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About This Game

Luna is the story of a young creature cast off by her Creator. Banished to the Depths of Subduction for lacking beefiness, Luna journeys through six strange worlds, fending off the likes of Lush Boy, Power Boy, Pure Boy, and Logic Boy in the hopes of becoming truly swoll.

Luna is a simple platformer with a unique twist: you can quickly rotate the world left or right, forcing physics to work for you as you navigate through a series of mind-bending challenges and puzzles. You'll fend off obstacles, from simple boxes to fire pendulums to lasers to gravity shifters. But like many of its modern platforming peers, Luna fully explores the unique mechanics that drive it without impeding your progress with extraneous side quests or game overs. The gameplay comes first.

Key Features

  • Fast paced, tense, and challenging gameplay
  • 6 colorfully designed worlds with equally unique gameplay elements
  • Frequent checkpoints that keep you moving through the game
  • A charmingly weird screenplay focused around beefy baddies and introspection
  • An album’s worth of addictive, retro video game music with a modern twist, composed by Vinnie Byrne
  • Playable with Keyboard, Xbox and Playstation controllers

Title: Luna
Genre: Action, Indie
Lushboy Studios
Lushboy Studios
Release Date: 15 Aug, 2017


  • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later
  • Processor: Intel Mac 2 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Standard audio


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Puzzles aren't much to write home about. Think of it as an interactive film with nice music.. This is one of those game that places itself in the middle of "buy" and "don't buy". I guess its more of a part game\/part interactive experience kind of thing. Don't expect it to feature some hardcore puzzles.

Pro: the story is simple
Pro: virtual world is really stunning

Con: Its short. took me an hour to finish
Con: the puzzles are too simple. My review from here www.htcvivegamereviews.com\/?review=less-game-more-adorable-and-experience\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\" >http:\/\/www.htcvivegamereviews.com\/?review=less-game-more-adorable-and-experience<\/a>
Full Playthrough - www.htcvivegamereviews.com\/?video=thatowl-luna-complete-playthrough-htc-vive\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\" >http:\/\/www.htcvivegamereviews.com\/?video=thatowl-luna-complete-playthrough-htc-vive<\/a>


Playing through Luna, I\u2019m not sure what to take away from it. There isn\u2019t much challenge or direction. The puzzles are simplistic at best and the actual \u201cgame\u201d itself is confusing in a sense. Originally when I played through the game, I didn\u2019t finish the first level because I didn\u2019t understand what \u201cthe point\u201d of the puzzle was. The lesson learned is \u2013 there is no puzzle. You basically just place doodads around a terrarium type environment. You will want to place as many as you can while constantly touching the different doodads once placed, releasing a sound. At a certain point(don\u2019t ask me), you have placed enough doodads and made enough noise for the level to \u201ccomplete\u201d. The constellation level is the closest thing to a puzzle but honestly, it\u2019s fairly forgiving(unlimited tries\/unlimited mistakes) while allowing you to breeze through it with trial and error if you\u2019re having any problems.

The price of the game is $14.99 (as of this review) for about 40 minutes of gameplay(myself rushing through it). To me, as far as experience goes, I\u2019d prefer something like theBlu($9.99) or the new Google Spotlight Stories : Pearl game which is actually free. The actual gameplay is so minimal that I think of it more as an experience like those kinds of games.

The visuals and music are the highlight of the game and why it isn\u2019t a total bust and why I give it a C+ as my personal rating. The actual terrarium parts(rotating it) and interacting is actually quite enjoyable if you aren\u2019t treating it like a \u201cgame\u201d and more of an experience. I could see a kid enjoying it probably over a competitive or goal orientated adult. When you teleport inside the terrarium and see your \u201cwork of art\u201d, it\u2019s actually quite neat.

As it stands \u2013 I think your enjoyment will come from the price tag. If $14.99 isn\u2019t a big deal to you \u2013 go for it. If you\u2019re using that money and feeling strapped for cash, there is definitely better options for the type of \u201cgame\u201d this is. It is UNIQUE at least \u2013 compared to the endless wave shooters or generic horror games that came with early release HTC Vive Games.. This review is based on the experience I had playing Luna in VR (Rift for the first half of my time, Vive for the second half).

