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METAGAL Portable Edition

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About This Game

METAGAL is an 2D platformer action game.

You will take the shoes of "Meta" ,a cyborg girl, in her quest to rescue her Creator "Dr Ray" from the 5d3b920ae0

Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 23 May, 2016


  • OS: min Windows XP
  • Processor: any processor with more than 1ghz (even less)
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM

English,Italian,Simplified Chinese,Thai

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SIGH! yet another git gud retro game. kinda sick of these by this point. every level has 1 hit death pits/spikes/ect because cant level design and padding game time though this game isn't as bad as i've seen in other wannabe retro titles. the main issue is there are just way to many things that want perfect timing and knowledge the game never even hints at, like knowing how unexplained weapon powers work. this game could be a great megaman clone if the dev tuned down the difficulty. if you're into these kind of games though have at it you'll love it.. I don't usually write reviews for the videogames I've played, but I felt that this one deserved one. I have completed the game and now I try to improve my records on every stage, which means I have a good overview of the game. The game takes most of its elements from the Megaman videogame series but the point is that it improves a lot of these elements further. It provides a challenge without being devilishly difficult (+supports the player) and has a lot of great gameplay mechanics which vary among the stages (and a lot of clever level-design ideas too). Fortunately, you won't actually meet the cheap deathtraps that overwhelm the Megaman stages. I also liked the fact that the abilities you earn aren't just variations of your buster but completely different gadgets and "augumentations" that evolve your character's actions. Lastly, I loved the soundtrack of the game (it's just amazingly crafted) and the artwork during some of the cutscenes. The only minor negative I noticed were some small glitches here and there, but you may hardly find them during playing the game. Some may feel that there should be more stages, but I believe that the total duration of the game is fairly good given it's price. It's been quite a while since I had so much fun fighting epic bosses and shooting my way through a 2D action platformer (and I played "Megaman and Bass" last month). As a closing comment: those of you who can't stand the high difficulty of the Megaman videogames but would love to play something very close to the series' gameplay, this is just the game worth spending your money on.. I'm no stranger to "Megaman-like" games, as I pratically cut my teeth on a copy of Megaman 2. This being said, I want to like this. I see a lot of potential in METAGAL, but the controls do need some more polishing. The overall feel of the game is like an NES emulator running at a higher speed than usual, making simple things like dash-jumps and even attacking while jumping a chore. The visual style is retro, which is part of the charm of these types of games. The music. I can't say I played long enough to fully comment on; the controls and/or "speed" of the game made me want to quit playing. As the game is now, I can't say I'd recommend it, but as a work-in-progress, I'll be looking forward to seeing what new updates bring. I'm hesitant to give this a simple thumbs-up/down rating, seeing as how I want to see this game bloom into something amazing, but I'll change it when/if it becomes better.. It's alright but needs some sound effect revisions. Some levels have weird design but the price matches the game content fairly. I found myself able to understand the stages after only making just a few mistakes.. I honestly don't understand what there is to dislike. Personally I think in some aspects it's better than Shovel Knight, another game people like to claim is a spiritual successor to Mega Man. For one thing, the stage select, and power up feature is more Mega Man than anything Sovel Knight did. The dash feature is my personal favorite part of this game as it's just as free flowing and smooth as it is in Mega Man X (My favourite game of all time), and the boss fight patterns are very Mega Man classic. No charge shot though (except at the cost of your weapon energy meter and it's not worth it). A excellent platformer for under five bucks with a high enough difficulty and replay value to keep you invested far longer than it's price point would have you expect.. This game managed to be everything a megaman successor should be and Not waste years or give us a terrible product despite a massive budget.. Didnt get more than 2 mins into game and I get a bug.. I've seen fan games with more effort and polish put into them than this. Controls are imprecise and way too loose, the enemy placement is poor (and said enemies are boring, to boot) and the game just isn't fun to play. While it's less of a deal breaker, the awful dialogue during the cutscenes doesn't leave a favorable first impression of the game. If they're going to charge money, the absolute least they could have done is run a spelling/grammar check on the script.

Winter Update : [Patch Note] - New Music for First 4 Stage! But Player still able to hear old music when play the game with Boss character in their own level. - GAL.00 Meta nolonger attack as tripple shot. - Allow player switch save profile without exit game. - Refine Boss pattern such as Creeper gunship nolonger attack while use flame thrower. - GAL.02 Attack now become automatic fire. - Increase GAL.02 HP from 16 to 24 point. - Add extra background animation to several level. - Improve Credit Screen. But since we still want to put many Improvement inside but can't finish in time you can expect more patch soon.. Playable GAL.02-04 will come as one package! in upcoming update. : Originally we plan to update each character per month but since we are small team and didn't work with the game full time it hard for us to keep our scadule. however. to compensate that now we decide to put all playable GAL sister in next update as one pack also try to fix all know bug we left off from previous version. now we make the final test on each character to make sure player can finish the game with their build-in abilities and refine their move to play smooth as possible. we estimate this update will be release in next week. we sorry to keep people waiting so long. after this update we will start moving to our next project but we still keep support about glitch/bug fix as long as we can. Thank you to everyone to support us.. Metaloid: Origin Now available to purchase : The waiting is over Metaloid: Origin now available to purchase.. Patch Features - Gear Recovery! : [Feature] - New abilities "Gear Recovery" Allow player spend gear for recover 30% damage (8 HP) but use this albility also require maximum power guage the result is player lost 1 round of power use in process. This ability can be use by all characters. - Gear still function for special check point like it away does. [Change] - Gear number now cap at 30 and drop rate decreate for 10% - Player can no longer select Gear respawn in boss room,this prevent new player from waste the item since boss room already provide free CP. [Fix] - Fix Gal03 (Boss) Charge attack deal no damage to player.. Howlville: The Dark Past Avatars : Hello Everyone! We have added new Avatars for your Profile.. New patch fix include OSX support! : [Features] - Now Metagal also got OSX support! [Patch] - Fix GAL.02 Meteor stomp cause FATAL error when the flame contact with some enemy.. Update! Trading card now available. fix some small glitch : - Trading Card now avaiable. - Fixed when player spend more than 1 gear when press continue button multiple time. - Improve Default Keyboard configuration.. Fix Patch - Fix missing collision and weapon cycle glicth : [Patch Note] - Fix Missing collision found in GAL-04 Level. - Fix weapon cycle function incorrect, when player select Recovery power from pause menu. - Fix character stuck inside collision in GAL01,GAL03 tutorial level when player try to enter boss gate while half of character body still outside gate check box. We apologize for your inconvenience. Thank you for support Metagal.

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