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Original Title: Caprica

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Two families, the Graystones and the Adamas, live together on a peaceful planet known as Caprica, where a startling breakthrough in artificial intelligence brings about unforeseen consequences.
I think Caprica will make BSG feel a little bit childish in comparison.

Certainly the big themes of BSG are explored now with much more depth. It certainly satisfies the curiosity I had for the back story, the monotheism/polytheism dynamic, terrorism and especially how Cylons came to be.

I think the Sci-Fi in this pilot is very smart and hope that the drama part won't pull away some of the more childlike audiences who can't bear to watch five minutes without explosions and blazing guns. Still I am sure Ron Moore knows that action was an integral part of the success of BSG and I believe we will get to see some of that in the near future.

I believe it was not part of the plot of this pilot to have space scenes or battles, but given that this universe comprises 12 planets I just can't see that future episodes would not include such scenes.

After all this show is filled with the promise of war and I think we will get our share of battle scenes once the cylons become self aware (for which you get an excellent story platform in this movie).

The show takes place 58 years (not 40) before the destruction of the colonies, so I feel certain that at some point the first cylon war is going to be seen. Remember that BSG already had an actor cast as young Bill Adama, so I believe it's all very possible.

The child Adama is present in this show for a reason and I was very impressed with the character of his father and his back story in Tauron. (It even explains why the surname Adama sounds different from other surnames in BSG and the cultural depiction of Taurans is very interesting.

The reproductions of Caprica City in open shots are astounding and the CGI is so perfect most of the time I could not tell whether it was real except for that little twist that makes it feel not from earth.

The Cylons, somewhat like in the new Star Wars movies, are "naked" versions of the robots, so you get to see a more skeletal robot, certainly reminiscent of terminator and quite scary. Gone are the days when you hated to see the Cylon robots because they looked like cheap CG. These ones are amazingly detailed, wonderfully textured and completely believable. Kind of reminded me of the realism felt in the Transformers movie robots.

Finally I think the characters are impressive. I think that the genius father (Daniel... name of the missing Cylon BTW) is portrayed much more dimensionally than similar characters in other great movies. His relationship to his wife is cold but given the circumstances it makes complete sense. The teenage girl is an adolescent with a serious interesting in finding meaning in life and some of the strongest acting moments are actually hers.

Esai Morales as Joseph Adama (William's father) is certainly filled with the same charisma, depth and stoicism that Olmos has (they certainly feel like family!) And of course beautiful Polly Walker is intriguing and ambivalent in her role as tutor and possibly manipulator of innocent young minds.

I think Moore shows even more genius here than even in BSG (feels like he found a great writing partner in Remi Aubuchon) I am also intensely impressed by Bear Mc Creary's incredible music which belongs in the best cinema and certainly in this movie.

My only advice for the future: don't forget about the action and develop some more coolness for at least some of the characters. A good TV Show is still a fantasy and the balance between characters that are real vs. how we ourselves would like to be (which is not very realistic) is very subtle but it either alienates the mass audiences or brings them in.

Think of Baltar and Starbuck especially. A character can be cool and interesting and still have some demons to fight. We all love a little bit of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Malcolm Reynolds and making them real only takes some good writing. I know these guys can pull it off. I have to begin by admitting I was a huge fan of BSG. I honestly think that I enjoyed this show more than some of the later seasons of BSG, which is shocking to admit, but true.

One of my favorite things about BSG was the unique feel of the world in comparison to other SciFi shows. I always thought that it felt real and more or less believable. It was dark and cold and riddled with bits of racism, and made no excuses for the shortcomings of humanity. It presented an alternate humanity, separated from us mostly by cosmetic and technological differences.

By far my favorite thing about Caprica is that the most intriguing aspects of the BSG universe were fleshed out for me. One of the most unexpected twists in BSG for me was the introduction of religious (poly/mono theist) concepts that were at the root of the conflict between the Cylons and the Humans. I was very excited as Caprica began centered on this very same conflict, and it became immediately apparent how the Cylons came to be who they are and by which vehicle. There are so many interesting ideas confronted in this conflict, and that is why I love these shows.

I also found the concept of the Holoband fascinating, and I appreciated the way in which the show exposed the sociological and moral issues presented by Virtual Reality, and how these ideas contributed to the overall theme.

Many of the characters were similarly fascinating to me. I appreciated how dynamic nearly all of the principal characters were, my favorites being Daniel Graystone and Clarice Willow. The acting was sub-stellar much of the time, but I am willing to forgive the show on the basis of how much I enjoyed it intellectually.