I wasn't sure what to expect going into this game, since I didn't watch the preview video for it, but I sure am happy that I got the chance to play through it. Although the story only takes about an hour to progress through all the way, I could tell that a massive amount of time and effort went into the art and sound design for the game. Many times throughout the game, I felt as though I could just chill in the world I was in and have fun with the little pieces you could place around the scene.

With regard to performance, this game ran just fine on my machine (i7, GTX 1070, 32 GB RAM). However, in terms of comfortability, there is a repeating moment in the game where I felt uncomfortable each time: when a world would load in and the "bulb" encapsulating the world would appear way too close to my face. This caused me to have to cross my eyes slightly, or move my head back. I initially thought it was because I had moved and forgot to reset my position in whichever headset I was in, but even after resetting and not moving, and switching headsets to see if it was a headset-specific issue, it still happened. Maybe it's just me, but the bulbs definitely felt like they were way too close for comfort before they "opened up" to reveal each world.

All in all, this is a very casual VR experience that still managed to offer a meticulously designed auditory experience and well-thought-out visual design, and I am happy to have played it.. Luna is a great little VR gem. The interactions are simple (think "connect-the-dots" and planting around a diorama), music is calming and plays a theme throughout, and the art style is gorgeous. I really enjoyed the calming experience and the unique perspective that went into creating Luna. It is a keeper in my VR showcase. It isn't a lengthy VR game, but Luna is worth playing. Recommended for a nice VR escape!. Luna is an experience of putting together a broken heart, conveyed symbolically through beautiful original characters, art and interactions. There are two main mechanics are moving stars around in 3D space to create zodiac signs of plants and animals to plant later, and planting and optionally customizing the fauna until given area becomes fertile again. These mechanics get repetitive rather quickly but if you're playing for the "feeling" as you should, it's not an issue. I recommend Luna very much at half price, at full price it depends what you want to get out of it.. There are several problems with the game. The biggest problem is that I cannot zoom in. Zooming in requires a mouse with a dial on it, which I don't have. I have a laptop with a touch pad and a touch screen. I cannot find any other way to zoom in. This means I have a very hard time selecting the points I need to select and then cannot go any farther in the game. Another problem is in the turtle level, there are two wooden boards lying on the ground. If the bottom board is selected first, the second board disappears and never comes back. If the first board is not placed in the proper slot in the fence, the second board will not fit into the other slot in the fence (and strangely is capable of disappearing under ground and then reappearing), and so there is no way to finish mending the fence. In addition to these game play problems, there is no developed story line, and the puzzles are boring and unchallenging (unless this was meant to be a child's game). I downloaded this game because of the illustrations, which are absolutely beautiful. But it's no fun to play (really it's just been 15 minutes of frustration trying to select the point I need to select and trying to zoom in to do it). I've paid much less money for more robust, better written, more challenging games. $15 is $15 too much for this game. I'd rather spend that money toward buying original artwork from the game's illustrator.. I bought this based on the personnel connection to Journey (my second favourite game of all time). It is a charming slow and simple VR experience that is a lovely game world to be in. While I very much liked it, when you have played the first of the levels, you have experienced what most of the other levels are like, there is a lot of cut'n'paste with slight changes in assets. It feels like the basis of a great game, but the dev team didn't have the confidence or budget to explore it further. As it stands it is expensive for what you get with maybe about 2 hours gameplay (ignore the time played on my account, I launched it from Rift and Steam doesn't track that properly), but it is something I will dip into again when I want to relax or to demo to people.

Graphics are beautiful and charming
Audio adds to the magic nicely

Too short, cut'n'paste gameplay loop used to try to pad it out into a game
Gameplay not fleshed out enough. Playthrough: www.youtube.com\/watch?v=WKq15vc6QW8\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=WKq15vc6QW8<\/a>
Length: around 1hr
Creative style: Great
Story: meh
Music: nice and relaxing
Gameplay: repetitive and not much to it

The art style and music is nice, but overall the game felt like it lacked purpose and some sort of bite. Absolutely loved Journey but this didn't feel like it ever went anywhere and I was grinding through it just hoping for something interesting to happen or for some purpose.

First time I had to plant things I got a little creative but after that I found myself spamming them just to get through them. Same for the star placing

Can't say I can recommend it really unless you don't have much else to do or spend your cash on

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