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About This Game

There is no plot in the game.
You play as the protagonist who drank a lot of beer in the bar. But the dry law is in force, so run away from the police in order not to pay a fine. Along the way, collecting bottles. You must run as far as you can. In the game you need to hold out until the next day and score 700 points.

-Cool music
-Nere dynamics
-Unreal speed
-Unreal complexity
-Excellent graphics 7ad7b8b382

Title: Dubstep Abasralsa
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Racing, Simulation, Sports
Narko Games
Release Date: 30 May, 2018


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No, no, no no no dont push the Buy button!
Its just a russian click bait, game, baitgame, gamebait, betterbait, clickofffanny, punybuttlickodo. Ahh, no its nothing.
(have played 2 minutes, and for this review i had to let it run 3minutes more, i had rather run trough narrow streets naked and drunk! Why god? Why are you torture me like that?)
Please Steam, delete this crap!!! Its no Game!. Like temple runner but better, honestly worth it being under $1. It looks stupid but I it is actually pretty fun. Definitley, isnt something you can sit and play all day.. This game is an incredibly accurate simulator that depicts the daily life of homosexuals in Russia.

In this particular set, you are playing as a gay manlet attempting to pick up as many bottles as you can while avoiding cops (which btw are giants compared to you) and burning cars, quite clearly, a very accurate depiction of what it is like to live in Russia when you're gay. If you happen to run into the cops they just beat you to a bloody pulp, and you're forced to restart your game.

Sadly, despite being a very brave piece of art this game is plagued by terrible controls, awful performance (~20fps on a 1070 and an i7 4790), and lack of the "fun" factor. This game also launched steam VR as it was starting, which is a fairly common issue with cheapo, low effort games.

In all seriousness; don't buy it, even ironically this is crap.. Best game ever, would 100% reccomend ! :). So, I was intrigued to see that another<\/i> game on Steam had the word "Abasralsa" in its title. I was slightly less<\/i> intrigued to see it was a product of the exact same crappy developer.

In any case, a bit of Googling was clearly in order: just what did this word "Abasralsa" mean<\/i>? Turns out Google has no clue either. Guess it's just a made-up word, or perhaps some poor sod's name. (Edit: a friend tells me it has something to do with "sh*tting oneself", and believe me, it took a bit of Googling to find anything to this effect even once armed with this information. Obscure Russian slang, it seems.)

Anyway, on with the game, which I decided to purchase out of sheer morbid interest and because it was, like its near-namesake, a mere 99c USD. How bad could it be for such a low price?

Um...yeah...er...okay, no. I have absolutely no idea<\/i> what the f*ck I just "played". But I'm fairly sure I didn't like<\/i> it.

First up: the loudest, most unbearably obnoxious soundtrack in all of video gaming history. I'm not exaggerating. I am still, to this day, not 100% sure what "dubstep" even is...but I'm confident that it's not normally this<\/i> bad.

And the gameplay? Well, it's one of those "endless runner" games, with the most simplistic possible controls (A for left, D for right, SPACE for jump). You control an extremely effeminate chap who jogs ever forward collecting bottles of alcohol while trying not to run into burning cars, metal barriers and fascist bullyboy cops who shuffle from side to side like dancing robots. Hit any of these, and you instantly crumple into a bloody heap.

As if that<\/i> doesn't already make much sense, wait until your avatar hits a point where the street turns<\/i>. He just runs relentlessly into the wall, and the only way to end the game from there is to "close window". Bravo!

Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the "rogue-like" aspects yet. Each round is randomly generated: a mechanic so idiotically implemented that you frequently die the instant that you spawn. I miei complimenti allo chef!

Possibly the single worst game available on Steam. I sh*t you not. You haven't heard the craziest part, though. You ready for this? According to other reviews, it's an almost exact copy<\/i> of another game by the same dev. A quick look at that other game's Store page seems to confirm this theory.

I won't even mention the fact that it was released by a Russian. Oh, wait...I just did, didn't I? I promised myself I wouldn't offend people from that part of the world yet yet again, but...clearly that country has a severe problem with insincere devs. Not a reflection on the average citizen, or even all of its game developers...but f*cking seriously<\/i>. Something needs to be done.

Valve, meet Quality Control. Quality Control, meet...oh. He's f*cked off already.


Verdict: 0.0000000000000000001\/10.

(PS If you enjoyed this review, feel free to check out my two Curator pages: http:\/\/store.steampowered.com\/curator\/9284586-ReviewsJustfortheHELLofit\/<\/a>

New great game from Narko Games.:
New great game from Narko Games.
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https://store.steampowered.com/app/1023980/VLADiK/. Happy New Year guys :) May all dreams come true in the new year :):
Happy New Year guys :) May all dreams come true in the new year :)

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