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About This Game

Pixel Survivors is a real time strategy - management game.
Create some land and help your initial villagers to survive during the first period of time.
Build houses for hosting your citizens, create chicken pens and farms to feed them.
Elevate forges and tailors to keep the population well dressed and with the necessary tools for working.
Contruct mines and foresting towers to get new resources once the surface has been wiped.
Improve the efficiency of your work by adding windmills and sawmills.
Once you've got a stable village, all you can do is expand your village and try to get a bigger population stable.
Have fun, and see how far you can get your village to grow!

Music made by:
Benjamin Baldassini
http://www.benjaminbaldassini.fr 7ad7b8b382

Title: Pixel Survivors
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 5 May, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4400 or equivalent
  • Storage: 350 MB available space


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Have I got it for free from some bundle? If yes - then it's ok. But in it's current state I can't recommend it even with 80% discount I see now. Simply nothing to do in this game after first 10 minutes.... it may look lame and stupid but trust me this game is fun
more of a time waster but still fun non the less.
grab it.

8.5/10. Pretty fun game, if you like god-like simulators where you have to create an efficient city, balancing it's productions and want to create your perfect place, this is the game for you!. TL;DR- The game needs a lot of work before I can recommend it.

I'm afraid I can't give this game a recommendation. While it has a lot of promise, it needs far more work to actually be a game I would suggest to a friend to buy. It reminds me a lot of other, similar games but lacks a key feature that those city-builder/survival games have and that is a motivation to the AI controlled villagers.

In a game like Banished or Dwarf Fortress, which I am greatly reminded of, the villagers are outside of your control, but they have various jobs or tasks that they prioritize which allows for you to create a thriving village without having to hope that your villagers bump into the things you need them to bump into, as is the case with this game.

It's possible that the randomly roaming villagers is actually intended to be a feature and that you should design your cities around that, but in my opinion that is a flawed premise and does not make for enjoyable gameplay.. This could be interesting, but I really have no clue what I'm doing here. Too many options, too little intro\/tutorial\/help (there isn't any). My village keeps dying. For example: It's not clear how chickens work; I assumed I should keep them around, and butcher them when I need more food or when there's too many, but apparently I should just butcher them all at once? And setting a level determines how fast they're killed, not how many to keep?. This is an excellent game. I started to play it when it was still getting most of the bugs worked out. It was frustrating at times due to the learning curve and it does tend to punish the player for growing their village too fast. But for the most part it is a great game. On top of the good and rewarding game play, it was nice to know that the developer is very active in the discussion boards for the game. When ever I had run into a bug or mechanic that I did not quite understand or did not seem to work right, he was quick in posting a response to help figure out the issue or help. All in all it is a great game all around. I would recommend that if you like games that offer a good challenge and is a little off the beaten path, then grab this one and give it a good try.

Gates Motel - Our new horror game!:
Well guys, it has been a couple of weeks of resting, playing and testing Pixel Survivors, just for the fun of it.
But now we've decided to present our new horror tittle on Steam Greenlight.
So far it made it to the top #100 of the ranking.
We would like you guys, those who followed us for almost 2 years, to share your thoughts and vote for it if you would like to see it on Steam.

What's the game about?
The game puts players in a motel off the main road, where they will play as a woman who has to confront two kinds of nightmares: The owner of the establishment as well as her own, deep, dark fears. Your job is to avoid the same fate previous tenants had to suffer while making your way to the telephone to notify local authorities and be rescued.

A playable demo of the game will be available in the upcoming weeks.

Help us get through the Steam Greenlight!


Thanks you!

Well guys, we've tried to get this update done with the 0.48 build, but the game designer couln't do it on the weekend, so we pushed through almost 2 nights in a row without sleep to get this done. Now we can move on, to create a tutorial, and finish up the AI of interaction with the structures:

- Re-designed all the main structures. And tweaked a few of the old ones.
- Now a cartoonish outline will be created on top of every object that has a purpose in game. (This will be used in the future to give the player help with line colors to determine what the villagers are doing.)
- Re-designed the interface.
- Removed the wall structure, since it has no real use atm.
- Fixed major bugs that occurs in late games. (Villagers getting stuck in fields)

Hope you guys enjoy it.
And if you find any bugs, leave them in the "Bug Report" Section in the Community Hub!
To read the update history, go to:
http://steamcommunity.com/app/342970/discussions/4/. UPDATE 0.72 - THE LIBRARY!:
Well guys, we finally were able to finish the hierarchy tree and add the library (Structure picked by you guys a few months back) to the game, as well as some other interface improvements, new types of trees.
So far we've handpicked 15 people to beta test Pixel Survivors and receive some extra features in game.
If you would like to apply, we will take another 15 batch in the upcoming weeks.
Contact us to: patagoniartgs@gmail.com

Without futher to say, here is the first Beta Build available in Early Access:
  • Improved the GUI.
  • Added new structure: The Library.
  • Added new trees: Willow tree and Birch tree. (Learning required)
  • Added small interaction buttons with buildings on right click.
  • Added books to be learned in the library. These learned books will allow the creation of new structures and improvements to the village (Upgrade system)
  • Boats will only be created if there is a dock constructed.
  • The mana regain was lowered.
  • Bug fixed: Plants not being harvested when food at max capacity.

Well guys, it has been a couple weeks since our last beta patch, and finally we've got it working.
Plenty of new structures were added to the game, as well as general bug fixing and polishment to the beta build.
The beta testers are doing a great job so far finding bugs and helping us solve them. We will keep on realising unique content for the testers, as time goes by.
Without further rambling here is what we've added for the new Update:

  • NEW STRUCTURE: Church. Will rise the Mana capacity by 100, boost the mana regain and defend the village of the undead on the red perimeter. Requires learning Ocultism I.
  • NEW STRUCTURE: Flooding Tank. Will flood a small pond where villager will be able to grow and harvest new types of crops. Requires learning Agriculture II.
  • NEW CROP: Rice. Can be planted in the small pond the Flooding Tank creates. (+food)
  • NEW CROP: Jute. Can be planted in the small pond the Flooding Tank creates. (+fabric)
  • NEW STRUCTURE: Townhall. Same as the library when interacting with this structure a new UI will pop showing production and consumption rates.
  • NEW CHALLENGE: Sickness. The villagers now are susceptible to getting sick when interacting with crops and chicken. Keeping a good stock of medicine will prevent a massive contagion outbreak.
  • Improved and polished the help interface.
  • Fixed many minor bugs.

This patch is pretty stable now. We will keep on fixing bugs as they appear.
There is only one more structure to be added to the game, that will be revealed once we transition into the full release. Also will polish up and remake the tutorial for a better learning curve.

Hope you guys enjoy it!
And, as usual, if you find any bugs, leave them in the "Bug Report" Section in the Community Hub!
To read the update history, go to:


The Patagoniart Team.. AND THE WINNERS ARE...:
Well guys since we did not reached the 30 screenshots for the contest, we've decided to make it happen despite the goal was not reached. These are the winners:

1. 5.00 USD Steam Gift Card. WINNER: Fursat
2. 5.00 USD Steam Gift Card. WINNER: CTL [ILYA]
3. Steam Code: Pixel Survivors. WINNER: Do u suck Hard?
4. Steam Code: Pixel Survivors. WINNER: MiteshNinja
5. Steam Code: Pixel Survivors. WINNER: Spooted

To request your prize, send an e-mail to: patagoniartgs@gmail.com, or provide a mailing adress on the comment section bellow!


The Patagoniart team.. Giant Life: The final countdown + Pre-Release Giveaways!:

Hello there guys!
We are very happy to announce that

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