I really loved this show, and I am very disappointed that it was canceled. I will say, however, that even with one season it manages to have a more satisfying resolution than many other shows (say, Lost, Alias) that ran for much longer. I would only recommend it to those who love shows that make them think
Caprica is a spin-off/prequel to the reimagined version of Battlestar Galactica (2003-09). It is set on the planet Caprica, one of the Twelve Colonies of Humanity, 58 years before the events seen in Battlestar Galactica and depicts the creation of the robotic Cylons. The series has multiple story threads and characters, though primarily focuses on two families, The Graystones and the Adamas. Daniel Graystone is a leading Caprican scientist who created the Cylons, and Joseph Adama is a lawyer who is also the father of future battlestar commander William Adama. Caprica is set on a world very much like our own, though the technology is a little more advanced. The series depicts life on Caprica and includes themes of family relationships, religion, corporate intrigue, politics, the mass media, the legal system, organised crime, racial and social inequality, terrorism and science. The pilot was first released on DVD in 2009, months before it was shown on television in January 2010. There was enough time to add a few CGI-shots, particularly to the shots of Caprica City, which looked very ordinary on the original DVD release. However, there are few alterations, i.e. mainly some fine tuning and a couple of shortened or changed scenes containing sex or violence. The V-World is an interactive virtual reality environment that is incredibly popular in Colonial society. It was essentially invented by Daniel Graystone, creator of the "Holoband" (a neuro-synaptic device that a person wears over their eyes which enables them to see, hear, and experience everything in the virtual reality "V-World"). To understand this concept better, the V-World is like a highly advanced version of the Internet, and the Holoband is akin to a computer terminal, laptop, tablet or other device used to access the Internet. People can access the V-World from absolutely anywhere as long as they have a Holoband. There are an unlimited number of different environments within the V-World, which can be seen as advanced versions of websites, able to be created by anybody using a computer and shared with anybody who has a Holoband and the correct "address" of the environment (much like a website has an address). These environments can be created to look like anything, such as a nightclub, a beach, a fighter plane, or just an empty room with no features. Much like the Internet, people who access the V-World do so using avatars to interact with each other and move around the various environments within. These three dimensional avatars are completely lifelike and can walk, talk, and behave exactly how the person controlling them in the real world dictates. They can either look exactly how the person looks in the real world or look like someone completely different. Also like the Internet, moderating and governing the V-World is difficult, and this has led to a number of "no limits" environments being illegally created that cater to extreme tastes (such as orgies where anyone can join in regardless of age, and more violent environments that enact killing, torture or ritualistic human sacrifices). People can engage in all manner of violent activities in the V-World including killing virtual computer-generated characters or even each other's avatars, much like people in our own society engage in violent computer games. When a person either takes off their Holoband in the real world or "dies" in V-World, their avatar disappears in a flash of light where the computer-generated wire-frame model of the avatar can briefly be seen. This is called "de-rezzing" (de-resolution). Being shot or even killed in the V-World does not have any consequence on the person/player in the real world (though it may startle them as it seems real), and they can simply reconnect and reappear in the same space or another space within the V-World.

One of the environments in the V-World is a game called New Cap City. It is set in a virtual representation of Caprica City, but made to look more stylised. It is based on themes of gangsters and crime, and visually appears reminiscent of 1930s New York or Chicago, and even appears in muted grey/sepia colors with players wearing costumes similar to that period. The aim of the game is unclear (one character suggests "the aim of the game IS the aim of the game") but players can amass points by stealing, killing, etc. One notable difference in the game in comparison to the rest of V-World is that if a player gets killed in the game, his or her avatar will never be able to access the game ever again (therefore they are truly dead as far as the game is concerned). Not even computer hacking the game's software, no matter how sophisticated or how skilled the hacker is, can change this rule. The Soldiers of the One God (STO) is a clandestine, fanatical religious cult that exists in Colonial society. They choose not to believe in multiple gods (namely the Lords of Kobol) as most people in Colonial society do, and believe only in a single god instead (which they refer to as the One True God). They are therefore monotheistic rather than polytheistic. Their aim is to end society's worship of multiple "false" gods in favour of their single "true" god. To achieve this aim, the STO are prepared to engage in acts of terrorism and murder and can therefore be considered a radical extremist group. Members of the STO are hidden throughout society and include people in high-status positions of trust (such as school principals, ranking police officials, etc) as well as students such as Zoe Graystone and her school friend Lacy Rand. Although they are spread throughout the Twelve Colonies, the STO are considered to be the militant arm of the Monad Church which worships the One True God. The Monad Church is based on the planet Gemenon and is led by a woman known simply as Blessed Mother. Some members of the Church, including members of its council of elders and even Blessed Mother herself, are sceptical of the STO and its terrorist activities. They believe them to be a dangerous and unpredictable faction within the Church that is more concerned with gaining power rather than worshipping their god. The Ha'la'tha is a powerful organised crime syndicate that originated on the planet Tauron but operates throughout the Twelve Colonies. They are similar to the Sicilian Mafia on Earth, and their leader is known as The Guatrau (a "Godfather" type figure). Through Tauron immigrants, the Ha'la'tha have infiltrated Caprican society at all levels including the government. They also have Caprican court judges on their payroll who, when instructed, will ensure that Ha'la'tha members are given preferential treatment when they are prosecuted for criminal activities. The Ha'la'tha have many business interests, and have been known to take over entire corporations and dispose of their former owners. The Ha'la'tha protects its interests by any means possible and the will of the Guatrau is carried out by enforcers who will threaten, intimidate and even murder individuals as instructed (one such enforcer is Sam Adama, brother of Joseph Adama). Joseph Adama, a lawyer, often carries out legal work for the Ha'la'tha, defending its members in court and arranging for bribed judges to be lenient. The original Zoe Graystone is a human. She is the 15 year old daughter of computer scientist and industrialist Daniel Graystone (who created the Cylons) and his medical physician wife Dr. Amanda Graystone. Zoe, along with her school friends Lacy and Ben, secretly belong to the fanatical religious cult known as the Soldiers of The One (STO). Zoe is something of a child prodigy and possesses advanced knowledge and skills in computer science and biological neuro science, which are the occupations of her parents. Using the V-World (a virtual reality environment created by her father), Zoe creates a near-perfect digital replica of herself that exists solely in the V-World. Unlike the simple avatars that everybody else creates to enter the V-World, Zoe's avatar (Zoe-A) is self-aware, can learn, adapt and think for herself. Original Zoe and Zoe-A can talk and interact with each other as separate beings, and Zoe-A exists and remains active inside the V-World even when Original Zoe is not connected to it, thus she becomes more than an avatar and is actually a sentient being or entity.

