a better performance overall on low cpus.
Without more rambling here are the patch notes:

0.70. UPDATE 0.54 - GUI REVAMP!:
Well guys, today we are releasing the 0.54 Update. THE GUI REVAMP!

  • Added several buttons inside the GUI.
  • Changed the resources's font.
  • Animated Tom. The tutorial Guide.
  • Changed all the GUI textures and pixel art.
  • Polished the tutorial.

Now I'll get back to grinding that AI scripts!
And hopefully start working on the languages translations. (Spanish and Russian, to start)

Hope you guys enjoy it.
And if you find any bugs, leave them in the "Bug Report" Section in the Community Hub!
To read the update history, go to:
http://steamcommunity.com/app/342970/discussions/4/. UPDATE 0.62 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!:
Well guys this is the last patch of the year. We've focused on getting the bugs sorted out and added some new things to the 0.62 update:
  • Fixed some performance issues.
  • Fixed some graphical glitches.
  • Fixed the bug that created extra land when placing a house in the shoreline.
  • Restored the Mana feature. It will allow you to create land. Replenish over time.
  • Improved the villagers sprites and movement.
  • For the hollidays villagers will have a christmas hat.
  • Added the option of keeping the left click pressed to increase the adjustable resources and productions. (No more carpial tunnel syndrome :camper:)
Hope you guys enjoy it.
And if you find any bugs, leave them in the "Bug Report" Section in the Community Hub!
To read the update history, go to:

We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a very happy New Year!

The Patagoniart Team. DEMO + NEW LOGO + HORROR GAME!:
Well guys, this is a quick up to date report:
  • We managed to get a Demo Version of Pixel Survivors in the store. That way the new players would not have to adventure into a game they don't know, and decide if they like it or not before purchasing the full version. That might help those who are not convinced with the trailer and reviews, but still want to give the game a try.
    To do sthat simply click the "Download Demo" on the right side of the Store.

  • The new Logo of Pixel Survivors is done, and all the assets have been replaced. Those assets will be available for downloading, starting tomorrow at:
  • And finally, the grand reveal of the month, our new 3D horror project:
    Gates Motel, a horror-puzzle game: You can find more about it at:
    If you guys would like to see this game on Steam, VOTE the concept, and once Pixel Survivors reaches a Full Release state, it will be our next project.
Well guys, today we are releasing the 0.60 Update.
Plenty of minor bugs were fixed, as well as localized sounds and new sound fx.

Well guys, we've been working like maniacs the past few weeks:
Polishing game mechanics here and there.
Fixing bugs like there is no tomorrow.
Adding the final end game structures.
Making animations and interfaces.
Redoing the tutorial.
Polishing the pathfinding.
We will add some videotutorials if you have any doubts if you are new to the game

We are pretty satisfied with testing of our Beta testers, and we want to thank them for doing an amazing job at finding bugs and glitches.

So the team gathered yesterday and we've finally have a release date:
Thursday 5th of May. (05/05/2016)

We will keep working in the game adding small things and always keeping an eye out in the forums to listen to you guys.
We feel it's time to move on with new projects. It has been an amazing two years since the pre-alpha build in Desura until now, a complete game.

We will keep the price at USD 3,99 so more players can have access to it and enjoy it, since it was our goal from the get go: Let the people enjoy our game!

Thank you guys for all the Early Access feedback and love.

The Patagoniart Team.

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