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Design Any Number of Units & Buildings with Precision

Title: Adapt or Perish
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Phr00t's Software
Phr00t's Software
Release Date: 11 Feb, 2019


  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: Quad Core+
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:


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    Enjoying the game so far.. Adapt or Perish is not quite like any other RTS I've played. If I had to put a label to it, I'd call it a mix of Warzone 2100 and AI War; Fleet Command, but that does not come near to describing how the game plays I decided to make a highly mobile, nomadic army, comprised of armed builders and miners, weak but fast units for harassment and landmines for area denial. I had elite units designed to salvage dead enemies for resources, which I used to opportunistically raid the enemy and to bait them into traps. It worked great, until they realised where I was. Soon, their units had adapted to better fight mine (more health, range, and speed), and by the time I had decided I needed to get out to a safer area, I realized I was completely encircled. After a fight which destroyed my entire base and almost all of my army, my static defences destroyed enough of the southeastern side of the encirclement for me to get 8 units through, and I had to travel for quite some time before I found a place which was less aggressively patrolled by the AI, where I could silently rebuild. As of writing this, I have not experienced this in any other game. Adapt or Perish's gameplay is unique, its style is distinct, and it is probably the best game Phr00t has made yet.. 1 Really digging this so far. Great for anyone who enjoys design or rts. Custom faction design and sharing, procedural difficulty, challenging and rewarding on multiple levels. Seriously, this game is worth exploring. It is much better than it looks. Give it a few hours, ask for help if needed, but once you understand Adapt or Perish I promise you will be hooked.. As a lover of strategy games and games from Phr00t's Software, I'm happy with this game. The systems took me a while to get a rudimentary grasp of and I'm surprised by how well put together it is. Coming into the game with a certain mindset and having the overlord taunt me as the resistance level goes from medium to extreme, destroying outposts I once thought to be robust provides a nice challenge. The feeling of going from being destroyed to being able to handle a overseer resistance level of extreme (sort of, at least) is very rewarding and the feeling is something I don't see in games too often. I absolutely recommend this game if you like to experiment and be awarded for thinking outside the box, while reaping the satisfaction that comes from both.. So i like rts games in vr and ive played since command and conquer days. This game however i almost ignored, but im glad that i didnt. Heres why. So i load up the game and think e www. . I dont like the text its attrocious. Let me be clear im playing in vr, so whats a small graphic thing is a biggg graphic thing in vr. Anyways i say eww. Then i check the options and wouldnt ya know there a bunch of different menu sets to change to. Ok found one i like. Cool, nice option. Another option says tuants and i click. And it taunts me. It said something like ohh is what im saying hurting your ears. What! So i turn tuants back on and say talk yourwell settle this in the gridbased warzone. From then on im hooked. The units are supposed to be basically morphed species things and the fact you control what the do down to the number is really cool. Like i made a tank healer that cost a crapton of resource and then a weak scout with a blink teleport ability and stealth. Then the enemy sees my stealthed unit with a unit designed speciffically to find stealth units. And he taunts me about how he sees it. At this point im furious and going to mess hisup. Nope he destroyed me and i found out that the name is apt to the game. Its like the enemy responds to your attacks and threat level by increasing or decreasing thiers So the next game i hide and build a big(it was small for this game, becuse you can make as many units as you want, and weaker units are smaller and turrets are based on what you want them to do.) All in all for the price i reccomend it if it looks interesting to you. Theres much more to it does have downsides.(graphic design?) But most games do. As far as gameplay its solid and vr doesnt have many rts. Especially ones like this that dump everything you know about rts on its head. Devs first game i didnt care for but this one i feel was right up my alley.

    Now Supports Virtual Reality : Great news! Implementation & testing of VR has been going better than expected, so now Adapt or Perish will support all major VR headsets using the new SteamVR 2.0 input system.. v1.22: MORE Late Game Challenges & Bufixes : Now units may become more varied & powerful after a Grand Overseer defeat.. v1.22.2: Converted become Followers : Units that have been converted on death will now automatically become a follower of the unit that converted them. v1.18: Sight Changes & Bug Fixes : Heads up everyone! Some relatively big sight changes are coming! Currently, units reveal terrain in a square pattern instead of a circle. Although this "works," it has some undesirable behavior: 1) Units attack & detect stealthy units in a circle, as they should -- so the terrain revealed would poorly match detection and attack ranges. 2) Only sight values of 5, 9 and 15 mattered due to all of the rounding happening -- which was unintentional. 3) Enemies properly see in a circle, so your units revealing them in a square provided the player an unexpected advantage. 4) Also due to the rounding issues, it didn't matter where your unit was on a terrain "cell" -- it always revealed a certain number of terrain "cells" away. This update fixes all of that by properly calculating terrain (and enemy) visibility in a circle. The "unfortunate" side effect is, units will reveal less terrain than they did before -- but it will behave much better. This update also: Fixed pulldown menus not displaying selected values in the "Simple Contrast" UI theme Fixed Unit Identifiers when trying to show units with no letters in their names (e.g.. v1.20: "Overkill" Intelligence & Bugfixes : Units will now consider if a unit is about to die before shooting more at it. This will speed up both your attacks, and enemy attacks on you! Fixed a pair of very rare backend crashes that may have caused the build list interface to become unresponsive.

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