When Original Zoe is killed during a terrorist attack in the pilot episode, Zoe-A lives on in the V-World. Zoe-A even "experiences" Original Zoe's death because they are linked via a continuous biofeedback technology that Original Zoe created (so the experiences of Original Zoe in the real world will become part of the memories of Zoe-A). When Daniel Graystone discovers his late daughter's work and meets Zoe-A in the V-World, he downloads her against her wishes and installs this "consciousness" into a prototype Cylon robot body in his lab. Initially, this seems to work and enables the Cylon to think by itself, but the success is shortlived as it appears the Zoe-A consciousness and the Cylon body are incompatible. The Cylon body breaks down and Zoe-A appears to be deleted and lost forever, much to Daniel's regret. In actual fact, Zoe-A simply staged the robot breakdown and exists, hidden from Daniel, inside the Cylon body for several weeks. Although Daniel cannot see her, she can see him via the Cylon's sensory red eye and is able to observe his activities from this vantage point in his lab. This Zoe can be referred to as Zoe-R, which is basically Zoe-A inside a robot body in the real world. From there, she manages to establish contact with her friend Lacy who helps her, but can also return to the V-World at will as Zoe-A using the Cylon's inbuilt wireless technology. Now free to exist in both the V-World and the real world, Zoe's consciousness can resume Original Zoe's involvement in the STO cult. The series Caprica shows the creation of the Cylons on the titular planet several decades before the beginning of Battlestar Galactica. In the Galactica series, a separate group of human-looking Cylons (known as the "Final Five") was revealed to exist. The "Final Five" do not come from the same line of Cylons created by Graystone Industries on Caprica. Their origins are actually related to the origins of humanity in the Galactica universe and involve spoilers for the final season of Battlestar Galactica.

Thousands of years ago, twelve tribes of humanity lived together on the planet Kobol. As society advanced, they created a race of robotic beings known as Cylons. The Cylons eventually advanced themselves and became sentient, and then became organic and human-looking. Eventually, humanity left Kobol. Twelve of the "tribes", the humans, went and settled in the Twelve Colonies (of which Caprica is the most prominent planet). The "Thirteenth Tribe" were Cylons. They left Kobol and settled on a planet they called Earth. Eventually, these human looking Cylons developed their own robotic servants who turned against them. A nuclear war ensued which wiped out the entire population of Earth, both humanoids and robots. Only five humanoids survived. These "Final Five" were scientists who had been researching "resurrection technology" via which Cylons could "download" their consciousness into new bodies upon death. While the technology had not gone into mass production, an experimental version existed which resurrected the Final Five after their original bodies died in the nuclear holocaust. The Final Five decided to seek out the other twelve tribes of Kobol and traveled to the Twelve Colonies in order to warn the human descendants of Kobol to avoid the cycle of oppression against the artificial lifeforms they create which had destroyed their world. Lacking faster-than-light speed technology, they traveled at near light speeds, taking two thousand years to reach the Twelve Colonies (although much less time passed for them due to the effects of relativity). The Final Five arrived at the Colonies some years after the events of Caprica, but several decades before the events of Battlestar Galactica. The robotic Cylons of Caprica had already been created by this point and had already rebelled and begun a war against their human creators, which lasted ten years. The Cylons of Caprica had also begun experimenting with ways to make organic Cylons during this time. The Final Five agreed to help the Cylons of Caprica develop organic Cylons in exchange for their ending the war with the humans. This they did, and the Cylons were never seen or heard from in the Twelve Colonies until 40 years later (the events at the beginning of the Battlestar Galactica series).


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