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About This Game

Geneforge 3 is an Indie fantasy role-playing adventure, the third chapter of the Geneforge Saga. In this fantasy adventure, you can explore strange, hostile lands, choose which side you will fight for, and, as always, make your own horde of completely obedient mutant monsters.

Geneforge 3 has a huge and open storyline. You can help one of several factions, each with its own goals. There are dozens of different endings. You can help the rebels, or fight them. Slay your enemies, or use stealth and diplomacy. When you finish the game, start over, choose a different side or tactics, and experience a completely different game.


Title: Geneforge 3
Genre: Strategy, RPG, Indie
Spiderweb Software
Spiderweb Software
Release Date: 1 Apr, 2005


WOW just wow, this game was great... depending on your choices, the ending you get can suck, or be great! Also very fun, but a little short in my opinion and not worth to replay it for endings.. An old isometric RPG involving a society built around a special type of magic known as "shaping", which allows the practitioner to create and alter living beings.. I have never written a review on here, but considering this is one of the best games and one of the most underated games ive ever played, ive decided to try my hand at it. Starting off, i know it may say i only have a couple hours on record with the game, but id like to stamp that out now. I played this game years back off an old game engine before steam was a thing, buying it again now is more comfort and support for me, like buying an old book that you read years ago. I have well over 200 hours in the game, and about a thousand in the series. So let me dive in, and let you know what this game is about.

Geneforge is more than a game, its a book, an experiance, a choice, and a beautiful combat system all in one. It cries out to the imaginiative, the 3 am readers, the DnD players, the indie game searchers. What it lacks in graphics, it makes up 10 fold in story. The game puts you in the middle of an entire world and has you influence the outcome of it. In the first game, you find yourself in this estranged world, where the game gives you a brief history of it, then immediately tears that away. It isolates you, shows you that you must survive, and asks you what to do to survive. But that is only the first part. once you gather your bearings, you have to forge a path. At first the paths seem clear, good or evil, but the more you progress the more you realize there is no good. there is no evil. This game makes you question everything, with the only clear progression being that of power. You single handedly experiance the start of a world rebellion, and reitre as a god or a soldier by the end. The same picks up in each consquensial title later on, each putting you, a young shaper, smack dab in the middle of the biggest points in history of this new world. The hours, weeks, months of text painstakingly put into this game alone makes it a solid game, but the combat is fantastic too. You play a tactics style turn based micromanaging comabt system, sort of like fallout: tactics or final fantasy: tactics. But instead of pre determined abilities, like everything else you determine your path. Conjure up an army to fight for you, use magic and objects to trick your opponets and take them out one by one, or don a helmet and sword and slash your way through hoards, the choice is yous. My by far favorite part of it however, has to be the fact that nothing is safe in this game from you. It emphasizes that your choices can change the entire reality. No npc cannot be killed, although it may be hard. The world will form to what you want it to, if you are brave enough to undergo the task. Dont take this as you cannot lose, for the wrong desicion will put you in a spot where you cannot escape. But understand that you are free to make that deicion, you are free to make any desicion. This is the closest i have ever come to DnD Freeplay.

Pro's: Excellent story line, worth of a novel of the highest value.
Freerealm as hell, you are free to make any desicion you want, nothing stops you, you shape the future and history alike.
LOTS and LOTS of content, as said earlieri have over 1000 hours in the series as a whole. thats a lot for a single player non grind game.
Decent combat tactics system, many ways to play out combat.
Can easily engulf you in for weeks.
Lots and Lots of Text
Con's: The graphics are subpar at best, must be able to use your imagination
Game doesnt hold your hand at all, in fact quiet the opposite. This may be a con or pro.
Again, a LOT of text. again, could be a con or pro depending on your preferance.

Overall i would rate this game a 9\/10, Despite the horrid graphics. i honestly believe that if ther were better graphics, there wouldnt be enough reasources to make everything else so amazing. Heres to you, Spiderweb Software.. The Geneforge Saga is a series of Science Fantasy, turn-based(combat), indie Role Playing Games.

One central motif, and the one that is the heart of the series, that this game revolve around are quasi artificial intelligence and full-blown A.I., both biologically grounded--brought into existence through magic--and what role, plus how they should be handled and implemented in a fantasy medievalesque, with some steampunk elements, society structure.

The game begins with the player-character, a Shaper apprentice--Shapers are an organization of powerful wizards that dominate this fictional world through their magical might and especially their knowledge and monopoly on creating new life --waking up in bed as the school he is enrolled in are under attack, located on a group of Islands on the outskirts of the Shaper controlled empire.

The narrative and dialogue structure, on a macro and a micro level, are a bit of a mix between classical (western) RPGs and JRPGs and something else, though the game overall is leaps and bounds more Western. The design is partial due to a specific wish on the one hand and the very barebones graphic engine on the other.

Overall I'd recommend the game on the basis of its setting: On the one hand if you're tired of derivative Tolkienesque fantasy, and on the other in virtue of the fact that it isn't mindless escapism or entertainment, it isn't decadent drama just for the sake of drama, it isn't slapstick humor. It is pulp that isn't pulp. It has a soul and relevance for the real world, and the theme it explores will become more and more relevant for humanity in the near future. Not that the game is particular insightful as such but its core is noble and commendable for an indie game.. I love this game. While the graphics are not quite what most people enjoy these days, the storyline is amazing. The replayability of this game is unparallelled because you can do ANYTHING you want to do. There are repercussions for doing stupid things like killing a main character, but the game will let you do it if you're strong enough. As long as you're strong enough and spend your skill points wisely, you can go to any area of the game you want. It's a game that requires a little strategical thought, and a whole lot of patience.. Play this game, along with the other 4 Geneforges. Buy them all for $20 in the "Geneforge Saga" bundle on steam. Do it now.

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