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Fantasy Tales Online Download For Pc [portable]

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About This Game

Fantasy Tales Online is a retro MMORPG where you must form parties, collect gear, fight through dungeons and defeat bosses. Featuring puzzles, a rich item system and complex encounter this isn’t your run-of-the-mill grindfest MMO title!

Build Your Character

Pick who you want to become. Choose between thousand of customization options for your character.

Raid Epic Dungeons

Randomly generated dungeons featuring puzzles, bosses, traps... the works!

Build Your Home

Join your local player town. Collect blocks and objects to place in your home. Band with friends and upgrade to a guild house as the base of your operations. Elect your town major and contribute to it success by defending it and going on the offensive.

Explore a Massive World

Enter a massive world filled with quests and secrets. Start in the town of Bluevale where you must prove yourself before working your way to the large dungeons. Find all the hidden treasures, fight through the Cauldron sewers and explore the southern desert.

Unleash Your Powers

Stun, obliterate, vanish with your characters' unique abilities. Use them strategically to turn the battle in your favor.

Unique Monsters

Fight unique creatures and take down epic bosses. Employ strategy and party up with your friends. You will be rewarded for your efforts.

Free to play

Enjoy the game without paying, and if you want to support the development team purchase something from our Cash Shop that does not supply any competitive advantage. 7aa9394dea

Title: Fantasy Tales Online
Genre: Free to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Early Access
Cold Tea Studio
Release Date: 5 May, 2016


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Fantasy Tales is a game with huge potentional to become a great 2d Indie mmorpg.
If you coming from games such as Ragnarok\/Knight online\/Ultima Online\/Tibia e.g. you will def like this game.

However this game is in early access which mean in a early stage of the game, Therefore you have to have patience.
The devs are releasing patches\/bugfixes atleast every second week since I've started.

They listen to feedback and interract with the community on the forum and in-game when they are online.
Their support is superb I've sent them a mail regarding my backpacks being soulbound on wrong character and the issue got sorted within 5 minutes of the mail being sent which is better then any type of support I got in any other game.

It's nothing in this game which is pay2win you can't buy any type of gear or items which affects gameplay apart from decoration\/costumes (Cosmetic Stuffs).

Only thing I might be worried about is their small dev team which I've got told consist of 4 people but they are doing an amazing job so far for being such a small crew.

Again this game got huge potentional if they play their cards right which seem to be the case for now.
Just keep in mind before you start or consider playing that it's early access and not a full released game with limitless of content.
. Alrighty, I have seen too many people bash this game and I have decided to let everyone know the truth... There are many pros and cons to this game and hopefully if you are looking to try this game, you might find answers to any questions you might have.

Great gameplay
Awesome game to play with friends
Incredible amount of depth
Many different variables of weapons and armor
Old rustic feel
Relaxing music

Unresponsive\/ Uninterested Developers
Minor glitches
A few problems with quests like houses not being available (devs have to do this manually)
VERY Small Community

Now that I've told you about the pros and cons I want to dive into the cons to let you understand how many of these can be temporary and will most likely be fixed, or can be ignored. First of all, the developers took a big hit when an event that I call The Blackout occured. This is the weekend in June of 2016 that the servers just told everyone to screw off and lagged a bunch. (of course this is figuratively, there was just a whole lot of lag) After that weekend the plentiful community that would have a constant amount of 50+ members on a server at one time plummeted to around 5-10 at a time. I just want to say that for the year that I have had this game, this has NEVER happened other than this one weekend. Now after this everyone lost hope and the Developers stopped releaseing patches due to the bashing and lack of support that they were getting. I am willing to bet if the servers healed like they are starting to that the Devs will come back and continue doing an amazing job. As for the minor glitches, there will occasionally be some minor glitches with your movement in the game, but after a few minutes you get used to it. All in all this is a great game that you should definetly give a shot before rejecting completely. I have happily played 222 hours so far and I will continue telling my friends about this amazing game. If you do decide to give it a go come find me and say hello! Thank you for checking out my reccomendation and have an awesome day guys and gals!!!. Great game, 43 hours in and having much more fun than i ever expected i come from a competitave gaming background and this is exactly what i needed a nice casual game that is totally relaxing, plenty quests all the way up to about 35-37 then a little bit of grinding.

I actually spent alot of time grinding while watching tv shows, movies and twitch its very easy to do; great fun met great people.

Hop on it play the trial for a few hours and you'll want to buy the pack for a few extra's the backspace is worth it xD

Cheers.. a free to play game that feal's like golden sun. the questing system is solid sortof on the line's of wow though were it's mostly click click click what am I soposed to do again, all in all great game and is very nestalgic.

[5/7/16] Bug Fixes:

General:. Sever Status:
We are working on restoring our servers, thanks for your patience. We will also be streaming some more work tonight on the editor package we have discussed.

www.twitch.tv/ftostaff (6PM PT / 9PM PT)

