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About This Game

* Playable as a desktop shooter or in VR using the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and WMR.
* VR mode supports 360 and 180 degree tracking plus step rotation.
* 10,000 maps, ranging from super easy to certain death.
* Play the levels you want, stay on the easy maps or jump to high risk, high reward sectors.
* Collect rewards from completed maps to upgrade a variety of weapons and skills.
* A multitude of different enemies and special map challenges.
* Multiple leaderboards for different game modes.
* Hardcore old-school shooter with rogue-like elements.

An Orcus Research Cartel station orbiting a deep space magnetar has gone rogue. The operating system has killed the crew and turned them into thanatoids, half dead monsters with a lust for murder. And if that's not bad enough, the corporate A.I. back at Earth System has triggered the station's self destruct sequence. Your only chance is to fight your way through an army of weaponized undead and find an escape pod, before time runs out or the thanatoids overwhelm you.

10,000 levels of chaotic science fiction horror that rise inexorably in difficulty. Choose which maps you play, in any order, from the dead easy beginning sectors to the certain death end sectors. Take on extra challenges for big rewards, and use those rewards to buy new weapons and survival skills. The maps start small and painless, but sector by sector the challenge mercilessly ramps up, until at some point they become practically impossible. Where that point is depends on your skill.

Find the escape pods to complete the game, or just keep going and see how far you can get. Rise up on the leaderboards. a09c17d780

Title: Necro Mutex
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Necro Mutex
Release Date: 8 Feb, 2019


  • OS: Windows 7 and above.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-6400 @ 2.70GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 770, Radeon R9 380.
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 20 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: The minimum requirements for normal PC play are not suitable for VR play.


I played this and ill tell you, its ugly. not only that, but the upgrades, difficulty progression, ect. are all money based - you can complete a level, earn a rediculous amount of money, get a bagillion upgrades. top it all off, the levels are monotonous. there is some variation due to the random generation aspect, but it's all different blocks that look the same.

my big gripe is this flat out is not fun. it takes all of the fun things about classic shooters and strips all the fun out of it. If you play doom, quake, duke nukem, ect. there is a real sense of progression and fun while the difficulty ramps up organically. sure, there are switch hunts and such and its basically kill the think, pull the switch, get the keycard, but its fun.

this is literally a squiggly line from point a to point b with hideous graphics and monsters that more or less amount to bullet sponge or shooter monsters and then mindless hordes. it's pretty basic.

I'm not sure what i expected, but i'm disappointed for $15 dollars.

i mean no slight to the game creator, but some serious polish on graphical fidelity, linear level designs, and upgrades would be really a wise decision to make this project great. I love "unloved" and "binding of isaac" which are horror blood and shooting games with upgrades and action, and they have a special charm.

This game has no charm. it's just violence and upgrades for the sake of violence and upgrades. not sure how to describe it much better than that.. A balls to the wall fast paced murder blur.. A balls to the wall fast paced murder blur.

Update 1.3.2. New Gun and Bug Fixes.:
Necro Mutex now has a new gun.

The alt fire shocker attack from the flamer has been promoted to its own weapon, the Electrogun. It ranks above the rocket launcher in terms of price. Its alt fire is a concentrated long range arc of electricity, a handy complement to the short range area effect of the primary fire.

The Flamer has a new alt mode, blasting a rapid fire stream of incendiary grenades. Great for taking out bigger targets or clearing areas that you can't see, just bounce some grenades in.

1.3.2 also has a number of bug fixes for issues that were introduced in 1.3.0, the two main ones being the leaderboard sometimes not updating, and some code that wrongly saw the new maps as sign of an error.

Hope you enjoy the new gun, and let me know on the discussion page if any more bugs show up.. Steam has fixed the VR controller issue.:
There had been an issue introduced by a buggy steamworks update that broke VR last weekend, buttons on the controllers weren't responding.

Steam support has now fixed the issue, so Necro Mutex is good to go in VR again! Now you can try out the new 180 degree tracking and rotation. ;). Version 1.1.0 Gameplay Update.:
Latest update makes some changes to the gameplay which I hope will add extra enjoyment for users.

The first 1000 sectors are supposed to be pretty easy, just a warm up for the larger sectors and a chance to build up basic skills. But I noticed most new players seemed to be finding them more difficult than intended, with very few people reaching even sector 250.

That's a pity, because the later sectors have all kinds of fun stuff, like shuggoids, cortex guardians, mega-thanatoids, radiation rooms...

So I'm made the following change. The "Death Evasion" skill has been changed from the first Ultra Skill (which is too expensive for beginner players) into a much, much cheaper Health skill.

Now beginner players will be able to get the Death Evasion skill very early, which should make survival in the early sectors much easier, since you can cheat death up to 10 times.

This doesn't really make any difference to later sectors, since you're expected to have the Death Evasion skill by that point anyway.

I hope the change makes the game more fun for beginner players, because now you can take more risks taking on higher sectors, and get bigger rewards in the process.. Gameplay Version 2 Work Has Begun.:
Today I've started work on Gameplay Version 2. This will consist of a lot of tweaks and changes, both big and small, that'll make the game more fun (and intense) for new players and old players alike.

The goal is to have this ready in time for the Steam Summer Sale, so it should take between 2 and 4 weeks.

Depending on how fast the coding goes, some of the things I'd like change or add are:

* Unlimited character progress, so even sector 9999 can eventually be beaten... although don't expect that to be easy or fast!
* A change to sector difficulty, so that sector number more closely matches how challenging it is.
* Some weapon changes.
* Certain thanatoid characteristics will be modified.
* A couple of new thanatoids.
* Some more story.

I may or may not have time to implement all these things, so it's a question of how much I can get done before the sale.

And if you already really like the current gameplay, don't worry. You'll have the option of playing the "original recipe" game as it currently exists too.. New Maps, New Options, 180 VR Tracking:
Version 1.2.0 is now available, with a number of big changes.

New Maps.
All the maps from sectors 0000 to 1999 have been redone, with the emphasis on getting more map variation and more thanatoid monsters into the game sooner. Also, Cortex Guardian sectors are now worth x5 instead of x2.

New Options.
Several new game options have been added so the player can customize the game to their liking. These include the ability to get rid of teleporter limits and time limits, and to make giant thanatoids smaller or even get rid of them completely.

One of the biggest changes is that now players can choose to start a game buffed up with credits and skills, instead of starting with nothing. How much you start with is up to you, start with just a million dollars, or start with everything!

Using these options creates a "non-standard game" that won't show on the main leaderboards. Non standard games show only on the "All Difficulties All Densities" and "Sectors Completed" leaderboards. The "All Difficulties" leaderboard has been reset.

Virtual Reality 180 Degree Tracking.
Necro Mutex now supports 180 degree tracking as well as 360 degree tracking, via an option for different Rotation controls. Rotation is done simply by pointing the "run hand" in the direction you wish to face, and pulling the trigger.. March 28th Promotional Sale. 34% off for a limited time.:
To celebrate the additions made in the 1.3 updates, Necro Mutex will be discounted 34% for two weeks, starting March 28, 2019 10:00am. (US Pacific Time.)

If you were waiting to blast some weaponized undead into blood and bone slurry, now's your chance!

Sale ends April 11, 2019 10:00am.

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