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About This Game

Hello, my name is SUSAN. and I am the host of CHEAP GOLF. Here are some things you should know about this game:

- It is a surreal low-poly minigolf comedy. You will fling a boop into the goal many times and I will talk to you between levels. Eventually you will hear my voice.
- - - - - -- - -

- - - - - -- - -
- There are many colors and sounds to tickle your eyes and ears. You will also use your hand quite a bit.
-- - - -
- The game currently includes 3 episodes with over 140 levels of boop flinging.
-- - - -
- You can also play in STORY MODE, which is more forgiving and allows you to progress through the game easier (with no score). SPEEDRUN MODE is coming soon.
-- - - - -
- You can make your own levels and cutscenes with the editor, but it's a hidden feature that I will only reveal if you ask me nicely.
-- - - -
- I will be monitoring trillions of your nanogestures and modeling them into FEEL-THINKS, my favorite snack.
-- - ----- ---- - -

- - - -- --- - - - -

Thank you for your engagement.



- This game only requires a mouse to play, so you will need at least one hand.

- Humans that assisted me with this game: Miles Tilmann (design/audio/code), Tiago Ling (code), Just Delgado (code), Mark DeNardo (audio), Rand Williams (shader), Rich Grillotti (audio). b4d347fde0

Title: Cheap Golf
Genre: Action, Indie, Sports
Release Date: 5 Nov, 2018


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Weird(ly good). This game is by far one of the best games i've ever played. The music in this game fits extrodinarily well with the gameplay and makes me want to play it more. the graphics crazy good. I can tell just by looking at it how much time and dedication the developers put into this game. The physics of the game honestly i have no idea how they made. The collision detection is insane and i have no idea how my computer can handle how much stuff is going on in it. Now for the best part, THE STORY. To be honest i didn't expect this game to have a story at all, but oh was I wrong. I don't want to spoil anything since that would be bad, but I have to say it made me cry. It reminded me alot of my struggles getting diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The main character I could relate with so much and it felt like they put me in the game. I never expected such an extrodinary game to exist, but it does. I DEFINITELY recommend buying this game. The amount of sweat and tears that must have gone into this game is unimaginable.. This was such a great two-hour experience. I <3 you SUSAN. Even in early access, this is a pretty complete game, very fun and enjoyable.

It's a nice tip-of-the-hat to Atari asthetics and controls well with a mouse. Not very long yet, but it's only going to get better. It's fun to see the character of SUSAN unfold over the course of the campaign.. LOVE IT. It is my current productivity killer.

- Lots of good old fashion simple fun.
- Good difficulty progression .
- Doesn't take itself to seriously. The AI bot provides a bit of comendy without being over bearing.
- Clever level design with lots of variety
- Fun theme.

I am constantly on the look out for these types of games.
Highly recommended.. I had this dream where in 30 years, in like 2020, video games were not that different from today. But simultaneously they were also a parody of everything that had happened in between. I remember a presence, a name. Susan.

She made me feel calm faced with the uneasiness brought on by video games. Or was it the other way around?

No matter. There was balance.

Full Release of Cheap Golf is Imminent! (November 5th):
Hello Golfers,

The full release of Cheap Golf is... NOVEMBER 5TH! Hopefully SUSAN. will behave.

This will add many quality-of-life updates to the game, as well as Episode 3: Every Day We Grow.

If you'd like to help us get the word out about it, please RT this:

-Miles @ Pixeljam. -Episode 2: Cryptofutures Is Out Now-:
Hello All,

We just released Episode 2! It should be in your current version of the game (1.0.3). We also made the following updates:

- Camera zooms out a little smoother
- Episode 1 levels got a few changes (mostly difficulty tweaks)
- Slight improvements to the editor, but it still has a ways to go
- Slo-mo threshold was reduced, so you should see it more (slo-mo is enabled when you fling a ball while it's still moving)

We also added 2 new leaderboards (for Ep. 1 + 2) and one new achievement.

We also promise it will not take a whole extra year for Episode 3 (and full release) to arrive. We are well underway on that - current estimation is about 2-3 months.


-Miles @ Pixeljam

PS - The Linux version of Episode 2 is a bit behind and should be available within the week.. Cheap Golf Has Fully Launched!:
Hello Golfers,

Today marks the day we unleash SUSAN upon the world.

Today is the day CHEAP GOLF leaves Early Access!

The game should auto-update to version 1.0.97 (1.0.95 on Linux), and contain all 3 episodes. More are planned for 2019...

Thanks for the patience and support.

And if you feel like helping us boost the launch signal:


Take care,

-Miles @ Pixeljam. STORY MODE added!:
Hello all,

Due to multiple requests for this, we've added STORY MODE to the game. (Available in version 1.1 and up)

Press M on the title screen to toggle between normal / story mode.

Story Mode: Levels no longer have a par - you can fling as many times as you want. However, you receive no score for any level you complete in story mode.

This is useful for those that want to see what SUSAN has in store for them but have gotten stuck on a particular level.

SPEEDRUN MODE is coming up next! :)

-Miles @ Pixeljam. Cheap Golf Is Accessible Early!:
In case the headline didn't make any sense, the game is available! You can play it! Get flinging!

We have a lot of updates planned for the next few weeks, including:

- Level balancing
- Editor improvements
- Shader refinement & optimization

Also if you want to help boost our launch signal, please RT:

More to come soon...

-Miles @ Pixeljam. Camera Hotfix - Version 1.0.4 Live:
We just uploaded a new version (1.0.4) that addresses zooming/camera issues in 1.0.3 when dragging the flinger outside of the play area. It should work much smoother now.

-Miles @ Pixeljam

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