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About This Game

InCell is an action/racing game with a bit of strategy and science thrown into the mix in a rare and highly unusual microworld of the carefully recreated human cell. This is the right project to start your acquaintance with VR or receive new VR impressions. The game is focused on Virtual Reality but you can play just fine without a set.

Ready steady go!

Thanks to all robot-gods out there we will not take this journey alone -  our humble (with a tiny control-everyone mania) assistant is waiting for us (she is so sweet, isn’t she?). The Most Excellent Assistant Zero-Seven (she said that humans may refer to her simply as ‘Your Highness’). So the player’s task is to impress TMEAR07 with experiment on volunteer to unlock new healing technology for humanity. The problem is she doesn’t believe in that possibility because humans are simple and illogical (and she is genius… as always).

To cure our volunteer Mrs. Jane Smith and impress TMEAR07  players must select the right way through the objects (organelles) to the cell’s nucleus and do their best in innovative radial racings between selected objects. Each object provides unique abilities to improve racing params or to protect cell with different strategies.

How is it going inside the cell?

Getting closer to understanding cell structure and organelles functions (which are similar to the real functionality of the organelles) players will improve their skills and will have a chance to impress completely suspicious The Most Excellent Assistant Zero-Seven (who knows why is she so much aware of the other six Excellent Assistant Robots disassembling…).

One old and wise robot (he is still remember his 386 childhood) said that it’s a bad idea to make this kind of girl-robot sad…


  • Playable with VR (control the movement with your head only, or use keyboard and joystick).
  • Solve the riddle of TMEAR07, find out why doesn’t she believe in the humanity (may be it is just robot’s bad today or some silicon stuff inside your PC makes she sad)?
  • With each new start the cell structure will be generated anew placing the organelles in different locations.
  • This game is a perfect opportunity to learn more about cell microstructure, different organelles and their roles in cell vital activity.
  • Unlock harder difficulties where the true challenge awaits.

Hot keys

  • Space - recenter camera position in VR mode
  • M - switch mirroring VR picture on monitor
  • Esc - pause and options menu
  • F5 - hide or show UI
  • F6 - hide or show bathyscaphe
  • F1 - graphics for recommended hardware
  • F2 - graphics for older hardware
  • F3 - decrease rotation speed (highly not recommended, only for experienced VR players)
  • F4 - increase rotation speed (highly not recommended, only for experienced VR players)
  • F7 - reset rotation speed to default

Known issues

  • VR on Linux is not yet implemented
  • If you are not using gamepad you may want to plug it off to switch game in mouse/keyboard control mode.

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Title: InCell VR
Genre: Free to Play, Indie, Racing, Strategy
Release Date: 3 Sep, 2015


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I played this with the Rift and was almost immediately motion sick.

It's hard to tell if this is intentional or just a bug with the game, but there was no way to go straight. I was either spinning full speed left or right. I had to stop playing and can't imagine I'll ever run this again.. you can tell this is defiently made for the oculus as it makes you feel motion sickness really bad. i wouldnt recommend it to the htc vive owners stick to the vive games that dont make you feel ill but the oculus rift owners i would really recommend to yous as your be used to this sortta motion sickness with all those rift games!. Played it on PC, later in GEAR VR and now in Vive. You gotta love those silly people who manage to leave a message they get sick in VR...................... *sigh* same people who get sick from 3D phone icons I guess.

Great game, although in Vive I'm having troubles not sitting in the chair. I'm far below it :\ or the chair is too high above me. I can still play the game but I'm hoping to see some kind of fix. It's fun, but as a fore warning I feel there should be a seizure warning. There are a lot of things happening on screen and you, the player, move at a vary of speeds ranging from mild to a roller coaster. I got somewhat disorientated and I don't want to imagine playing this on VR headset.

A few things I want to point out-

- the narrator reminds me of the narrator from Stanly Parabole, only female and a robot.
She insults you when you mess up and praises you when, from lack of better words, do well.
- the control options are nice
+arrow keys
+VR headset
+and lastly, gamepad
-smooth graphics
-realistic cell description
-interesting background story. A pretty game, but kinda boring, and a little motion sickness inducing.
The pretty graphics do not make up for gameplay. :(

Purchase at $2 or under.. Super fun.

GlaDOS type disembodied voice is instantly a favorite gaming character. ("Engines Blazing" makes me giggle every time)

Scale of 1 to 10, this game gets a hit of LSD and stares at the screen for hours.

Would play again. Fast shipping. Flashbacks optional.

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