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Beyond Eden is a visual novel set in the Victorian era, centering on the themes of "love-hate" and "revenge."
The player enters the shoes of Alex Wake, a young businessman who returns to a Baron’s mansion where he stayed as a boy. Bearing a deep grudge against the Baron and his family, Alex seeks to manipulate them and their employees in order to lead the family down the path of destruction.
Alex can develop dark and complex relationships with 6 male characters. It depends on you, the player, to steer the story towards foreseeable tragedies or help Alex discover the faint chance of redemption.

  • A psychological thriller centered on revenge.
  • Homosexual romance between men based on the dark themes of love and hate.
  • Warning: Features dubious consent/non-consensual sex between adult men.
  • Develop relationships with 6 male characters (5 romantic interests) of various age, personality, and physique: the austere eldest son and heir apparent, the cold and silent second son, the pure and innocent youngest son, the kindly family doctor, the impeccably polite butler, and the social butterfly friend.
  • More than 20 in-game events with sexual content. (Note: Does not include sexual depictions of women or minors.)
  • Individual stories for all romantic interests. Clearing every route will uncover the full truth behind the tragedy that transpired at the Baron’s mansion more than a decade ago.
  • 17 different endings.
  • More than 70 elaborately illustrated event graphics.
  • Beyond Eden provides voices by Korean professional voice actors during major in-game events.
  • Beautiful original score in tune with the period drama. Over 30 tracks.
  • 15~25 hours of gameplay.

5 romantic interests

Befriendable character (non-romantic story route)

(Note: Jeremy is not a romantic interest, but Alex can still form a certain type of relationship with him. Jeremy has his own story route and endings as well.)

It is the late Victorian era, a time of drastic social upheaval and shifting values.
Yet everything seemingly remains routine and unchanged in 'Ashgrove Park,' a stately mansion surrounded by a vast forest.
But then a man arrives to disturb its tranquility—a man who spent his boyhood at the estate has now returned after 10 years.
The Baron Edenic—the master of the house—and his four sons, the doctor, and the servants greet him with wariness, joy, or unfamiliarity.
A story of discord and destruction between and the people of the mansion and a man who hides his thirst for revenge beneath a calm demeanor.
Does the fall await beyond Eden?
Or— b4d347fde0

Title: Beyond Eden
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Studio Pieplus
Studio Pieplus
Release Date: 6 Oct, 2017


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I'm not much of a reviewer but I just had to say that I love this game so much and can't wait for further releases fro Pieplus~! Oscar and Joshua are my favorite boys so far! <3. Really good story . Fully recommend it.. I love this game. It's one of my favorites. The story is great. Revenge, love, lust, and mystery.. I love this game. It's one of my favorites. The story is great. Revenge, love, lust, and mystery.. So let me start out by saying... there are not that many male/male dating sims. Especially not ones that are really in deep with complex stories. I did not dislike this game. In many ways I enjoyed it... but it was much pricier than I normally spend on dating sims. For me to spend as much as I did on this game (as it was not on sale) I have certain expectations that it did not mean. I can deal with not having a full english audio, but I cannot deal with the sheer number of spelling and grammer issues. Let me clarify, I am not obsessed with spell and grammer and I am prone to such errors, but for a game as expernsive as this is... the amount of errors was unacceptable. In one route alone I counted about thirty. Some errors changed the meaning of the sentence entirely.

My final thoughts are, I would recommend this game but only if you bought it on sale.. I highly support the growth within a BL games development, so it was a pleasure for me to donate some money for it.
Highly recomend to play!!!! If you like the genre - it`s definitely worth the money.
Strong 7/10. really fun, and great story. i especialy love how each route and ending reveals something new, aswell as a different version of events. I do commend the develpers for adding since my review, several things to make it more clear what this game actually is "Warning: Features dubious consent/non-consensual sex between adult men."

*Also, I like that they made it clear Jeremy was NOT A ROMANTIC INTEREST. "Note: Jeremy is not a romantic interest, but Alex can still form a certain type of relationship with him. Jeremy has his own story route and endings as well." ----Now that I know this I'm a little less grossed out.

This developer clearly listens, so that is great.

Unfortunately I have to say I don't recommend it. -_-* I really wanted to like this more. I feel really bad giving a BL game when there are so few a negative review. I just don't think because we are a niche our quality should have to suffer so greatly.

The voice acting is good. Even though it is in Korean they sound great.

You play as Alex. Alex is well, a jerk. He treats everyone terribly... Litterally r@pes and abuses everyone around him because he has issues with these other character's dad. You don't know why Alex is r@ping everyone... But he is mad. About something... I've completed every ending for Joshua and started working on Oscar. I'm still very confused why Alex holds so much contempt for the rest of the family, even after finishing the game several times.

The writting is not that great. There is very little depth. The translating had some issues to English. The script uses. ".. the latter." many, many times when refereing to who is speaking or who did an action. Which is honestly quite hard to follow when your reading because it requires you to open up the log and see which name was mentioned last over and over. The sex happens actually too soon and too often. The characters seem to have alot of passion for each other but as a reader you never understand why because more than half the game you don't know why Alex is even in the their house or anything that happened in the past.

The price of $30 is really interesting when you look at other games. A play though took me about 5 hours and there are about 10 or so, two answer questions each playthough that decide where the game goes... I guess it isn't bad, but there really isn't many choices and the questions really just drive to story towards which guy you want to abuse, r@pe, and end up ruining.

The story does not take 25 hours... At all. Half of the writting and speach is heavy breathing and moaning. Maybe if you completed every single ending for every single guy there'd be 25 hours. I beat all the endings with Joshua, 3 of the 4 for him were essentially "game over" you made the wrong choice endings...

One of the love interest is a very young child... One is a very young tween... Which is honestly just wrong. And weird. This is a game for +18... Why are there interests that are clearly children?. Hell NO. There is no deep context. I know the core of most R18 "yaoi games" are TYPEs and ♡♡♡, however I feel really bad the story does not go in deep enough. They try to be dark and serious, but it seems that didn't work. I didn't get if the protagonist guy have that much power or strategy to ruin the family. He doesn't have details in plan, and I thought he is asking of too much responsibilities to the family, about his personal tragedy. He is a jerk. An avenger who's not clever isn't sexy... He talks too much about his DARK conspiracy! Whaaaaat--

I don't know much about Korean voice acting field, but I know they are 1st - 2nd tier veterans... They could have better scenario, and I can't think they had enough directing(I lived in Korea, South, more than 10years.). I didn't like the translation. I'm very much confused to understand if they want colloquial or literary language. Probably the original korean text itself wasn't good enough, refer to the voice I listen. There is a Japanese expression ダース in the voice and I don't agree a gentleman in Victorian era would use such expression.

I don't think this content is priceworthy... the soundtracks have very raw MIDI sound. Did they just simply export the sound from Finale or Sibelius? They almost sound like that of free games... I played the game with no music.

However if you're a fan of the korean voice actors, don't expect too much and just buy it. It's good to be someone's fan, because now I care no more about the quality of content. No big deal. I have my Oppa's voice and that's everything important.. Yes yes very nice, victorian dudes smooching each other as part of a revenge plot, 10\/10 would unlock all h scenes again

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