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Original Title: Miracle At St. Anna

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller,War






































Set in 1944 Italy, the story of four black American soldiers who get trapped in a Tuscan village during WWII.
In New York, the elder employee of the post-office, Hector Negron, goes on a rampage killing a client by shooting him with a Luger. The rookie reporter of the Daily News, Tim Boyle, follows the detectives that are investigating the case. They find the valuable head of the statue Primavera in his wardrobe. Tim decides to interview the catatonic Hector. Out of the blue, he starts talking about the 92nd Division "Buffalo Soldiers" in Tuscan, Italy, in World War II. Hector and three other soldiers - 2nd Staff Sergeant Aubrey Stamps, Sergeant Bishop Cummings and the slow Private First Class Sam Train - cross a river. However his company is destroyed by the German soldiers. While trapped in a village, Train rescues the eight year-old boy, Angelo Torancelli, who survived a massacre in St. Anna village, and they become connected to each other. As times go on, the platoon interacts with the villagers and Hector discloses a story of prejudice and betrayal in times of war.
I must admit i was majorly put off by the reviews on IMDb, but i watched it anyway as looked like it had promise and i was'nt disappointed. The start although slow initially soon sped up and i was drawn into the characters and story till the end (which i readily admit came as no great surprise,but then i knew how titanic was going to end,doesn't mean it spoilt the story heh).

Granted some of the characters appearing in this seemed a little bit of a waste of talent, but that is just pedantic nit picking-its a good film,plenty of action,depth to main characters,and highly enjoyable.Any other comments are irrelevant in my opinion and should be ignored.

Overall decent film,interesting storyline,very watchable-Recommended I agree with Roger Ebert when he said, "Miracle at St. Anna" contains richness, anger, history, sentiment, fantasy, reality, violence and life. Maybe too much. Better than too little". Lee's story starts out well by leaving us guessing why would a humble postal worker shoot a customer with a German Luger in front of nearly 50 witnesses. The ending scenes blew me away especially Kerry Washington's brilliant portrayal of a beautiful & powerful attorney. The judge asked what was she doing there in the court room, was Exxon buying the US Postal Service? and she says,"It's a Xmas pro bono case. I pulled it out of a hat." Than the judge tells her, "My ass, I smell a rat". She comes back with,"If you expect to get elected to the appellate court next year, I suggest you cover your nose". Everyone started rolling. You go girl, lol! The last scene was the most emotional but of course everyone loves a happy ending. Acting is an art with a history of evolving styles but the audience will always pay most attention to convincing facial expressions, also background music to carry us to the next level of various emotions desired by actors & directors. The performance of major actors w/ small & bigger roles in Miracle at St Anna all left a lasting impression and the storyline involved several powerful plots. That distinguishes the difference between movies where the actors act and movies where the camera does the acting for them. St Anna had every ability to move the audience emotionally which sums up to a great movie, great acting and great directing. Matter of fact I watched it twice.
Contains scenes of brilliance, interrupted by scenes that meander. There is too much, too many characters, too many subplots. But there is so much here that is powerful that it should be seen no matter its imperfections.
Miracle at St. Anna is also a 2003 novel written by American writer and musician James McBride. Those who have both read the book and the script say that several themes in the book have been enhanced for the movie. The supernatural aspect has been muted somewhat, but the religious Christian aspect has been made more pointed for characters on all sides—Bufflo Soldiers, Italians and Germans. Other details were also changed. For example, Hector didn't earn a purple heart but a silver star. Rudolfo recognizes the fact that he's going to get shot and doesn't seem to have come to terms with it. (In the book, he doesn't realize until the last second what's happening and is a little more OK with his fate.) Hector barely ever looks at who comes up to the window. In the book, he looks, notices a flashy ring, and then looks to see whose face it is. (This is important to the story because it is this small detail that makes the viewer/reader realize that the Black Butterfly has exacted his revenge from beyond the grave.) The movie's script seems to draw out a sex scene that was only referenced in the book.


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