-Gabe. 5/26/16 Patch:
  • Reworked how MF/XP is shared between party. Now only shared with nearby characters within the right level range. 5% XP/MF bonus given per member above 1. Parties should now be a bit more effective at finding loot vs. solo-ing.
  • Warp scroll can now drop from normal mobs as well but fairly rarely. They will mostly drop from bosses.
  • Re-enabled shrines and bosses, however they no longer block for now.
  • New password puzzle type (not in levels yet)
  • 4 new secrets added, with puzzles
  • 1 repeatable hidden dungeon & boss battle/pseudo overworld boss. (secret)
  • A way to acquire Khopesh Hilt, repeatably (secret)
  • Fix the party calculation split to properly disallow XP split for large level differences (9 levels)
  • Fixed a critical server crash due to the previous update. Sorry for the crashes today :(
  • Quest Fix: Cave Goodies movement speed bug (should fix itself on logout and in)
  • Fixed a fail state and tile error in Cave Goodies quest. Allowed the puzzle to be bypassed.
  • Disabled Draw Optimization for all Intel GPU. The Intel OGL driver was prone to crashes with it. This shouldn’t drop FPS on most map but will increase CPU usage for Intel users. This should fix a lot of stability problems howevers.
  • Fix guild house buying (again, other change didn’t get git push properly)
  • Fix timed spiked traps not fall out of sync
. [5/5/16]Steam Early Access Patch Notes::
Client:. 5/14/16 Patch Notes: World Map & Fixes:
  • Add world map when you press the M button. Players will be able to see the entire world map and move it around as need be.
  • New puzzle types added in
  • (Several new features started such as guild updates, cooking crafting system, and being able to make use of low level potions but not yet enabled)
  • A couple Secret shortcuts added in, can you find them?
  • Properly adjust Heal Tonic when < 15% health heal for an additional 300%
  • You can no longer trade soulbound items in the account back.
  • Fix issues with new players doing the tutorial quests and arrows still showing up on map
  • Fix master volume not being properly applied to sound effect volume
  • Fix numerous issues with Guilds. Users experiencing guilds with members not being fully in the guild should be fixed as well as not being able to buy a hall.
  • Fix an issue where progress wasn’t being saved during a complicated sequence of events
  • More tweaks to the follow code to fix a somewhat rare issue where the follow NPCs will break their follow
  • Fix an issue where cleave would continue after death
  • Fix that might help with users experience lag from a big dungeon (leaking crests when changing maps)
. 5/7/2016 Patch:
  • New magical property ‘chance to cast on strike’. Currently only for the new unique but might show up in drop tables later.
  • Added a flood control and character limit to prevent abuse.
  • Added several costumes: Ice Squirrels, Slimes, Trolls, Skeletons
  • Polish to the way the crafting form items are removed (clicking and changing recipes)
Quests & Levels:
  • Updated world map to include the new content
  • 3 new repeatable quests with crate key reward
  • Multiple new quests in, including major story continuation.
  • Extension to the world east of Cauldron City.
  • New monster spawner type and images.
  • New crafting items, stairs, walls
  • A way to obtain the “space wall” via questing and crafting.
  • Started implementing a dynamic, repeatable quest elements.
  • New quest related uniques.
  • Eastern exit in Cauldron City & Bluevale
  • Murder Mystery Quest
  • Obtainable “Adventurers Guild” membership card. Placeable and viewable in player housing.
  • Bigger push block puzzle object.
  • Wizard looking head added to barbershop and variants.
  • Updated map image.
  • More quest related trophies
  • 2 secrets in Bluevale.
  • Follow NPCs no longer block
  • Fixed certain spikes not working in instances
  • Added an exit for the shaman instance levels
  • Buff the minimum Khopesh damage bonus roll. Existing items will receive this buff as well.
  • Decree board should be obtainable and placeable now.
  • Royal Trinket fixed.
Misc/Not implemented:
  • Started new ship tileset, mostly finished.
  • Started a new forest tiles, unfinished.
  • Started a maze / hanging gardens tileset, unfinished.
. 5/24/16 Patch:
  • Trade window will now close when the other side dismisses it
  • Can now ignore trade from another player temporarily.
  • Added a new warp scroll for fast travel. Warp scroll will drop from bosses and will be added as quest rewards in upcoming quests.
  • Added a warp scroll pack to the cash shop: 100 gems for 20 scrolls.
  • Added the first craftable unique. It’s a one handed Poison Khopesh. It will require 100 rare shards to craft. Unlike the chaos sword, which requires one super lucky roll to drop, this item will require many more likely drops and thus will feature a smoother progression. This unique features a craftable upgrade as well (it will reroll the item however). It will begin to drop rarely in the Morhollow raid but will drop more frequently in the lv 50 raid. NOTE: The hilt cannot drop yet and will come in the next patch.
  • The level 50 raid is not ready this patch but we’re still working on it.
  • Several new quests added.
  • 4 mini secrets.
  • 1 big secret.
  • A warp island for the warp scrolls.
  • New world map markers.
  • Tutorial now points to the bluevale caves.
  • Nomad camp in the North, with some merchants and will hold a few simple quests. Also, has some returning quest characters - finally.
  • New unique quest weapon (it smells bad).
  • You can now repeat ‘The Bone Shaman And His Gem’.
  • Re-wrote parts of Brotherhood of the traveling pants.
  • Updated some skill icons
  • Fixed a bug with the follow quests (released earlier)
  • Now allocating 1g max java heap size. This will fix a lot of GC performance issues players were seeing when running a dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug with buying a guild hall when you had a guild recruiter.
  • Fix a case where some textures would reload and leak.
  • Fixed a bug where some attack overlays wouldn’t clear if the monster died during the attack.
  • Nametags for monsters and NPCs are no longer hidden. Only the player nametags will hide.
  • Fix a bug where the fog wouldn’t work on certain underground maps.
  • Update the poison damage description to be more clear.
  • Fixed a bug where some texture might of been loaded more than once.
  • Fixed some grammar and typos.
  • Added missing words to the swear filter.

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